Chinese Herbal Medicine site is up – Also new product to share

I have put up my new site on Chinese Herbal Medicine site using the Niche Profits Classroom theme again just like I did to the Aromatherapy site.  I used the PLR package I bought from Doug Champigny, and rewrote key elements of several chapters to serve as my sites main articles.

I used the ten articles provided with the package as the guts of my 10 part mini course, and the eBook as my major download.  I’ve added a resource page to the back of the eBook and have tacked a few referrals on some but not all the mini course.  I have a link in both to my Aromatherapy site and will modify that site to include a link to this one.  I will be writing articles for the article directories for both to drive traffic as well.

Once again this took a bit of work. The most time consuming was rewriting. For each article, I made sure to focus on one or more keywords I had identified using the money word matrix as being at least someone actively searched for but with relatively few resulting pages.  The keyword part wasn’t that difficult, but it just takes time as does the writing in general.

I’ve learned a fair amount about both herbs and aromatherapy in the process. For both projects, I found myself doing additional research online to add material, particularly to the articles.  I am sure I will continue to do that as I write for the article directories.

I also wanted to mention today that I bought a script from Dave Guindon that you may want to check out. It’s only $47 but will be going up after his introductory week so I figured Ishould mention it now, even though I haven’t installed it yet.

Dave is something of  An under-the-radar software developer/marketer.  He has been secretly creating
a script that systematically siphons leads + sales from all his websites!

Exit Splash

BUT, the real impressive aspect of this concept is… Dave figured out a way to increase leads + sales without sending more traffic to his sites!  What a concept! And … a Scary one!

Think about it, right now you are LOSING money from every website you own!  It’s well known that you lose over 95% of your web traffic! But don’t worry, Dave figured out a way to tap into that lost traffic using a very powerful small script anyone can easily implement.  And FINALLY … he decided to reveal his new technology to the world.  Check it out for yourself:

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Dave has been secretly handing out this new script called Exit Splash to fellow online marketers ..and the results have been very impressive to say the least.  One guy increased his lead capture efforts by 325% resulting in ($)4,329 of EXTRA sales!  The crazy part is … he generated those leads and sales from people attempting to LEAVE his website!

You can watch several short customer review videos here:

Exit Splash

PS: Dave Guindon is currently running a special discount and plans to increase the price by at least 40% … so I highly recommend taking a few minutes to see this now:

Twitter Effect Videos Showed Me How to Monetize Twitter

Step-By-Step How-To for Marketing on Twitter? Must Be The Twitter Effect Videos!

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I copied this headline, because I wanted to get your attention.  Twitter is exploding online, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have noticed.  At first I was skeptical, but then its potential finally dawned on me. How about you?  Well at last check, I had over 1500 followers up a couple hundred from the last time I checked a couple of days ago.  Not too shabby. Maybe you have more?? Maybe you don’t care, and I can understand that as well.  Keeping your Twitter family to just very close friends may a good idea.

But if you are interested in using the power of Twitter as a marketing tool I have to recommend you invest in the Twitter Effect Videos! For $17 you can learn the tricks the “Big Dogs”  are using to monetize Twitter.  For a dime more you will be able to get the master resale rights and make your money back in no time.

Grab A Great Niche And Build Your Own Niche Blog or Site

In recent posts, I’ve discussed how I took a limited edition Private Label Rights package I bought from Doug Champigny on how to use essential oils in aromatherapy and turned it into a blog site using the Niche Profits Classroom technique. I have been adding an article a day to the article directories in support of that site and have begun to get a trickle of traffic. It will probably take a few weeks and another dozen and a half articles to really get the traffic rolling full bore, which is just fine. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

The key to my article marketing has been the keywords I’ve selected using the Money Word Matrix software that’s included in the Niche Profits Classroom membership. There are natural keywords that most web sites dealing with Aromatherpy naturally use, such as “aromatherapy.” The problem with such keywords is that while a lot of people will click on them, there are 10 gazillion web sites competing for the word. The odds of my fighting the way to the top are pretty slim. On the other hand there are many long tail keywords like, “healthy products biomagnetic aromatherapy oils” for which only a handful of sites appear, but next to no one searches for. While some people swear by long tail keywords, a lot of them are at best, long shots.

