How To Decide Which Clickbank Product to Promote.

As affiliate marketers we often rely on Clickbank for inventory to sell.  It offers products to sell in a lot of different niches.  Quite a few in many of the more lucrative fields.  Some pay to promote, others may not perform.

Deciding is a complex mix of knowing your competition, the quality of the site, its products, gravity, and trend lines, etc.  Some pay more,  some have residuals.  We can analyze all the above or rely on pure guess work.

Now in the past, I looked and ultimately kind of grabbed a product and ran with it, if only to get the experience.

But as you get more systematic and start following a plan of consistent action for massive results, you want to focus on the best products, which when coupled with your best efforts yields maximum profit.

But you can’t be wasting your time researching the sales page of junky Clickbank products that won’t sell. Your time is too valuable.  Instead spend your time focused on the best options and use the ones that best fit your particular niche and approach. Your results will be better, for the same amount of effort.

There is an easy way to discover the best performers.

Brad Callen introduced a free plug in for Firefox, that highlights the best performers from among all the products listed on Clickbank.

It’s easy to install.  I have, and it works great.

The plug in color codes each product offering on Clickbank, and reports critical information on its marketability.  Those colored green, met a set of standards for marketability that is proprietary to the product. The red ones didn’t and are to be avoided.

You will succeed faster by focusing on those products with stronger prospects.

The one rub is that it’s kind of a black box.  We don’t really know the full contents of the equation they use to decide who gets green and red and why.  But we can get a pretty good idea by listening to their introductory video. Enough to make a decision on.

Do you think it makes sense to try it for a while? Would it help you find better products to promote?

The basic version is free so you can test drive it for years if you want.

Once it’s working for you, upgrade to the paid version, but no need to do that now. Unless you want to.., of course.

Whether you are working facebook, twitter, blogs, email marketing, moble or more, Clickbank is a huge resource – no matter what your niches.

Your objective is to promote the cream of the crop, not the poor performers.

This free tool will eliminate 80% of the clutter, so you can focus on the 20% of solid offers that will pay you for your efforts.


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Can You Avoid the Social Media “Time Suck” & Still Prosper!

If you spend more than 20 minutes a day on Facebook, Twitter and or linked In check this out.   (free)   social media blueprint

It’s part of a new social media promotion that’s currently underway.  I have been promoting this to my list.  The key point I want to get across today is that social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, FAcebook, etc are all powerful tools. Each and all of them probably belong in your daily routine.

The problem comes from spending too much time on them.  I refer to it as the TIME Suck, and for a while I pretty much just didn’t go there. But that was a mistake.

I need to be there, and in all likelihood you do as well. The key is to develop a discipline that gets you there and then gets you away.

The best tool I had going for me in the past was Mike Paetzolds Twitter Time Saver which is still a great strategy to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Well worth the small investment.

The social media blueprint teaches an approach designed for marketers who want to use the major social sites without wasting a ton of time. They say you can get it done in less that 17 minutes a day.  I take longer, but then I have 9 twitter accounts which is why I like Mike’s product.  But I now get it all done in about 1/2 hour a day.

Since the average person in the US spends 55 minutes a day, you can see that it is a real time saver.  I recommend you check it out. And then adapt it to your own circumstances. For me, I still spend a little more time, but I’m pleased to say I am getting a lot more done in a lot less time these days.

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Twitter Traffic Results Getting Free Tool

Twitter had become the fastest growing internet venue over the past year, and it has spawned seemingly thousands of tools, and at least as many eBooks on how to use twitter.   With as many as a hundred thousand new users in a day, its important to keep an eye on Twitter.

Most of what I have read on Twitter focuses on how to build more followers.  Some is good, some is trash.  But truth is I haven’t been able to read them all as there is just so much.

A few of the products I have seen and or read have some real benefits, including this new free tool I signed up for recently. Why?

It does two things. First it does help build your twitter following. But more important in my mind is the fact that it helps get more of your twitter tweets seen on different platforms.  And that is the real benefit in my mind.  If you follow a lot of people, the rate of new tweets is astounding. There is no way I see even 1% of the tweets sent.

What Tweet Traffic Rush does is provide a reason for people to put your tweets on their web sites and blogs. And what that means to you is that people are more likely to actually see you tweet. And if your tweet is directing them to an offer or web site, it stands a much greater chance of success.

Tweet Traffic Rush is viral. As such, it’s power will grow over time. As this is a new product, you are in the cat bird seat if you join and promote it now.

