Anik Singal – 0 to $32 Million Free Ebook

If you are going to set goals, and you should, it doesn’t hurt to set them high.

To many of us fall into the trap of setting “easy” or “attainable goals.”  These are easy to reach and we don’t have to sweat a lot.  Not the way to play the game.

Of course, if you set unrealistic goals, they are the equivalent of no goals. You don’t believe them possible so you don’t worry about failing.  In fact you may as well not even try.

This paradox is one reason you should grab this new eBook by Anik Singal.   He’s actually gone from 0 to $32 million in sales in about 6 years.  While $32 million may seem like an unattainable goal, he breaks his progress down into 6 steps.

Now his first step is a big one. Zero to $300,000 but as you will see, it’s not imponderable. He’s done it and shows how. Once you see that, and then watch as he assembled the rest of his empire, you will begin to see what is possible.  And that’s far more powerful than fearing the problems and issues that face your life today.

Get your free copy today:  Signup here now: Free Ebook

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Need Help Getting Your Online Marketing Booming?

Do you need help getting your online marketing off the ground?

If you do, I would like to help, but first things first, I need to get a better handle on where you are currently in terms of your existing computer skills and also in terms of your existing marketing plan.

If you haven’t mastered some of the basics, I may want to send you to a program Marlon Sanders has put together called, How to Make Your Computer Do What You Want It To — The Ultimate Beginners Guide.”

It is designed to help computer beginners or relative novices get the basics down fast. It’s a paid program but well worth the investment if you are not “up to speed” in basic computer skills like

How To Download exe’s, pictures, programs, PDF’s and MP3 files:

How to use Email, attached files, and understand email terms:

How to use Windows Explorer:

How to cut, copy and paste, drag and drop, open multiple windows and use your program files:

How to use FTP Programs to put up your own web site:

How to take the mystery and frustration out of using Windows: Your Windows Desktop — Windows System Tray — The Taskbar —

How to correctly save files.

And more…

The above are prerequisites for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of their computer. Many programs will assume you know all of these things.  If you don’t you will not be able to take advantage of the training I or anyone else has to offer you.

Now don’t feel bad if you are less than certain in any of these area’s. You would be surprised at how many people are in the same boat.  But it is time that you do something about it.  This is the first baby step.

The next basic level is the second baby step. You will need to learn about web hosting, cpanel and setting up auto responders.  I will discuss these and some possible resources in my next posting here.

In the meanwhile, if you are less than 100% on any of the above topics be sure to invest some time and effort in learning them.  Marlon’s program, How to Make Your Computer Do What You Want It To — The Ultimate Beginners Guide.” will give you the essential solid foundation you need.

In the meanwhile, I welcome emails to on any other questions you may have of a beginner or advanced nature.

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Advanced Twitter Marketing

Finally, a Twitter Strategy for marketers – One that works! Advanced Twitter Marketing.
I started out thinking Twitter and the twitter rage now dominating the internet was a joke.  But I set up an account anyway, since so many other marketers were saying it was the thing to do.
I read a number of articles, reports and ebooks on the topics, and frankly some were pretty clearly hog wash, and others seemed as if they knew what they were talking about. One of the best was a series put out by Doug Champigny.  I liked it so much I promoted it a bit.
Doug sent me an advance copy of his newest eBook on the topic called Advanced Twitter Marketing. And let me tell you it is advanced.
I have completely revised my understanding and appreciation of twitter.  I now have a strategy, and what’s better, I am seeing real results.  I liked it so well I sent Doug a Testimonial, and he seemed to like it so much, he put it on his sales page, second to the bottom.
Twitter is here and growing. Most people are clueless about how to effectively use it.  If you are using the internet to market a product, you really do want to get a copy of Doug’s book as soon as you can. Once you read it, you will change the way you think about twitter and when you apply the strategies he reveals, you will get far better results – quickly.
This is a five star recommendation.
Finally, a Twitter Strategy for marketers – One that works!

