List Building PLR Pack Released

Doug Champigny just released a quality package of 5 different eBooks you can acquire and use for your own personal education and to sell or giveaway as part of your list building activities.

=> List Building PLR Superpack

This particular set is ideal for anyone in the information marketing niche.

The titles include:
* Article Power
* List Explosion
* Traffic Triggers
* Video Marketing Secrets
* Profitable E-Mail Copywriting

In addition to the five eBooks, you will also get 5 sales pages and 5 squeeze pages. This will permit you to get these set up and producing results for you in no time.

Not only that, but in addition to being able to give away individual pdf’s of these eBooks, you also get rights to resell the package or just individual products.

Now for such a complete package you might expect to have to pay some big bucks, but as you will see when you click on the link below these are priced so that anyone can get started online.

=> List Building PLR Superpack

Grab this set and use them as your freebie offer to get people to sign up to your list. Use them as products for Giveaway events. Use them for ad swaps, use them as freebies to your existing list.

Tear them apart and use them as fodder for your blog. Imagine running a series with one eBook a week featured and broken down into parts.

You have content to use, and you can offer the full report to anyone who opts in for it.

=> List Building PLR Superpack

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Advance Notice for AffilioJetPack

I’ve had a chance to review a new product that will be coming out at the end of the month.  It’s not available yet, as they are in pre-launch mode.

At first glance, it’s hard to know who Mark Ling is aiming his new AffiloJetpack product at.

Mark is widely respected in the internet marketing industry for his direct, no-hype approach to teaching affiliate marketing. His previous products have been the highly-praised step-by-step AffiloBlueprint course (aimed squarely at beginner affiliates), while his Affilorama Premium product continues to draw more advanced subscribers to its monthly tools/tips/hosting package.

But I’m confused about AffiloJetpack.

On one hand it looks to be targeted at complete newcomers to affiliate marketing, but on the other hand it seems to be pressing hot-buttons for more experienced affiliates.

For people who are completely new to internet marketing, Mark has identified a number of hurdles that stand between the average Joe Newbie and affiliate riches, and he seems intent on smashing every one of them.

The first hurdle that he says trips people up is in choosing a niche to target. I can’t disagree with that. I’ve seen affiliates spend weeks and months deliberating over a niche. So for AffiloJetpack to come along with TEN niches hand-picked by Mark Ling himself and PROVEN to be winners… well, that’s certainly going to help some newbies out.

(And maybe even some more experienced affiliates who are looking for a niche to go into next.)

The second hurdle Mark identifies is in the actual building of a website, so he’s put together his very own WordPress theme designed to make it easy for even the most inexperienced web designer to tweak the layout and design of their site. It includes some other nifty functionality that only someone experienced in building affiliate sites would think of, such as a squeeze page generator that lets you use Mark’s most successful squeeze page layouts in your own promotions. Nice!

The theme also reflects Mark’s extensive background in tutoring inexperienced affiliates… he’s added things like image uploaders so that users don’t have to master an FTP program to get their header or background images online.

I have to say, this theme is PERFECT for web novices. And with AffiloJetpack, Mark has also thrown in free hosting with what they’ve called “Incubator Hosting”. I know from experience that it can take quite a few steps to install WordPress and a great theme on a hosting provider. Each step is something that can go wrong. So I really think a lot of newbies are going to appreciate this one-click setup.

On top of all this comes the content: Twenty articles of very high quality that you can either just plug into the site as-is, or re-word to get full SEO benefit.

So that’s pretty much a kitset website: Everything you need to build an affiliate site in a very short space of time. It’s a great start for newcomers to affiliate marketing who just want to get something up on the web quickly, without the long learning curve.

But here’s where it gets more advanced.

Whereas I would have considered all this content and functionality to be an OK product on it’s own… Mark says this is just the beginning. In other words, this isn’t even the main show.

The main show is what comes next: A 80-part autoresponder series that you can plug into a service like Aweber and use to start collecting email addresses and building a relationship with people who sign up.