Create a Viral Stream of FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website Using the Power of Twitter:   Tweet Traffic Rush

All you do is sign up for a free account. Then you will need to add your twitter username in an appropriate category so as to get a tiny piece of widget code. And once you add this widget code to your websites, blogs or social networking sites, you’ll start getting more targeted visitors to your site.

If you are tired of and feel difficulty in spreading your marketing messages across the net, Tweet Traffic Rush can get you thousands of visitors to your site on autopilot.

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Happy Memorial Day

As a veteran myself, I tend to give pause for a moment or two on Memorial day to recall friends of mine who lost their lives in battle, and to reflect on all of my compatriots who stood side by side in the call of duty. As a typical American, I also relish this day as the unofficial start of summer, and while the water is still too cold for swimming here in Minnesota, it sure is a great day for picnics. In an hour or so I will be off to the Wabun area of Minnehaha Park to snag a table for the Minnesota contingent of Netwals to gather.

As a marketer, I recognize most of my readers are away enjoying their weekends, but as an international marketer, I know not everyone celebrates this day.

For those of you who use the internet like me to generate an income selling goods or services, my strongest recommendation has to do with a new eBook called Advanced Twitter Marketing.

This seemingly inconsequential service with its tens of thousands of unread tweets seemed like a fools errand to me. Why would anyone give it a second thought?  And yet today, I am tweeting a way, several times a day, and while its not yet raking in tons of new business, I am making real progress with it.

There are a lot of twitter tools out there. Some are paid, some are free, most work and a few don’t.  But other than building a list for the fun of building a list, what good are they?  Not much, unless you have a strategy.  A plan of attack that makes sense. And that is what I have found in a new eBook by my mentor Doug Champigny.  Now I’ve been associating with Doug for a while now, so some may think I am touting his book as a team player. And the truth is, I would. But I am asking you to understand that this book opened my eyes to a strategy to use this new Twitter craze effectively.

No longer is my goal to build the largest possible list, it’s to build the largest “focused lists” possible. The keywords are focused and lists (plural.)

While the book is an investment of just under $50, all the tools described and recommended in the book are free. So no traps here. No expensive upsells, no memberships. Just a solid straightforward way to think about and execute a successful Twitter campaign.  Now as I mentioned, above, I haven’t been making huge sales off of Twitter directly. But I have been successful in sending people to my blogs and getting them to join my lists.

I’ve been using to shorten my links so they don’t take up as much space in my tweets. The advantage of this service is that they offer statistics so I am able to see how many people actually click on the links. Thus I know, that people do read and follow my twitter messages.  While it’s hard to sell an ebook in 140 characters, you can get people to go to your site, where you can pre-sell them and offer alink to a sale page.

I hope you can see the power of the above scenario.  And let me warn you. There is a bit of a first adapter advantage for niche marketers. You will have an advantage in your niche, if you start implementing the strategies in Advanced Twitter Marketing, before your competitors do.

And while you may be hesitant to put out $50 let me remind you that the ebook comes with a full money back guarantee. If you think you may already know all you need to know about the topic, fine. Buy the book, read it and if you don’t find it to have a significant new wrinkle to the topic of marketing on Twitter, ask for the refund.  Don’t be bashful about it. But I will be surprised. Cause this isn’t some fluffy duffy rehash of everything others have written on the topic, this is cutting edge.

This eBook has my highest recommendation. If you are into internet marketing, and list building, you really should grab a copy today. You will find the contents easy to read, understand and follow. You will change your opinion of Twitter, and will quickly see results.

Advanced Twitter Marketing

Finally, a Twitter Strategy for marketers – One that works! Advanced Twitter Marketing.
I started out thinking Twitter and the twitter rage now dominating the internet was a joke.  But I set up an account anyway, since so many other marketers were saying it was the thing to do.
I read a number of articles, reports and ebooks on the topics, and frankly some were pretty clearly hog wash, and others seemed as if they knew what they were talking about. One of the best was a series put out by Doug Champigny.  I liked it so much I promoted it a bit.
Doug sent me an advance copy of his newest eBook on the topic called Advanced Twitter Marketing. And let me tell you it is advanced.
I have completely revised my understanding and appreciation of twitter.  I now have a strategy, and what’s better, I am seeing real results.  I liked it so well I sent Doug a Testimonial, and he seemed to like it so much, he put it on his sales page, second to the bottom.
Twitter is here and growing. Most people are clueless about how to effectively use it.  If you are using the internet to market a product, you really do want to get a copy of Doug’s book as soon as you can. Once you read it, you will change the way you think about twitter and when you apply the strategies he reveals, you will get far better results – quickly.
This is a five star recommendation.
Finally, a Twitter Strategy for marketers – One that works!