Backlinking Diversity – Spread it around

Posted by enetwal on Apr 9, 2013

Backlinking Diversity

Backlinking Diversity is VERY IMPORTANT!

And as such it was highlighted in the recent one page backlinking cheat sheet Brad Callen released on Backlinking.

Studies have proven that you will get better traffic to your web properties by systematically working to get backlinking diversity using different sources for those backlinks.

What do we mean by different sources?

To achieve backlinking diversity you want to get links from PDF sharing sources, web 2.0 properties, blogs, RSS sites, Blogrolls, images, social network sites and press releases.

I used to depend upon article marketing as my key source of backlinks, and in the old days that was enough. But no longer. That doesn’t mean to avoid article directories. Just be sure to go well beyond them.

By paying attention to your backlinking diversity you will be sure to win the traffic your site needs and wants.



Backlinking Relevancy – It matters even more now

Posted by enetwal on Apr 8, 2013

Backlinking Relevancy

I think it has always mattered where you got your backlinks. Just not as much.

You see in the old days all it really took was sheer numbers of  backlinks, and a post on an underwater basket weaving course was almost as good as a link from a directly relevant blog on your topic.

Today, in the post panda world, things are different. Few and better backlinks from a diverse number of site and types of sites is critical.  Backlinking relevancy has been shown to play an important role in systematic studies.

So when you are thinking about how you are going to drive traffic to your site, be sure to focus on relevant backlinks.

In a one page cheat sheet Brad Callen produced, he suggests that a backlink from a Real Estate site to a Auto Transport site would be relevant even though they are entirely different industries.  However a backlink from that same site to a health or beauty site would not be relevant.

This new emphasis on backlinking relevancy limits the effectiveness of some of the old fashioned mass link producing tools of the past.

If you are interested in seeing all of Brad Callen’s backlinking hints visit my blog post where I offered a link to his free cheat sheet.

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Backlinking Anchor Text – the new rules

Posted by enetwal on Apr 7, 2013

New Rules for Backlinking Anchor Text

In today’s Post-Panda world, we need to pay attention to the anchor text we use when driving traffic to our websites and those of our clients.

In a recent release Brad Callen, one of the top SEO minds around, identified the proper ranges of backlinking anchor text we should be shooting for.

Studies have clearly shown that we need to use a wide array of anchor text.  Brad suggests as few as 0-15% exact match which is way different than the 100% most of us were doing a year or so ago.

He goes on to recommend that we actually focus most on the URL with from 35% to 80% of our backlinking anchor text so dedicated.  I remember when I was taken to task by one of my earlier mentors for leaving one naked link in a blog post I did.  How things have changed.

If you are promoting a brand name, he recommends from 10-80%. This clearly depends upon how serious you are about promoting the brand name, versus the benefits your product provides.

And finally, the random backlink anchor texts of Click here, go here, see this etc should range from 30-80%.

As you can see these are broad ranges, and should be used as rough guidelines only. But they do help set the relative weight of each major type of backlinking anchor text you want to shoot for in this post panda world.

I put a link to Brad’s succinct one page cheat sheet in an earlier post on this blog.

Go here to get your copy.

See how I stuck in a random link?

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Backlinking Cheat Sheet – The Answers for 2013

Posted by enetwal on Apr 6, 2013

Getting backlinks remains critical for most competitive niches, even after a good job with on page optimization.

In the post panda world, the rules have changed, but the imperative to build backlinks remains. They just need to be diverse, relevant, with a wide variety of anchor texts, a mix of no follow as well as do follow and several more clearly identified, must dos.

I just came across a great one page summary from Brad Callen as part of the launch of his new automated tool called Backlink Beast.


I predict it will be the SEO tool of the year, but the purpose of this post is to get you a copy of his backlinking  cheat sheet.  He has authorized me to share this with you.

I printed it out as a permanent reference.

On the sheet he deals with Anchor text and offers general guidelines as to what percentages of exact match, URL, Random and Brand backlinks to use.

He also touches on backlink relevancy as well as the much discussed need for backlink diversity.

He explodes the persistent myth about do follow and no follow links, I hope once and for all and suggests an optimal range of no follow links you want to have and why.

Then on the more technical side he covers referring C blocks quickly, before discussing the ratio of links to your home page versus inner pages on your site.