Mark says that the thing that disappoints him the most is when affiliates don’t add an autoresponder series to their websites, because this is the thing that will earn them the most money.

And I admit… I’ve been guilty of that myself. Sometimes you just want to see a site making money before you invest even MORE money in building a follow-up series. Or sometimes you’re just so exhausted by the time you finish putting your site together that this goes on the back burner.  Or sometimes you do get a series of emails going, but they can become a hodge podge of different promotions rather than a thought out series designed to inform, build relationships and ultimately convert.

An autoresponder seems more like “extra credit” for an affiliate site, but Mark is adamant that it should be the main focus. To the extent that you might not even promote affiliate products on your website at all!

So this autoresponder series comes with about 65 “informational” emails, and about another 15 “hard sell” emails written by Mark himself. He also tells you WHEN you should be sending these out to get the best response from your list, since just emailing someone once a week in the first month or two isn’t really going to cut it.

I was quite surprised at the quality of these emails… they’re far beyond PLR quality. You could even put these on your website if you wanted an extra 60+ articles! They’re the kind of thing that’s going to get people on your list trusting your opinion… at which point you can promote products to them and watch the commissions roll in.

One other aspect that made me think that this maybe isn’t purely aimed at newbies is Mark’s view that while SEO is low-risk, the bigger risk that newbies face is that they’re not going to see results quickly enough, and they’ll give up.

Because of that, as part of AffiloJetpack he’s also offering training on a variety of other traffic generation methods. You can still do SEO… but he’s saying that if you want to see fast results (and faster cash) you should look at these other methods.

The final verdict? AffiloJetpack is great for newbies who can’t get past the nitty gritty of building a site. It really makes the whole process laughably easy compared to the weeks or months it might take a newbie to put together a site on their own.

More experienced affiliates are probably going to see the real benefit in the huge amount of high-quality content that Mark has put together. Even to put together ONE newsletter series of this quality is going to cost you at least double the cost of this entire product. And with AffiloJetpack you get FIVE of these niches and newsletter series‘, so to my budget-conscious ears, thats ridiculously good value.

Whatever way you look at it, and whatever level of experience you have, this product is a winner. Even if you don’t want to follow Mark’s strategies… do yourself a favor and grab it just for the content.

Very highly recommended.

As I mentioned this hasn’t opened to the public yet, but click the link below and sign up for advance notice and a free report that will help you get a better sense of what you can expect when you grab your own affiliojetpack.

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Learning How to “Make My Own Product”

Most internet marketers start out by promoting other peoples products, which is fine but almost everyone who is a success online recognizes that ultimately you need to make your own products.

However, for most people, creating content such as writing E-books, designing E-covers or writing sales letters is a nightmare.

There is a way around the problem.  You can always hire someone else to do the work.  Now this is a real option for many, but if you are pursuing internet marketing because of a cash deficiency in the rest of your life, this option becomes less real.  You still need to develop your own products, but rather than create your own or hire a ghost writer to do it for you, you are going to invest a much smaller fee and acquire private label rights material.

It’s the same as buying a ghost writers work after they have finished rather than before.  The best part is that because the ghost writer is sharing the finished work with a number of people they can sell a license to use it to you and a small group of other people at a fraction of what it would cost to do it solely for you.

Once you have the rights to the ghost writer’s manuscript, audio file or video, you are free to edit the content any way you want.  That allows you to do as little or as much as you wish to personalize the product.  In either case, you can put your name on the product as the author.

If I have pretty much left the product as is, I tend to use the term, “Presented By:” rather than claiming authorship, although I could.

As a general rule, its a good idea to change the front page graphics, but again there is no law that says you must.  Typically, I spend a fair amount of time re-editing the manuscripts to make the flow of words more similar to my natural voice. But again this is not required.  It helps a lot though if the ghost written content is of good quality to start with.

Unfortunately, not all PLR is created equal. You have to identify and follow one or more trusted resources who won’t sell you junk.  Thankfully there are quite a few quality resources out there.

