You’re about to experience a Mind Shift

Ready or not, this WILL affect you…

Everything you know about email marketing is about to change. And trust me, ignorance is not bliss. If you miss this it WILL affect you.

Do me a favor and watch this short video from Glen Hopkins because it’s a real wake up call.

Watch The Video Now

If you’ve been marketing online for any period of time then you already know how important your email contact list is.

It’s the most important component of your business! It gives you leverage like nothing else can. Allowing you to contact your customers, drive targeted traffic to promotional offers, set up joint ventures, and much more.

But a lot has changed in the world of email marketing in the last few years. And building a quality, responsive list is getting harder and harder. The same old tactics simply do not work as well they once did.

Yes, prospects are still very interested in getting their hands on your freebies and ethical bribes.

But with email spam and unethical marketers running rampant, people are becoming more and more resistant to sharing their REAL information.

So what do they do? Well, sadly as you know, all to often they enter bogus names and email addresses into your opt-in form just to get their hands on your free gift. Or more likely they have a separate email account they use just for freebies and do not check on a regular basis.

So now you’ve given away some of your best content just to add bogus names and email addresses to your mailing list.  Which of course destroys your email conversion rates and increases your monthly auto-responder fees!

I don’t know about you but that’s what I call a complete waste of time and effort!

And frankly it was really starting to tick me off. I knew something had to be done. There needed to be a new and better way to build quality, highly responsive lists.

Ready or not, the impact IS coming.

So you’re about to experience a ‘mind shift’.

I’m not saying it’s for better or for worse, that depends on what you decide to do.

But this WILL affect you.

At least you’ll know what to do. Most people will be blind sided. That’s why I’m posting this today.

We’re at a cross roads and one path leads to something much bigger, the other is a dead end.

So I hope you take the time to watch this right now…

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How To Decide Which Clickbank Product to Promote.

As affiliate marketers we often rely on Clickbank for inventory to sell.  It offers products to sell in a lot of different niches.  Quite a few in many of the more lucrative fields.  Some pay to promote, others may not perform.

Deciding is a complex mix of knowing your competition, the quality of the site, its products, gravity, and trend lines, etc.  Some pay more,  some have residuals.  We can analyze all the above or rely on pure guess work.

Now in the past, I looked and ultimately kind of grabbed a product and ran with it, if only to get the experience.

But as you get more systematic and start following a plan of consistent action for massive results, you want to focus on the best products, which when coupled with your best efforts yields maximum profit.

But you can’t be wasting your time researching the sales page of junky Clickbank products that won’t sell. Your time is too valuable.  Instead spend your time focused on the best options and use the ones that best fit your particular niche and approach. Your results will be better, for the same amount of effort.

There is an easy way to discover the best performers.

Brad Callen introduced a free plug in for Firefox, that highlights the best performers from among all the products listed on Clickbank.

It’s easy to install.  I have, and it works great.

The plug in color codes each product offering on Clickbank, and reports critical information on its marketability.  Those colored green, met a set of standards for marketability that is proprietary to the product. The red ones didn’t and are to be avoided.

You will succeed faster by focusing on those products with stronger prospects.

The one rub is that it’s kind of a black box.  We don’t really know the full contents of the equation they use to decide who gets green and red and why.  But we can get a pretty good idea by listening to their introductory video. Enough to make a decision on.

Do you think it makes sense to try it for a while? Would it help you find better products to promote?

The basic version is free so you can test drive it for years if you want.

Once it’s working for you, upgrade to the paid version, but no need to do that now. Unless you want to.., of course.

Whether you are working facebook, twitter, blogs, email marketing, moble or more, Clickbank is a huge resource – no matter what your niches.

Your objective is to promote the cream of the crop, not the poor performers.

This free tool will eliminate 80% of the clutter, so you can focus on the 20% of solid offers that will pay you for your efforts.


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Marketing to Existing and to New Customers

When we talk about new and old customers we are not referring to their age.