And finishes by covering dead links (not what you may think) and total links and warns about a mistake too many people make that kills their chances for success.

All in one page! and for free! Get the cheat sheet now.

And then be sure to check out the tool he has created to help you win in today’s post panda world.


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Garment Clothing Rack Video Experiment

Posted by enetwal on Mar 15, 2013

This post is primarily an experiment to see if I can retroactively boost the ranking of a video that I created some time ago.

The video was a screen capture review of a Squidoo Page I made promoting a variety of Garment Storage Rack Options Available from Amazon.

My goal was to earn commissions from sales as an Amazon affiliate. It has turned out to be one of my more successful Squidoo efforts in that regard, and my goal was to boost that.

On the day I am posting this, the video below is ranked number 98 for the term Garment Clothing Rack in the list of Videos on Google.  As such it is unlikely to drive a lot of traffic to my Garment Racks Clothing Racks Squidoo lens:

Garment Clothing racks review of options available from Amazon with buyers tips and display of three basic style options. Also current hot deals as well as accessories that would be of interest to people looking for a Garment or Clothing rack for home of commercial use.

This video is

and was created to lead people to so they can review their options when shopping for a clothing rack or garment rack of clothing racks or garment racks.



Print On Demand Printer Minneapolis Video Marketing

Posted by enetwal on Feb 6, 2013

YouTube Video Marketing

I just created a new YouTube video for Postal Dispatch Business Service Center. This time I focused on the Keyword, “Print on Demand Printer Minneapolis.”

It is one of the services they offer, that does not show up on the Google 7 pack and is relatively hard to rank for organically.

This makes it an ideal candidate to try ranking a with a video.

Time will tell how successful it will be, but I am optimistic. So far most of my efforts for Postal dispatch have been ranking videos in Bloomington, which is not a small suburb by any means. Not sure of its exact population, but its nearly 100,000 so its getting up there. Minneapolis though is 4-5 times as large and the name city in the region. (Sorry – St Paul) So most suburban businesses will try to rank as Minneapolis, even if not in the city proper. That means getting ranked there will take more effort.

About time I tried, don’t you think.



New Video Making Resource Coming Soon…

Posted by enetwal on Jan 13, 2013

This Tuesday Easy Video Suite will be released to the public, and I can’t wait.

This is the tool I have been waiting for, and if you are actively using video or anticipate doing so, you will want to check this bad boy out now.

Poster Printing Bloomington MN Video

Posted by enetwal on Jan 9, 2013

Just published a new video for Postal Dispatch promoting their large format printing capability.  This time specifically focusing on the keyword Poster Printing Bloomington MN and Bloomington Mn Poster printers.

Again we took a handful of images and created a simple Animoto Video, which we uploaded to Youtube and then worked out secret sauce to hopefully get it to rank on the first page of Google within a day or two.

We have been having a good deal of success lately with the technique and hopefully it will continue.


Ice Dam Prevention Minnetonka MN

Posted by enetwal on Dec 26, 2012

Just posted a new video for a new client specializing in ice dam prevention. In this case we are focusing on getting his video to rank in the City of Minnetonka. Minnetonka has about 50,000 residents so a good sized suburb and yet should be relatively easy to rank for on the term “Ice Dam Prevention.”

It’s now the next day, and I have returned from my morning Toastmasters Meeting. I was pleased to see that not only did the new video show up on the first page of Google already, it was the top item. All in just 19 Hours.

New Client _ Another New Video

Posted by enetwal on Dec 18, 2012

Fast Eddys Keys Express a Minneapolis Locksmith has become my newest client. In addition to setting up a Google Places and Google Plus Local Business page for him, I created a video as this helps the ranking of those pages.

With any luck the video itself may rank, although it is a tougher market niche.

On January 11, I created a variation for the City of Bloomington.

Video for Local Passport Photo Client

Posted by enetwal on Dec 10, 2012

One of my local clients is the Postal Dispatch Business Center in Bloomington MN. They offer a wide range of services, too numerous to capture them all on their Google Plus Local Page listing.

One of their services is the taking of passport photos. While this is minor part of their business, it is not insignificant.

As a business service center, they hope to bring people to their location for one service and then once a relationship is established, bring them back for additional services over and over again.