One of the “Good Guys” that I recommend is Khai Ng’s PLR.   One thing I like about Khai is that he focuses on lucrative, money generating niches like self improvement and personal development.  These are evergreen niches.  The products you create using his PLR will last you for years.

Khai’s products are written in good American English and are in demand by big names such as David Cavanagh, Jeremy Gislason, Simon Hodgkinson, Edmund Loh, Ian Del Carmen, John Delavera and many more.

He is currently running a huge promotion in which you can pick up a raft of highly desirable titles for a fraction of the normal cost.

Go here for more information on Khai’s offer:  Khai Ng PLR

In future posts, I will mention a few other “better” PLR resources.   I recommend you try Khai and a few others over the coming few months.

Eventually you will identify a small cadre of PLR providers you can trust and count on.  Once you do, it will be a simple matter to focus on the mechanics of bring the product to market rather than sweating over grammar and punctuation.

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What’s it all about, Alfie?

For Baby Boomers of my age, the title will resonate a little.  I wanted to take a little diversion and discuss just what the economic act was we are engaged in as internet marketers.   We are gatherers and distributors of information to a needy public. We deliver what we do, just when the public needs it, which is defined as when they are looking for it.

We gather information in various niches and reshape it, edit it, convert it to ebooks, videos and podcasts and more.  Then when someone who is looking for information buys our ebook, we are fulfilling and economic need and engaging in an economic act.

How we assemble the raw materials of the content, is less important than the act of actually getting it to them.

I take this diversion and make this little fuss, because there are still some who somehow find private label material to be somehow less perfect way of doing things.  Instead, PLR or any other content source you use is fair game if your objective is to satisfy the end users need for information. And that it the economic function you play.

Now this doesn’t mean you disregard the intellectual property and copyrights of others. But it does mean you can feel extremely ethical when you are acquiring research and other content and using them as you see fit – when you use them according to the specific rights you obtain for them.

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Affiliate Marketing PLR Package

I will return to my ongoing series on market research and niche marketing on Thursday, but I wanted to share a worthwhile opportunity I just grabbed for myself.

Since I am in the midst of creating an 8 module project right now, I will pass on how you can grab this cheap, rather than resell you the package now.But I expect I will be working them into a product of my own by the end of the month.

Doug Champigny has just finished uploading a new PLR bundle, and to help us start the new year he’s priced it really low for 1 day only:

This PLR bundle consists of three powerful interviews, one with Rosalind Gardner, one with Ken McArthur and one with Josh Peak.
Now you may not be familiar with these names, so let me tell you that they are each top notch affiliate marketers.

If you are doing affiliate marketing or plan on doing affiliate marketing, selling other people’s products, you will find these interviews extremely valuable.

If you have been setting goals to start the year, these interviews will give you a clear idea of where the finish line is. As any sea captain will tell you, it’s a good idea to have a clear notion of which port you are heading to, before you chart your course.These interviews will help you clarify your goals like nothing else I know of.

Now in the spirit of the new year Doug’s leaving it under ten bucks until Wednesday night, to help those who take quick action  -then it goes to $27… which would still be a good price.

So, if you want to save over $17, head over now and grab your copy.

Remember, there are 3 separate products you’re getting in one bundle,  Don’t miss out: And while just listening to them is well worth the price, you are getting more than that. You will be getting the transcripts for the calls, so you can read along. And most importantly you will be getting private label rights which means you will be able to resell these and recoup your money over
and over again.

Think of it, you will have three separate products you can offer to your growing list. Products you will be proud to share and which will be well received by your list members. In addition to selling these, you can modify the content, add to it, subtract and make it your own. You can pull sections and create articles for the article directories, or take sections and create a series of blog entries and a lot more.
This is a powerful package, that’s why I grabbed it. I highly recommend you do the same thing.

P.S. These interviews are worth more than Doug is charging just for the information they provide. Add in the ability to create 3 more products for your marketing funnel and this is a must have.

Muscle Your Way to Profits

I was going to write the third of my planned three part series on free traffic tools I’ve been experimenting with today, but I will save that for after Thanksgiving.