Instead our focus is to point out the reality that there are two distinct populations your small business needs to keep in mind when you create and implement your ongoing marketing plan.

Every business needs new customers to grow and prosper.  But do not forget your existing cutomers. They need to be encouraged to buy more and to buy more often.

Your new customer is the tougher nut to crack. They haven’t had a chance to prove to themselves the quality and efficacy of your products and services. Your job is to find a way to attract their attention and then to persuade them to give you a chance.

For most businesses, it is a basic reality that most of the people in their service area will not be customers. Most probably do not need you product or services and/or find it easier to get the same from someone else. Many are already getting similar goods or services from someone with whom they have an established relationship.

What you need to do is find the handful of souls who are looking for your product or service in your market area. By focusing on your local market area it may be possible to identify a target demographic and reach it with direct mail, or use mass media with a narrowly focused message.

Another approach is to be “Findable,” by making it easy for your prospects to find you when they need your product or service.

This more passive approach has a couple of advantages. One the one hand you are not expending resources marketing to uninterested prospects who happen to live in your market place. More importantly, the people who seek you out have already demonstrated a potential interest in your goods which increases your chances of actually converting them into sales.

A nice display ad in the Yellow Pages used to do wonders in helping people find your business, but far fewer people use these today. In today’s world the role of the yellow pages has been taken over by the computer search.

The second category is your existing customers, your “old” customers. You have already gotten them in the door before and gotten them to buy. Since they have at least some relationship with you, it is much easier to get them to buy again. The stonger the past relationship, the more likely they will repeat the process and buy again.

The bottom line here is that it is important to your long term business success to conciously build a strong positive relationship with each of your customers. Doing so requires a lot more than a smile and thank you for shopping sign on the exit door. Although these are good starts.

You want to help them get to know you. If they start to care about you and your business you are ahead of the game. And it is not that hard to do. This approach is called permission based marketing, because you need to get their permission to begin and continue.

To get this going you need to ask them permission to put them on your list for email, texting or your newsletter. Typically you offer them an ethical bribe in the form of a freebie or a great coupon, useful information, or a membership of some sort. The easiest way to get them to sign up may be to include a message on the bottom of the cash register receipt you give to customers when they buy from you, as well as an opt-in form on your web site.

Reward them for signing up to your list by keeping in touch regularly but not too often. Treat them with respect and make it worth their while to be a member of your list.

You want to contact them often enough so they don’t forget you. That may be once a week or once every two weeks for most businesses.

You want to make sure these messages are relevant to them. If you are a dentist a message about teeth whitening is appropriate, but probably not one about neck ties.

That said, don’t be bashful about sharing personal events, business highlights and similar insider information about your business. Your customers will appreciate local community news and events. This is especially worthwhile if your business is helping in some way, even if it is just promoting them though the email or texts.

Finally, the messages you send should be useful. Make their memberhip on the list worthwhile by giving them occasional specials that only list members recieve. so they can really benefit from being on your list. The cell phone is going to become a larger and larger feature in the future. And texting with it. Imaging if you are a restaurant sending a text on a slow Tuesday offering, $5 off on a favorite entry to your text list if they get there by 7PM or whatever. Everyone likes special deals, and if you can offer them at least occasionally, you will have a happy list and in the process build a positive realtionship that will result in many more sales.

Marketing a business is a dual process. You need to address two different audiences. Your existing customers and those who have never bought before. Both are critical to the long term health of your business.

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Email Autoresponders

In my last post, I discussed three different options for an auto-responder.  In terms of overall value its hard to beat the Ultimate Marketing Centers package which offers not only an professional Auto-responder, but also unlimited web hosting, an affiliate management program and more, for less that the big guys charge for just one of these must have  services.

I suggest you check out UMC the Ultimate Marketing Center.

Today, I have a couple of other Blog Comments on Auto-responders as well a Twitter Tweet and a few YouTube videos.  I hope you enjoy.