The easiest way to promote such services turns out to be via Video. As shown below, I created a video featuring their Passport Photo service but also mentioning their other services as well.

Using a variety of techniques, I will get this video to rank on the first page of Google results for anyone in the area who searches for “passport photos.” There are relatively few competitors actively competing for this market so it should be relatively easy.

The take away I wish to share here is that sometimes it may be easier to rank for a smaller service and use that as a leader to bring prospects to your business. Of course, you still need to get the video seen, so you want to learn how to properly get it ranked. If you need help with that, contact me directly at enetwal @

Video Marketing – an Example Of How I Do It

Posted by enetwal on Nov 3, 2012

In the example I am using today, we will market Garment or Clothes Racks that are available for sale on

I could buy a URL and set up a domain name with Garment Clothes Rack or similar keywords in the URL, and do a wordpress blog on the topic. But instead I am going to set up a Squidoo page because I am cheap and it doesn’t cost anything.

In addition, Squidoo already has authority in Google’s eyes. a lot more than a brand new website and blog would so I am a bit ahead of the game, and as I said it was free.

So I created

I then used screen capture software to in essence create a video of the Squidoo lens and posted it on YouTube.

When I set up the Youtube video I took some steps to optimize it so it would rank hihger in the YouTube search engine. One of the additional steps I took was embeding it here on my blog. YouTube likes to see their videos embedded on websites and blogs and if you do ecverything else right, just this one step can help a lot in getting it ranked for your keyword.

Which keyword, in this case the following: Garment Clothing Racks with the link going to the YouTube Video rather than the Squidoo page.

I have competition for this particular keyword, so in addition to the above, I have been sending backlinks, mostly in the form of bookmarks to the youtube video as well.

My hope is to eventually get it to rank not only on the top of YouTube for the term Garment Clothing Racks but also have it show up on the first page of the regular Google Search.


Do You Need a SEO Consultant?

Posted by enetwal on Aug 2, 2012

Virtually every business needs to attract new customers on an ongoing basis. And while its possible to learn how to do search engine optimization on your own, most business owners rely on staff or outside help in the form of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant.

Traditional forms or advertising still work in some cases, but for the most part not as well as they once did.

Newspapers are dying.

Television viewership is spread across way more channels, and a significant portion of people Tivo away the commercials.

And if Newspapers are dying, the Yellow Pages are in hospice care. All but dead.

Today you need traffic, and the main way to get it is by being easily found online. And found by the right people.

A billboard advertising season tickets for the Minnesota Vikings in Downtown Green Bay, may get seen by tens of thousands of Packer Fans, but will result in relatively few ticket sales compared to the same billboard in Minneapolis.

And that is why it is essential to target your advertising. And that is what an SEO consultant can do for you and your business.

You see it’s not just about getting the top ranking on Google that matters. It’s getting the top ranking on the specific keywords that matter to active buyers who want your goods or services.

Now it’s one thing to have visitors see your site, it’s another to get them to take action right then and there.

While compelling copy may help, the long term key is to find a way to capture the emails of those who do come to your site, so you can keep in touch with them.

A search engine optimization consultant will help you with each of these tasks. They will help you attract the right viewers by focusing your efforts on the keywords that matter most to your prospects.

Then they will set up your page, including critical elements of the hidden code that operates behind the scenes of your page.

A lot of factors go into the algorithms that the search engines use to decide who goes on top and who follows and in what order. There may be as many as 200+ distinct factors, and they are changing constantly.

A knowledgeable SEO consultant keeps as up to date as possible on the changes in these factors. However, for the most part basic key criteria remain fairly constant. That said, things do change and you need to be prepared to face the fact that Search Engine Optimization is not a one time thing, but an ongoing process.

Your web designer may well have told you that they optimized your site for you, but only part of what is required is based on what is on your page. In addition to off page factors which in some circumstances can trump even the best designed page, you need to be aware that your competitors are also getting calls every day form SEO consultants.

When they start making improvement to their sites, your site loses relative standing. Today’s top ranking can easily become a second page ranking, if you do not keep up with SEO on an ongoing basis.

Now this is not much different that in the old days when you needed to pay for advertising on an ongoing basis. The difference is merely that these days you need to be investing your marketing funds into the features that are most likely to be seen by your prospective customers. That means, you need to invest in your search engine visibility.