The Money Word Matrix, quickly sorts through the maze and identifies keywords where I have a fighting chance to rank over time. These are the keywords I slip into my rewrites of the PLR material I buy and put on my site.  I then use these same keywords as titles or main headings in the articles I write and put up on the article directories. By linking back to an article on my site with the same keywords, I get good Google juice for a keyword in moderate demand and for which relatively few people are fighting.

Today, for example I wrote an article on making essential oils.  Making Essential oils is an excellent keyword because well over 1000 people search for that term every month and less than 5000 sites show up in a Yahoo search for the term.  Now 5000 is still 5000 and it will take me a while to get to the top of that list, but there were 13 other keywords that dealt with distilling aroma therapy essential oils. And while I didn’t stuff them all into today’s article, I will use them over the next week. All pointing back to this one article on my site on the distillation of essential oils.  Since it’s an internal page, Google will be all the happier to consider my site to be worthwhile.

As I work my way through the 3 and half pages of keywords, I identified using the Money Word Matrix tool I will write other articles that will point to other pages on my site. Eventually, this consistent action will compound and I will begin to rank on many different words. As this happens, I will begin to go after some the the high traffic words and when I do, I will have a lot more success, as Google will already be seeing my site as a high ranker on so many related terms.

Now as I previously explained in an earlier post, it took me almost a week to build my first site, and it’s now time to start another one.

Just my luck, Doug Champigny has released another PLR package and it is right up my alley. This one is on Chinese Herbal Medicine.  So I grabbed it, and will be doing the same thing all over again.  (If you hurry, you might still be able to get one yourself, but as of this writing less than 50 remain.)

Now the Niche Profits Classroom approach is not the only way to do this. I think it’s the best game in town, but if you want to, you can do a similar blog or web site on your own. The nioche profit classroom is under $50 a month though, so if you can afford it, I would encourage you to do so.  The Chinese Herbal Medicine package is one time investment of just $27 and includes a well written 40 page ebook and two sets of graphics and ten articles. In addition to the articles, there are 10 audio files, one for each article that you can add to your site as podcasts. This little pod cast trick is another great way to get Google’s attention, by the way.

Once I get both sites up and producing traffic, I bet I will be able to cross sell products from one site to the other. Building an online business, isn’t about getting rich overnight. It’s about building sites that serve people interests. That takes time and effort. While my Armotherapy site was built on the PLR package I bought, I have since done some additional research, and bought a few additional suppemental PLR articles, (no where as well written, but cheap and with some different angles.) As time goes on, I will learn more and add more to the site. The advanatge of a PLR Product like the ones Doug puts together is that you have the specific gravity to put up a credible intial site and have a product to sell.

As time goes on you can build upon it and develop it into a significant site. That will be a lot easier to do, when you have traffic already flowing to it.

If you have any questions about what I am doing with these sites, how I am using the PLR or the Niche Profits Classroom, let me know.

The lessons I am learning here apply to mainstreet business. So if you are one of my brick and mortar clients or home staging friends, pay attention. The name of the game is marketing. And in today’s world while the product and circumstances may vary, many of the tools and strategies are the same or at least similar.

Discover how to use your C-panel

Too many small businesses and even beginning internet marketers rely on someone else to handle all aspects of their web pages. While it’s good to delegate, for many micro-businesses it is also good to understand how the basics of your web site work. Then you can make quick changes when necessary and have a better understanding of what is and isn’t involved in making changes. That way when you do decide to outsource, you will know what can be done, what’s involved and how much (little) you should be willing to pay.

For new internet marketers, learning how to control your own page is all but required if you are bootstrapping your new online enterprise. There are two reasons for that. First much of the process is much simpler than  most people would believe, and second by knowing what is involved and possible, you can delegate with more confidence and at lesser prices.

Learning how to access your C-panel and taking charge is roughly akin to the difference between being a passenger in your daddy’s car and learning to drive.  Once you know how to drive, you have a lot more freedom about where and when you go places.