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Some Twitter Traffic on Autoresponders

New Blog Post: Techniques About Your Autoresponder And Lead Capture Page That No One Wants You To Recognize

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YouTube Videos About Auto-Responders

Make Money With Autoresponders Is it possible to make $500 in under 24 hours without a website using an email autoresponder. You’ll be amazed how simple it is for you to start making money now with email autoresponders just by selling your services to businesse…

How To Personalize Your Email Autoresponder With Your Photo Here’s a cool trick on how to personalize your e-mail autoresponder with your photo. I can’t take full credit for this nifty little trick. Mr. Aaron Rashkin, industry leader and top producer, is responsible for sharing this idea…

How to add an optin auto-responder to your Facebook Fan Page Adding an icontact email optin auto-responder (or any email html capture form) few easy steps for Facebook.

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Affiliate Marketers, You Need to Change

The easiest way to start making money on line for most people is via affiliate marketing. But, if you really want to make significant money you  need to give serious thought to creating your own information product.

In this second video in my Information Product Creation Series I explain some of the reasons why.

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Information Product Creation – an Introduction

I am starting a new series today on Information Product Creation. I intend to do the bulk of this via short videos recorded with my Flip Camera.  The first is below.

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Global Fields in Aweber, A Powerful Tool

I use Aweber as my auto responder. This tip is specific to Aweber but similar features may exist with your service if you use something other than Aweber.

Two global fields are set up for you automatically. One is called the Contact Address and this is where your mailing address goes that is at the bottom of all your messages, both broadcast and followup.

The second is your signature message, which in most cases is blank unless you put something there. In addition to these you can create and name up to 25 additional global fields.

This post will describe how to make use of the Signature Message. Once you learn how to effectively use this one feature, you will know how to use the others. And I predict you will want to as well.

The global fields tab is fourth down under the My Lists Tab. Once you click on it you will see your contact box, your signature box, and a Custom Global Fields Creator form.

Anything you write in the Signature box will appear in any of your messages anywhere you insert the following: {!signature}

So when you are preparing follow-up messages, instead of putting your standard salutation and signature lines at the end of the message, you just type in {!signature}.

What ever you have in the signature box in global settings will appear in the email when you send it.

The advantage is that while your follow-up emails are evergreen, so they can be sent at any time, your signatures need not be.

This would permit seasonal messages, which is a nice touch. Or if you are a marketer like me, it could include not only a signature, but additional text including a mini pitch for the product of the day.

Currently, I am promoting a free call this coming Tuesday evening on Pay Per Click Advertising by Chuck Mullaney. It should be a good call, and the price is right.

So I changed the text inside my Signature Box to the following:

Best Wishes,

Earl Netwal

Free Traffic Seminar
Don’t be Intimidated by Pay Per Click
Tuesday 9PM EDT
Sign Up Now, as My Guest


I start with my traditional closing salutation of Best Wishes,  I follow with my name and a brief spiel or post script about the call.

I then added a dashed line underneath to serve as a demarcation.  If I had a PS in the message I would put them under the dashed line.

This allows me to add a little pitch to each of the followup emails that may be going out to my various lists.

Now since I have several different niches that I am in contact with via email from my aweber account I can create a separate code and follow-up signature for each of my lists.

In addition to inserting the {!signature} tag into my broadcast messages, I have begun using it as a standard signature to many of my broadcast messages as well.

This is not the primary thrust of my messages, and in some cases I may not want any diversions from the main thrust of my main message.  In those cases I would just use my normal signature as I always have. But in many other cases, its a nice way of keeping an upcoming event in front of your list even while you are primarily addressing them on another topic.

And as I mentioned earlier, it can be a great away to add seasonal flavor to your canned messages during holidays, etc.

Instead of having to change closing salutations on all your different messages, by altering the text in this one box, all your emails set up with the {!signature} code will reflect the new message. You could change it daily if you wanted.