Because, today Doug Champigny just released another of his famous PLR 3 packs.  The fitness niche is huge with a lot of people spending big bucks to bulk up and get fit.  As such, it is a natural niche for you to spend a little money and some time on. And with this package from Doug, it couldn’t be easier.

Each of the three packages comes with the product, a ready made sales letter and 25 articles you can use as part of a follow up email campaign or rewrite and set up on the article directories to drive traffic and backlinks to your new site.

Fitness PLR Pack

The topics are…

  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • 6 Pack Abs
  • Gaining Wright 101

To be most effective in using these products you want to…

1. Do some quick keyword research to find terms that have at least 500 searches in a month, but less than 50-100,000 results when you search for the keyword in parenthesis: “keyword”  These are the keywords you will have the best chance at getting traffic from fast.

2. Pick a couple of the best of these, and search for a good domain name. Now sometimes I cheat and just add it to my site, but you will get better results if you spend $10 and get a niche specific url.

3.  Decide if you are going to sell the eBook or give it away.  If you already have a list in the area, I would consider selling it.  If you are just starting in the niche, offer it as a freebie to start building a fitness niche list you can sell to for years to come.

4. Review the eBook and make any edits you want and add links to it to other products you have, and/or to affiliate products. This is how you make money even when you give the books away.

5. Load the sales page to your site, and make any changes or edits you wish, although the sales page provided is great as it is.

6. Add a blog to support the project. You can use the 25 articles as content over time.

7. Alternatively, you can use some of included articles as a series of follow-up emails to keep in touch with your new list, and build loyalty and trust with them, or rewrite some of them articles and submit them to the article directories.  I usually, put these in my blog first and then upload them to the directories. That allows them to do double duty, and gets my blog the initial credit in Google’s eyes.

8. Now that you’ve finished the first of the three packages, repeat of the rest.  If you decided to give away the first eBook to build a list, consider selling the other two to the list you have built. The choice is yours. But with three eBooks on closely related topics, you have the makings for a nice niche that you can grow and develop over time. Or consider offer one or two of the ebooks as a bonus when people buy one.

So now it’s time to take action.  This package will save you countless hours compared to creating your own similar products, and could easily be the core of a great new profit center for your online enterprise.

Go grab Fitness PLR Pack and put some muscle into your online profits.

By the way any one of the products in this package is well worth what Doug is charging for all 3.

Resell Rights Game Plan

What’s the fastest way to get a new product created?

Whats the fastest way to write a set of auto responder messages to people who opt into your list?

What’s the fastest way to find products you can offer as bonuses to help sell your new product?

What’s the fastest way to do research on a niche?

If you have money to invest the answer may well be to hire it all out. If that’s you situation, I have some good ideas and resources for you. Drop me an email.

But if you are the do it your-selfer, building your internet fortune from the bottom up shoe string style, the answer is PLR and/or Resell Rights Products.

And right now, today is the day you need to take action to grab a hold of the best deal in PLR and Resale products anywhere.

I’ve written before about Resell Rights Fortune, and am writing again today for two reasons. One the price is going up on the monthly membership tomorrow.  That’s actually the reason why I am writing today.

The second reason is that there really is an advantage to this program that you cannot get anywhere else. And it’s an advantage you can use to speed up your progress online.

That’s the ability to search for the products you need. You can search by topic, keyword and various rights and other attributes such as whether or not they offer a sales page, have graphics you can use, etc.

Sunday, I spent about an hour and identified not just one but five products related to a niche I want to master.

It’s an area I know a lot about already, but am not what I would call an expert. But I was able to identify within the group a resell product I could offer for resale with pride, and two additional resell rights products I could offer as bonuses to enhance the attractiveness of my first product.

I was also able to find some PLR material. Frankly one of which was pretty lame but did make a couple of good points worth passing on. Another was well written and more importantly had a good table of contents.