I got my initial education on C-Panel from Bob the Teacher and Chris Morris, and I highly recommend them to everyone.  Their video series will unlock the potential of your web site for you.  You will learn how to set up you own emails, create your own web pages, set up data bases, and much much more.

I found the course to be my personal emancipation proclamation.  It allowed me to escape the tyranny of being locked in web hosting agreements and the need to play a waiting game to make changes to my own site.

It was a breakthrough. It may well be the same for you. Remember the feeling of freedom you had when your first had your own car and then the ability to travel where you choose. Discover C-panel will be like getting the keys for the first time. And while you may need some time to learn and master your new skills, it will set you on the path where you can soon be traveling cross county in no time.

Bob and Chris offer a free initial video lesson, which will give you a good idea of their teaching method and the topic. From there you can decide whether or not to proceed with the full course. I did, I encourage you to do so as well.

Click on the Image above to learn more and get access to your first free video.

Create A Website, Follow-up with a Squidoo Lens

I am trying to practice what I preach. And so now that I have my Aroma Therapy Scents blog site up, I am writing an article a day pointing to a different page each day and using the keywords featured on that page. That is actually not to time consuming. I know the topic, I already have material to work with and a clear sense of the keywords I want to use. The article directories have been eating them up, with several already apporved.

The next step was to create a Squidoo Lens. Frankly, I largely cut and pasted articles from the web site into Squidoo, and then hyper linked the key words in each article back to the pages.  I added a lot of Amazon and eBay modules to the Lens, which should generate at least some sales. Time will tell. At the bottom of each text module I added a link to my sales page and to the home page, encouraging people to buy my Aroma Therapy Scents eBook and or sign up for my 10 day ecourse.

My main goal is to get backlinks to the web site. But Squidoo should also send some traffic my way and generate a few sales here and there.

Now I should probably go back and rework some of the text as they may be duplicate content as I just cut and pasted the articles. That will take a bit more time, but otherwise I have less than an hour into the Squidoo Lens, which is a real time bargain.  see: Aromatherapy Scents Squidoo Lens

I recommend that everyone with a web site, set up a Squidoo page. It may generate some revenues, but more importantly it provides backlinks and traffic.

A niche blog launched with Niche Profits Classroom

I’ve finished creating my first Niche Profits Classroom Blog Site. It’s called Aromatherapy Scents.

It took me about four days to complete, which is a lot longer than the Adam and Alen say it should, but I am an expert and finding every possible way to screw things up, and I did.

That said, I was very happy with the step by step videos that are part of the Niche Profit Press segment of their membership site. Virtually every step of the way is spelled out in detail. And even though I was able to mess up, I was also able to figure out what I did wrong by playing back the individual videos.

One of the things I like about their approach is that they have a lot of very short videos to cover each step. These are sometimes a minute or less sometimes as long as 5 or 6 minutes. That means you don’t have to sit through a 30 minute video to see the detail you missed at minute 25.

The other thing to say about the Niche Profit Press setup is that there are a lot of steps involved. You could do this yourself if you have a lot of experience with WordPress. But for those of use with from little to moderate skill with wordpress, the step by step process is the way to go.

Now some of my problems were due to dumb mistakes on my part. For example, I misspelled my url and then couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t showing up when I set the DNS to the new web hosting service I am using. And a couple of times, I sped ahead thinking I knew what I was doing only to be disproven in short order.

The other end of it is that Adam and Alen teach a way to outsource all your research and writing. I’m still at the do it myself stages. And that is the second half of what I want to share with you today.

Some of you are aware that I was promoting a PLR package last week for aromatherapy. And yes, I bought it myself. The package contained an 11 chapter, 50 page ebook and 10 additional articles. It was by and large pretty well written and contained a lot of worthwhile information. From my perspective it was like buying a research paper on the topic, only I also had the additional rights to use it as my own.

But I didn’t use it out of the box. First I rewrote the various articles that came with the package. Initially this was to be sure it wouldn’t be seen as duplicate content by Google.

But what was more interesting was rewriting it a second time to fit into each of the articles keywords that I discovered using the Niche Profits Classroom’s Money Word Matrix.