By the way the call on Tuesday is at 9PM EDT and you should be on it, if you want to learn how to effectively use pay per click to drive low cost traffic to your sites.

I welcome you to sign up for free as my quest. And if you don’t have an auto responder yet, you are missing out big time. If you are new to the game, you need to know that you need an auto responder more than you need a web site.  Check out Aweber now.

Marketing to your Target Market

Constancy is the hallmark of an effective marketing campaign.

In the ubiquitous blizzard of advertising that is modern life, a single ad needs to be pretty darn spectacular if it’s to get noticed.  Even the best, the super bowl champions of ads have little staying power.  How many can you remember from the last super bowl?  Three, two, one, none?

Most businesses cannot afford super bowl sized ad budgets. So how can we compete?  Can we compete?

The answer is clearly yes.  As evidenced by the billions spent on advertising. It must be doing someone some good. But is most of it cost effective?  That may be less clear.

The key to a good marketing campaign is to have a clearly targeted audience. Finding that audience is the first hurdle.

There are two major segments to the audience. Those who you have a relationship with and those you don’t.

This sets up the need for two marketing approaches. One approach builds relationships with new people, the second maintains and nurtures the relationship with those you already have.

Each approach has its own hurdles and objectives.  Some businesses routinely confuse the two. And this can be costly.

Proselytizing to the unknown multitudes is expensive.  For starters, there are so many more of them.  Secondly, you don’t know a whole lot about them.  Third, they are already doing business with one or another of your competitors. Typically you need to use mass media to reach them in any significant numbers.  Newspaper, TV and Radio advertising is expensive. Direct mailing and coupon programs can often be better tailored to the smaller business needs, but it too is expensive.

Marketing to those with whom you already have a relationship should be easier. First they are fewer in number, and you have a better understanding as to who they are. More importantly, they have an idea who you are. (For better or worse.)  This is your primary target market.  The key to business success is to focus your marketing on your target market.

Too many businesses rely on traditional and expensive tools of mass media aimed at the broad market of unknowns when the primary respondents to their efforts are their own customers.  Instead they should be using inexpensive non traditional tactics aimed exclusively at existing customers and friends.

Many small business people know their customers by name, but lack an effective list and means of communicating with them.  This is unfortunate…and costly.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars a month for occasional print or media pieces, they could be communicating with a large percentage of their existing customers for virtually nothing.  These communications could be more consistent and nuanced. And as a result be far more productive.

The trick is to get people on the list. That should be easy enough for most businesses. A barber could offer each customer a business card, inviting them to sign up on their email system for a chance at a monthly drawing for a free haircut.  A grocer could offer a chance at $50 of groceries.  A tax preparer could offer a free tax return.  A lawyer perhaps a “get out of jail free” or a free will.

The goal being to convert that mass of people with whom you have an established relationship into a emailable list of people you can communicate with on a regular basis.

This offers a lot of additional ways to market.

For example, a Barber who will be taking a few days off to go fishing can advise his customers that he will to come in a few days earlier than normal.  Every week or so he could publish the best jokes told for the prior week, and be sure most of his emails get read.

A grocer instead of focusing on cents off ads, could spend some time talking about new products, and maybe even offer meal preparation ideas pushing a basket of products.

The attorney may wish to fill slower periods with will work or other matters people tend to defer, and when busier may just want to pass on some useful general legal insights.

A restaurant may offer a special to fill seats on slow days, combined perhaps with a weekly or monthly cooking tips feature.

The key to all this is a good dependable auto responder system.  I use and recommend to serve as the engine or heart of the system.

Once a business has migrated their customer base to their auto responder list, they can communicate on a regular basis. Now you don’t want to overwhelm people with emails.  A consistent regular pattern appropriate for your type of business will solidify customer relationships.

While you may still want to offer discounts and coupons if your competitors do, you can focus on other things as well.  Give your customers an inside look at you and your business. This will result in more repeat visits, and if you use some imagination, larger total sales per visit.