That visibility can take on many different forms as the internet continues to evolve. Unless you are in a position to keep up with all the changes yourself, you really have no serious option to developing an ongoing relationship with a qualified search engine optimization consultant.

To learn more about SEO, sign up for this free 12 part course.

Search Engine Optimization Basics






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Bad Reviews Can Kill Your Business

Posted by enetwal on Jul 19, 2012

Bad reviews can kill your business.

Now none of us is perfect, and we will occasionally blow it. It’s being human. But sometimes, we don’t deserve the bad review.

Check out the blog post on a new website called Get My Phone to Ring. It talks about a bad review from a disgruntled employee. But even better it leads to a free webinar that explains in detail what to do about it.

Video Makes A Difference

Posted by enetwal on Jul 3, 2012

I have been doing more and more work with local clients. Among the things I like doing best for them is getting videos ranked so they show up on the first page of Google.

It is easier to do that often than it is to get their main web page ranked.

I just did three Animoto videos for one of my newer clients. We won’t win any academy awards for it, but I think it demonstrates their credentials well.

Now it may take a few weeks to actually get these to rank for our chosen keywords, but it will happen. And when it does, they will get new business, which will put  a smile on their faces and mine.

Especially as they still do not have a website finished. Who says you need a website to get business online? (It does help though!)


Google Plus Capsizes Google Places Pages?

Posted by enetwal on Jun 8, 2012

For the time being, I am not happy with this past weeks change in Google Land.

Google is transitioning all Google Places Pages into Google Plus Business Pages. If you have a Google Places Page, and you should, it’s probably already happened to you.

This is apparently the first step in a series of steps Google will be rolling out in coming months. It may well turn out all right, but in the interim at least I have some issues.

For one, under Google Pages you had up to five categories you could appear in. The Google Plus Business Pages list two.

The videos we created for clients or provided by clients are not showing up on the Google Plus Business Pages either.

I am told, but cannot confirm, that the presence of Videos, Pictures and Citations will still matter, but I have some doubts.

One thing that will matter in the future will be backlinks just like normal web pages, as Google Plus Business Pages will be indexed. But what will really matter is the extent to which a business is able to get there customers to Plus 1 them.

In the new bold social media world Google envisions, the results you will get when you do a search for a toaster or restaurant will be determined by what your circle of friends has Google Plus’d in the past.

In their way of seeing things, this is what would happen if you were at a party or function and asked your friends for a recommendation.  Makes some sense, but I harbor some doubts about the long term results of this.

In the near term there is a certain amount of consternation as we all come to grips with the changes and then work to figure out how to make the changes work to our advantage.

One thing is clear. Google Plus will matter. You want to have a Google Plus page, even if you did not have a Google Places Page.  There are a lot of features to Google Plus that will become more valuable and useful as more and more people discover that they need to be on Google Plus. The Hangouts for example have a lot of potential. But frankly, I have ignored them so far.

They are working there way to the top of my to do list.

I expect to be writing multiple posts on Google Plus in the coming weeks. I will share the information I discover as I get it and make sense of it.

The speed of change continues to rock the internet marketing world. I will do my best to stay on top of these changes and help make sense of them for you and your business.




Using Squidoo as a First Tier Backlink

Posted by enetwal on Apr 27, 2012

Squidoo is one of those secret weapons that at one time was a huge SEO favorite. A backlink from Squidoo used to carry a lot of weight by itself due to the high page rank of the site.

This is less true today, as is the case with many SEO favorites. The value of the Squidoo link faded as people abused the process and Google has changed its algorithm multiple times since Squidoo’s heyday.

It still has a role to play though, together with Hub Pages, blogger and similar sites. It is a great place to establish a link to your “money site” and then build backlinks to the Squidoo lens using various bulk linking strategies.

I used to use SE Nuke to build bulk backlinks. but now pretty much rely on fiverr to create them. However, instead of sending these backlinks to my target sites I send them to the Squidoo lens.

By backlinking my backlinks sources, especially higher page rank ones like Squidoo, I get my individual lens the attention from Google I need to transfer that link juice to my money site.

My most recent example is a lens on Unclogging drains.

My linking to the Squidoo page, I hope to transfer Google juice ultimately to my target web site for a Minneapolis drain cleaning service.



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