My plan is to take that table of contents and use them as themes for a sequence of blog posts and eventually articles to post on article directories. The blog posts will be on a new url I have acquired.  I will read all my new material and then write the actual blog posts in my own words. The PLR material and even the Resell Rights material will amplify my existing knowledge, so I will be able to write with authority.

Finally, I will use all the same material, to create a series of follow-up auto responder messages. Again using ideas gathered from all of the above.

The PLR and Resell rights material provides the research, and organizational ideas. It provides the background and fills in gaps in my own knowledge, and allows me to write faster, and offer a far more valuable product covering my niche. When I add in my own unique knowledge I add my own personal statement and build value as well.

It should be possible for me to finish this project within a week. At the end of which I will have a new blog, a giveaway product I can use to get optins and build my lists, a product with some nice bonuses I can sell and monetize the whole thing and a valuable series of emails I can send to those who opt-in.

I will have used 5 of the 30 downloads (I signed up for the 30 for $27 option)  So I will be able to do the same thing next week in another niche.

This is the workperson method. It will require work, but it is the sure way to make real progress. And at the end of the week I will actually be an expert in the niche. You see when you take the time to teach a niche to others in this manner, you actually learn the material more deeply than if you just read it.

For $27 a month, if you are willing to work, this plan of attack will get you where you want to go. The introductory pricing ends tomorrow, so take my advice and join Resell Rights Fortune today.

Resell Rights Fortune

Niche Blogs and Web Sites are Ideal for Home Gamers

Much of what I write about here is oriented to the “Bricks and Mortar” business person, but the Micro Business Specialist is a “Big Tent.” concept and particularly includes one person shops staking out a claim via the internet.

For a few home run hitters, the internet is a place to dominate a field. To be the top guru in pay per click, or Adsense or Article writing etc. And then to make millions selling how to books to all of us wanna bees.

A better strategy for most, is to strive to become good a just getting hits. Singles will do nicely if you can string enough of them together. And one of the best ways to get hits consistently is with niche marketing.

I have two suggestions today. One for those of you already aware of the power of niches, and a second for those who may still be getting their feet on the ground here in the less than solid cyber fields.

First the immediate and urgent. It’s one thing to identify a niche, its another to fill that niche with useful material.

One of the best shortcuts is to find and use quality private label material. Private label material is like the store brand of green beans at your local grocery store. It may have the stores label on it, but it was grown and packaged by someone else.

This is done everyday in many fields including article research and writing. You have all heard of ghost writers. Private Label Rights is the term used to describe articles and even books that have been ghost written, and are available for you to use.

Some are PLR material is better than others and some niches are better than others. I will return to this topic again. But I want to share with you my most recent niche and the source of material I will be using. Because if you hurry, you too can grab on of the few remaining rights packages.

The niche is aroma therapy. Aroma therapy is a sweet smelling niche. It’s been around for thousands of years and will likely be around for the foreseeable future. It’s also a niche that isn’t over saturated. That’s why the recent release of a quality PLR package on the subject is worth more than passing attention.

There are a lot of ways to build a successful online enterprise. But one of the surest is to focus on niche markets, and create internet properties that serve those niches. When you can find a quality PLR product that fills a niche you have a tremendous head start.

Doug Champigny, who is a PLR master if ever there was one, has just released an Aroma Therapy package. It includes a 50 page ebook that you can sell as your own, a set of ten articles and ten podcasts of those articles. It also includes a set of graphics you can use and a blank set that you can edit to rename the eBook to your own title.

You could have these added to a web site or blog in short order and add adsense ads, click bank products and a wide number of related products from elsewhere.

Now word to the wise, you will have much more success with this if you rework the content to make it your own. I spent a chunk of my yesterday doing just that. I reworked each of the articles into my own words. It wasn’t difficult as the material was well written. In the process I learned a lot about the topic, which is a plus.

I bought a new domain name, which I will launch as a wordpress blog site in the very near future. I will offer the eBook for sale and provide useful information in the form of the 10 articles on Aroma Therapy that were included in the package.

