Backlinking Cheat Sheet Video

Backlinking Cheat Sheet Video

I’ve done a number of posts now on Brad Callen’s handy cheat sheet onbacklinking. It’s a great guide, and I liked it so much I created a you tube video to share the info with others.

If you would like to download a copy of the backlinking cheat sheet there is a download link on my original post:


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Do Follow Backlinking vs No Follow Backlinking

No Follow Backlinking

For way too long, people have been mislead by the no follow backlinking myth.

Even before Panda and the rest of the zoo, people who took the time to test and experiment with do follow vs no follow backlinking knew and understood that Google actually did follow no follow links.

Not only that, but that no follow links could be used exclusively and get results.

Now some say this entire no follow thing is just another part of Google’s ongoing disinformation campaign to confuse and frustrate those of us with an economic interest in manipulating the search engines to drive traffic to our sites.

So be it.

Today we know that not only do you want to have no follow backlinking, your site could well be hindered if you don’t have some.  On Brad Callen’s Backlinking Cheat Sheet, he suggests that we need anywhere from 10-40% no follow links just to look normal to Google.

He even shows the syntax for the no follow link on the sheet. If you haven’t found the cheat sheet from any of my recent posts, you can download your copy from my original post on the topic:

Backlinking Diversity – Spread it around

Backlinking Diversity

Backlinking Diversity is VERY IMPORTANT!

And as such it was highlighted in the recent one page backlinking cheat sheet Brad Callen released on Backlinking.

Studies have proven that you will get better traffic to your web properties by systematically working to get backlinking diversity using different sources for those backlinks.

What do we mean by different sources?

To achieve backlinking diversity you want to get links from PDF sharing sources, web 2.0 properties, blogs, RSS sites, Blogrolls, images, social network sites and press releases.

I used to depend upon article marketing as my key source of backlinks, and in the old days that was enough. But no longer. That doesn’t mean to avoid article directories. Just be sure to go well beyond them.

By paying attention to your backlinking diversity you will be sure to win the traffic your site needs and wants.



Backlinking Relevancy – It matters even more now

Backlinking Relevancy

I think it has always mattered where you got your backlinks. Just not as much.

You see in the old days all it really took was sheer numbers of  backlinks, and a post on an underwater basket weaving course was almost as good as a link from a directly relevant blog on your topic.

Today, in the post panda world, things are different. Few and better backlinks from a diverse number of site and types of sites is critical.  Backlinking relevancy has been shown to play an important role in systematic studies.

So when you are thinking about how you are going to drive traffic to your site, be sure to focus on relevant backlinks.

In a one page cheat sheet Brad Callen produced, he suggests that a backlink from a Real Estate site to a Auto Transport site would be relevant even though they are entirely different industries.  However a backlink from that same site to a health or beauty site would not be relevant.

This new emphasis on backlinking relevancy limits the effectiveness of some of the old fashioned mass link producing tools of the past.

If you are interested in seeing all of Brad Callen’s backlinking hints visit my blog post where I offered a link to his free cheat sheet.

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Backlinking Anchor Text – the new rules

New Rules for Backlinking Anchor Text

In today’s Post-Panda world, we need to pay attention to the anchor text we use when driving traffic to our websites and those of our clients.

In a recent release Brad Callen, one of the top SEO minds around, identified the proper ranges of backlinking anchor text we should be shooting for.

Studies have clearly shown that we need to use a wide array of anchor text.  Brad suggests as few as 0-15% exact match which is way different than the 100% most of us were doing a year or so ago.

He goes on to recommend that we actually focus most on the URL with from 35% to 80% of our backlinking anchor text so dedicated.  I remember when I was taken to task by one of my earlier mentors for leaving one naked link in a blog post I did.  How things have changed.

If you are promoting a brand name, he recommends from 10-80%. This clearly depends upon how serious you are about promoting the brand name, versus the benefits your product provides.

And finally, the random backlink anchor texts of Click here, go here, see this etc should range from 30-80%.

As you can see these are broad ranges, and should be used as rough guidelines only. But they do help set the relative weight of each major type of backlinking anchor text you want to shoot for in this post panda world.

I put a link to Brad’s succinct one page cheat sheet in an earlier post on this blog.

Go here to get your copy.

See how I stuck in a random link?

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Backlinking Cheat Sheet – The Answers for 2013

Getting backlinks remains critical for most competitive niches, even after a good job with on page optimization.

In the post panda world, the rules have changed, but the imperative to build backlinks remains. They just need to be diverse, relevant, with a wide variety of anchor texts, a mix of no follow as well as do follow and several more clearly identified, must dos.

I just came across a great one page summary from Brad Callen as part of the launch of his new automated tool called Backlink Beast.


I predict it will be the SEO tool of the year, but the purpose of this post is to get you a copy of his backlinking  cheat sheet.  He has authorized me to share this with you.

I printed it out as a permanent reference.

On the sheet he deals with Anchor text and offers general guidelines as to what percentages of exact match, URL, Random and Brand backlinks to use.

He also touches on backlink relevancy as well as the much discussed need for backlink diversity.

He explodes the persistent myth about do follow and no follow links, I hope once and for all and suggests an optimal range of no follow links you want to have and why.

Then on the more technical side he covers referring C blocks quickly, before discussing the ratio of links to your home page versus inner pages on your site.

And finishes by covering dead links (not what you may think) and total links and warns about a mistake too many people make that kills their chances for success.

All in one page! and for free! Get the cheat sheet now.

And then be sure to check out the tool he has created to help you win in today’s post panda world.


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BackLinking Success With EZArticleLink

As an internet marketer, I’m always looking for easier and better ways to get quality backlinks to my websites, so as to boost my search engine ranking.

In particular, I’m looking for a service that:

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4) builds unique backlinks to my website automatically and infinitely, so that I can forget link-building!

So far, it seems that there is only one system that provides such a service. It’s called EzArticleLink.

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If you are still skeptical, there’s even a free membership that you can enroll in. The free membership can easily get you thousands of high-quality backlinks, not to mention its Gold membership!

Good link building system is hard to come by. If you are serious in SEO, you must add this service to your arsenal.

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