Four Top Picks You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Happy Victoria Day to my Canadian Friends.
I have 4 items of above average value for you today. I have already been promoting one of them the new Teleseminar service that launches on Tuesday. This new service will solve the glitches that caused headaches with prior systems and is a genuine cutting edge improvement.  One of my mentors makes his entire business off of doing tele-seminars. They are quick, easy to set up, incredibly inexpensive and powerful. The new system will make things even more fool proof.
Go to for details.
If you are an internet marketer like me, you have been bombarded over the years with different platforms to manage to various critical support systems needed to effectively run this seemingly simple but incredibly complex business of online marketing. Sometime very soon, perhaps by the time you read this John Delavera’s new platform will be released for free. This is not something to miss. I repeat, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. I did once. At least I passed by an earlier version when I was just starting out and frankly confused about all the different elements involved in this process.
In hindsight and from conversations with other successful marketers I’ve learned that Johns system has the best reputation out there. It might not have been the most hyped, but the most stable. Now he kept adding tons of stuff to it and evolved it into a monster that I couldn’t afford and or spend the time to learn. Recently he decided to cut it down to the key essentials and that is what he will be making available free later today or already. Be sure to sign up for it. At free you can’t go wrong, and it may very well make your progress online go a lot easier an cheaper than you could ever imagine.
That link is:
The next topic is another giant in business Dr Glen Livingston. His expertise is in understanding the psychology of pay per click advertising. He is a psychologist who has made a tremendous contribution to the field. I have been learning from his email for several years now. I don’t know of anyone who provides as much top caliber free material.  If you do any pay per click work at all, or just have an idle interest in the psychology of marketing, you will learn a ton from Glen. I know I have.
To take advantage of his wisdom go to: You won’t regret it.
Now Glen has low price products and some very high priced product as well and if you are interested in finding a vendor you could be 100% confident in and proud to represent, I invite you to join me as part of
his affiliate team.
Finally, I want to recommend a product from another friend of mine, Mike Paetzold. While less monumental, and I do think each of the above are monumental in their own ways, Mike’s newest project is still basic and valuable.  For those of you still exploring which niche to pursue, or those who like me pursue multiple niches pay attention.
Mike’s new product is called the Niche Affiliate System, but what it really is, is a guide on how not to spend time and money chasing a niche idea down a blind alley.  Let me tell you, I have several projects that I have spent big chunks of time, and sweat on that I did not properly evaluate up front. Several of them are just digital dust, a few are producing but at no where the level I had hoped. What Mike’s new eBook does is walk you through a process to evaluate a niche before wasting your time and effort only to find that what  sounded like it would be a winner is a dud after-all. It takes some effort up front, but if you follow this process, you will be able to enthusiastically launch into your next project confident of success. And let me tell you that is well worth the effort.  You can get Mikes eBook at:
I highly recommend all of the above. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have on them.

Targeted Lead Generation

Listen to this post on Targeted Lead Generation on MP3

Targeted Lead Generation

Many sales people lust after good targeted leads.

Like a fisherman who traps their own minnows or digs/farms their own worms, it’s possible to set up your own targeted lead generation system. The advantage, in addition to cost savings, is your own exclusive access to your targeted leads, and the ability to build a positive business relationship with them from the start.

Targeted lead generation is not too difficult to do on your own, if you are clear about what your potential targeted lead wants. Understanding your customer is key to any sales process.

The first step is to set up a simple web page or blog site.  If you want your leads to be targeted, your site needs to be targeted as well.

Generate a list of the ten most frequently asked questions your customers raise during the sales process.  Add to it the five things you wish they knew about your product before they made a buying decision. Then write out the three things that make your particular product unique.  If you can come up with more than ten, five and three do so.

This list of questions, features and benefits will be the basis of your web page or blog.  Examine your list through the eyes of the targeted lead you wish to generate. Of the topics on you list, which 3-5 would generate the most interest from a casual prospect not actively searching for your product at the moment?

What ever they are, design a 3-7 page report discussing them in reasonable detail.  These you are going to make into a free report that you will give away to anyone who comes to your web site and requests it.

To make it even more appealing, it would be a good idea to come up with a sexy title, and a nice graphical image to catch your prospective targeted leads attention.  But if the creative juices aren’t flowing you can go with something like the “The Top Three Things You Need To Know Before Buying an X”

The rest of the topics you have come up with should then be turned into individual articles.  The best 6-10 should be used to create separate pages on your web site if you go the web site route, or if you go with the blog approach, all of them should be turned into blog posts.

The combination of multiple web pages on a narrowly defined topic that focuses on the key issues and questions a prospective buyer may have will attract just the people you are hoping to find.

By creating a free report, that answers their most burning remaining questions, you have a giveaway you can offer them in exchange for their email address.