The Money Word Matrix is what first got me interested in the Niche Profit Classroom. Rather than just finding highly searched for keywords, the money word matrix seeks keywords that are actively searched for but for which relatively few resulting sites exist. In other words, keywords that I could have a real shot at getting top rankings on relatively soon.

Access to the software is part of the Niche profits membership and is well worth it on its own. It still took some time to figure out the best such keywords to use for each of the ten articles. But once I found them, I went back to the article text and worked them into the articles.

Now in addition to the articles and the eBook, I needed to come up with a 10 lesson e-Course. To do that I went to the eBook, and in essence pulled a summary lesson from each chapter, being careful to not give everything away in the course. So once again the PLR was more of a research document from which I wrote my own articles. I mention this again, because I sense that some people new to the concept of PLR see it as plagiarism. In fact, private label rights are a well established and inherently ethical approach to publishing information.

And now that I have my site up, I have been writing articles, one a day focusing again on each of the articles one by one on the blog. Again each of the articles I write will be focused on the keywords used in each of the articles on the blog and will be directed not to the home page alone but to the interior pages of the site. Since I first acquired the PLR rights and worked on the article, my wife brought forth an alternative health tome she picked up at a garage sale and I am now supplementing the PLR material with information from another source.

I have no doubt that this concept and approach will eventually raise my new post on Aromatherapy to a top ranking on Google in the next few months. I am confident my e-course will generate a list of people interested in aromatherapy whether they buy my eBook or not. And I am also confident that many will buy the ebook, and some will also buy aromatherapy candles, lamps, dispensers and other paraphernalia over time.

I’ve written in length about this today, to demonstrate one way of effectively using PLR material and to encourage you to give serious thought to joining Niche Profits Classroom. For under $50 a month, it is well worth the investment.

I intend to resurrect some past PLR purchases of mine and run them through the Niche Profit Classroom process and I will be watching for other niche PLR products I can use in the future. This won’t keep me from pursuing my other Micro Business Specialist consulting efforts, but hey once once of these little blogs are set up and fully launched, they will generate income for a long time. I think I could soon pop one of these out in less than a day. Since its April already, I can imaging having 25-35 of these by the end of the year. That could make my year.

The internet has changed, Davids of the world its your turn!

While we were sleeping, the internet changed.

Well, actually we knew it would. We saw it do so. In fact we have all been fully involved in the new wave that has now for years been called web 2.0.

But have we stopped to pay attention to the power it has given us?  Not me. At least not until I got my copy of Mike Paetzold’s new releaste, Authority 2.0.

You see, I have been content to be a little guy. And while I wouldn’t typically admit it, a bit intimidated by the Goliaths of the internet world. The huge mega sites, that draw in hundreds of thousands, even millions of visitors on a daily basis.

I’ve been shopping for the tiny niches, the crumbs no one else would bother to care about. How about you?

In my post yesterday, I talked about hitting singles. And frankly, I like hitting singles.  But wouldn’t it be nice to get that occasional home run?

Well home run hitting requires a bit of training, and this new ebook by Mike Paetzold is just the ticket.

It spells out what it takes to plan and execute the creation of a genuine authority site. The top dog within your chosen niche. Where you are not just one of the players but the recognized industry leader.

And the surprising secret, is that the tools that have evolved over the past few years, the web 2.0 we have all been immersed in; have made the process simple enough that even us little Davids and Diannes can create a powerful authority site.  One that once took a wallet and a sizable staff.

In this 159 page document, Mikes lays out a clear path to niche dominance using the social networking tools that surround us. The pathway he draws is clear and surprisingly doable.

A blueprint to success this well assembled should cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not Mike’s style. In fact, he even included master resale rights to this game changer of a document. But you must be one of the first 100 to grab the book, if you want them.

If you are able to dream big, if you like to aim for the wall, grab your bat, and grab a copy of Authority 2.0.

Now one last comment. Not everyone is a Babe Ruth or Harmon Killebrew.  Some of us would give our eye teeth to be a Tony Oliva, (Age and georgraphy hint) The beauty of this ebook is that even if you decide not to go for the home run and set up an authority site, much of what you will learn here will apply to your other sites. They may give you just that extra kick to stretch some of your singles into doubles, and that’s not a bad outcome at all. Authority 2.0.