I will probably add Adsense ads on the site and offer a set of additional products from a select few of the hundreds of aroma therapy and related companies that offer affiliate programs. I will also set up a Google Alert for the term Aroma Therapy and monitor what comes my way. That should allow me to add relevant material to the blog format as time goes on.

I’m slow, and I have many diverse tasks on my daily schedule, so this may take me a few days to get set up to the point I like. But once done, I will have an internet property that will attract visitors and sales for years to come. That is what I call a single. Now if it gets really hot, and I discover that I am getting a lot of traffic I may try to stretch it into a double, but I will take a look at that once I round first.

Now heads up, Doug Champigny the author of the PLR Package on Aroma Thearpy is no fool, and he restricts his PLR material to just 100 copies. That way the internet doesn’t get over saturated with the stuff. This works to my advantage, and yours if you decide to jump on this bandwagon.

But you need to grab your copy today. This one is already largely gone. There’s a growing group of folk who grab Doug’s stuff as soon as it’s issued and run with it. I’m one of them and I think you should be too.

Go to

Now if this is all new to you, let me suggest that their are dozens of people who teach bits and pieces of this approach. I’ve spent tons of money over the years on eBooks and courses that covered various parts of the whole. Sometimes the parts meshed together with one another, and other times  they didn’t. They almost always had a hole, sometimes a big hole when it came to implementation of the theory being taught.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve become such a fan of the Niche Profits Classroom. If you are still struggling to find your way online, they have an extremely comprehensive training program and some cutting edge tactics that will get you up and running in the right direction fast.

I don’t know if it’s the best such training resource out there or not. It may be. It is certainly the best I have encountered, and rather than charging $1,000’s you can access it for a small monthly fee, take what you need and leave. They have a huge array of videos that walk you through the steps to almost everything you need to know. And they share some top end secrets that will make your head spin.

So in this relatively long post I have shared an immediate opportunity to grab great material for a lucrative niche, and my best recommendation on how to move forward online if you aren’t fully up to speed yet.

I hope you will take action on both.

PLR Gold Videos Rock!

Edmund Loh and Steven Luc have just released PLR Gold Videos.

Now Edward is one of a handful of marketers that has a stellar reputation for the quality of the PLR products he releases.

His past PLR Gold products have allowed me to create quite a few products and his quality is always first rate.

This time he has teamed up with Stephen Luc who is a video expert and voice over specialist. Together they have created one of the best PLR products I have seen in quite a while –

With the Private Label Rights to these videos, you can:

– Put your name or brand name on the videos,
– Change the titles, edit or voice over the videos,
– Set up 8 separate mini sites and sell as many copies as
you want with personal use rights,
– Use as content for paid membership site,
– A perfect incentive to go with a high ticket item such
as a seminar or home study course,
– Make your own product bundle and sell at a higher price,
– Offer the videos in your back-end offers,
– Sell the videos with Basic or Master Resell Rights, Much More within the terms…

Not only can you brand the videos as your own, you get the sales copy and graphics to each of them, making them very close to being a turnkey product.

They cover 8 hot topics.

1. Online Coppywriting Pro – 9 videos
2. Celebrity Blogging – 12 videos
3. Using Freelance Sites – 6 videos
4. Adobe PhotoShop for Newbies – 8 videos
5. Creating Web 2.0 Graphics using GIMP – 7 videos
6. Selling On eBay – 7 videos
7. Outsourcing Your Traffic Department – 6 videos
8. Responsive e-mail marketing – 8 videos

Click here to claim your copy of instant videos:

Edmund and Stephen are letting go the Private Label Rights to their newest collection of videos at an introductory price but it’s not going to be around forever.

In fact, the Early Bird Special is in effect only for the next 10 days or when the first 500 copies are sold out, whichever one comes first.

Secure your copy now:

To your success,

Earl Netwal
Micro Business Specialist

P.S. These are worth buying just to watch and learn. The ability to make a ton om money with them is just plain gravy. Don’t let this one pass you by.

P. P.S. Have you grabbed your gifts yet at The Halloween Giveaway? Only one day left don’t miss out.