By linking this system to an auto-responder you can follow-up with your new targeted lead automatically.

Your follow-up messages can repeat in a reworded manner the exact information you have already posted on your web page or in your blog. But with each message you make sure to indicate your willingness to personally answer any additional questions they may have and invite them to contact you when they are ready to make a buying decision.

The best part of this system, is that they will call you when they are ready to buy.

This method of targeted lead generation does take some effort to set up and to refine. But once it is set up, it can operate on auto-pilot and generate targeted leads for you for years to come.

It’s the equivalent of teaching someone to fish.  But there’s nothing fishy about it.

Which is Worse no Meta Tag Keywords or the Wrong Ones?

This afternoon I am giving my short version of my “trade show as web pages” talk to the board of a local business group. My goal is to find additional speaking opportunities where I can present to larger audiences of business people. Because as my report says, I think most small business web pages stink!

In preparation for the meeting, I checked the web site of the host location as well as the associations meta tags. I offer businesses a free worthwhile tip just for listening to my pitches and felt I should offer the same to these good people as well.

It turns out the association had no keywords or site description in their meta tags at all.

But perhaps even worse was the host locations web site. It is a private housing facility offering student housing. Its meta tag keywords were totally irrelevant to its web site and mission. It included keywords of voting, survey, course evaluations, census, segmentation, and others that clearly were intended for a totally different site.

Presumably someone copied a desirable format as a template and plunked the residence halls content on someone else’s framework.

I’m not sure which is worse to have no keywords or bad ones. What do you think. I’d appreciate any comments you might have as I will probably use it as a bad example in future presentations. I will of course keep the people involved secret so as not to embarrass anyone.

As I spend more and more time looking at local business web sites, I find such omissions and or errors are not uncommon. Usually, people just plain have ineffective keywords.

Some will argue that meta tags don’t matter, but they would be wrong. While Google may spend less attention to them than in the past, a good 40% of all computer searches still use other search engines that do.

Outside the internet marketing niche’s internal wars, most main street businesses are too busy getting product out the door and struggling to meet payroll to worry about meta tags. Their web pages are built by their son’s or nephews of techies who may know how to put a page together but are clueless about how to market.

No wonder most small businesses are disappointed with their web pages. They don’t get the traffic they should, and then when they do get traffic, most people don’t seem to do anything.

In the resources section of this blog, I offer a report for sale called HTML in Simple Terms. It’s only $9.97 and well worth the price if only to get the information on pages 16-18 on Using Meta Tags.

My guess is that over 80% of all small business web sites need work in this area alone.

A new wave is breaking, want to go for a ride?

There’s a new wave underway in internet marketing circles. And , if you want to, you can be part of the transformation. I just got permission to invite you to join in a major new product launch that is on the cutting edge of this new wave.

First let me tell you about the new wave.

The new wave is taking online marketing techniques and applying them to new niches, including off line businesses. I have started to do this myself, and the results so far are incredibly promising.

With the economic downturn, more and more on and off line businesses are struggling, and looking for better ways to compete and stay alive. This new wave is rushing into an eagerly waiting marketplace.

Within every economic collapse are sown the seeds of the new emerging businesses, and I highly recommend you find a way to orient your business to take advantage of the changes.

The new product.

Is presented by Jason James. It’s been in development for two years and builds upon the free GiveAway concept that I and thousands of internet marketers have used to build our online businesses.

Jason is on my “Good Guy” list. I’ve purchased and benefited from his past products and respect his as a “class act.” When he puts out a product, I know I can count on having positive response from my customers.

The giveaway has been very effective, and what Jason is doing with this release is making it possible for you and me and others to effectively run our own give away events in non internet marketing niches. That may or may not sound exciting to you at the moment, but let me assure you, it will become a vehicle for many people to establish themselves in hundreds of different niches in short order.

But the opportunity I am offering you today is to become part of the launch for this winner of a concept. The product won’t be released until February 3rd. I am not even allowed to promote the product until January 20, except to recruit additional joint venture partners like you.

Whether or not you are interested in running your own giveaway events, you can profit from the launch if people on your list may be. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate promoter of this new product all you need do is sign up at

If you have any size list at all, I recommend you do.

PS: This isn’t the whole new wave by any means. But it is part of a major trend, and an excellent way to start moving your self into position to be part of it.