The Micro Business Specialist On the Hot Seat

Well I admit it.  I’m a little nervous about an interview I am doing next Tuesday at 1PM EDT with Henry Gold.

I am one of 35 internet marketers Henry is interrogating as part of his “Destroy Gurus” program.  I’m hoping you will listen in to give me some moral support.

I’m not sure I like this “Destroy” idea. He’s talking about ripping into us with tough but fair questions. Kind of disconcerting.

Henry’s ultimate goal is positive however.  His hope is that this series of interviews will help new and established marketers pick up some useful tips.

As many of you know, I believe in this concept of learning from others. That’s why I did my Blog Talk Radio series I called Yearlings.  If you listened in to any of them, you know that such interviews can be packed with actionable information.

I expect to have the 7 interviews I did packaged into a product by the end of this month, although I am having to learn some new skills in the process of creating it. I encourage you to keep an eye out for my product, but in the meantime please listen in to the Henry’s Destroy Gurus series.

You need to sign up for it, but don’t worry its free.  Just go to

Doing interviews like this is just one of 7 ways I know of to create information products.  And in many ways it’s the easiest.  I describe all seven in one of the modules of my 8 part Internet Marketing Intensive series.

As part of Henry’s Destroy Guru’s program I am offering the module on Information Product Creation as a free gift. So if for no other reason sign up so you can grab this for yourself.

Now finally, the selfish reason I have for asking you to attend my interview is that Henry’s got a contest going for the 35 of us involved.  People who listen to the interviews will be asked to vote on the value of the content we provide. I’m hoping you will not only listen, but give me your vote.

I will do my best in return to offer useful material based on my experience to date.

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Yearlings Interview with Earl Netwal

Yep, it’s Earl Netwal interviewing Earl Netwal on my progress to date in internet marketing.  My scheduled guest was unavailable today so I interviewed myself. Thought it might be a good idea to do what we call an Ice Breaker in my Toastmasters Club.

Ideally, I would have spent some time pre-planning the presentation, but due to the last minute idea of doing the broadcast myself, I did not adequately plan my content. Nonetheless, I did pretty well and think you may find it interesting.

I discuss some of my successes and failures in internet marketing.

In the presentation, I suggest that you contact me by email to get a couple of freebies.  Since I sell these, I don’t want to put a free link here, but if you listen and decide you want one of the freebies you can just leave a comment here and I will get the links you want to you.

Listen to internet radio with Earl Netwal on Blog Talk Radio
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Interview with Lonnie Amirault

Well I ran into technical difficulties yet again with Blog Talk Radio this week, so I recorded my scheduled interview with Lonnie Amirault off the air.  It turns out that it was perhaps the best interview to date, although a number of my others were pretty good as well.  This one runs about 45 minutes long since we didn’t have to deal with the 30 minute time limit I set up for Blog Talk radio.

I highly recommend you listen to this interview.  It has some real meat in it, whether you are brand new to internet marketing, have been at it for a while, or are fairly advanced.

Lonnie Amirault Interview
Click to hear Lonnie Amirault Interview

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Yearling Interview with Michael O’Reilly

The second in my series of “Yearling” interviews ran into a technical snafu at the end, but was quite interesting, and worth listening to, if I say so myself.

I had the pleasure to Interview Michael O’Reilly of Streamwood, Il.

Michael has a list of 1600 unique members that he built in the last 6 months. We discuss his background and how he built his list, and many other related topics. He is proud of his review site at, and has been developing multiple approaches to marketing online. He has had success with a You-Tube strategy and talks about some mentors of his.

He got cut off at the end, so it ends a bit prematurely. I will get better at this.

Be my Guest!

I would love to interview you during a future show. If you have a list of at least 1500 and under 10K or so, email me for additional info. Put “Yearlings” in the Subject Line.

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Roy Fielding’s Blog Talk Radio Yearlings Interview

Well, I finally got the bugs worked out and the Premier of my new series called Yearlings is up and recorded on Blog Talk Radio.  You can click on the player below and hear my half hour with Roy Fielding or Tyngsboro, Mass.

The player is down below if want to pause it while you are reading.

Roy has been online since 2001 and is making a living with a list of just 7300 unique people.  During the conversation, we discussed Squeeze pages, followup emails,where Roy generates the majority of his sales and a variety of other aspects of internet marketing.

The next blog talk radio broadcast will be next Tuesday at Noon EDT. Go to and search for “Yearlings.”

The goal of this show is to discuss the issues facing beginning and intermediate internet marketers about the realities of making money online. Despite  eBook Promotional hype to the contrary, it takes time and effort, particularly if you are taking the boot strap route to success.

By sharing the practical advice of those who have made it to the first step and beyond, I hope to help illuminate some of the realities to those who are following in the footsteps of today’s emerging internet marketing leaders.

I would appreciate you comments and suggestions for future shows. Are there any questions or topics you would like me to ask future guests?

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Starring Me on Blog Talk Radio

We still have a possible glitch yet to unwrinkle, but the plan is to broadcast the first of my new blog talk radio series called, “Yearlings” Tuesday at 11:00AM CDT, (Minneapolis)

The initial guest will be Roy Fielding of Tyngsboro, Mass. Roy’s gone from construction worker and truck driver to coach. He has a cut above average approach to internet marketing. Currently he has 7300 unique people on his list. He started list building in 2001.

We will discuss how Roy got to where he is and the lessons he has learned in the process. Go to
Or Search for “Yearlings” on Blog Talk Radio. If there is still a double listing, one by Earl Netwal and another by the Micro Business Specialist, it means that we haven’t yet fully resolved a possible conflict. They are both me. If both are still there, please try both and hopefully you will find us.

I’m learning as I go. If we flop we will try again next Tuesday, same time and same place.

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