Do Follow Backlinking vs No Follow Backlinking

Posted by enetwal on Apr 10, 2013

No Follow Backlinking

For way too long, people have been mislead by the no follow backlinking myth.

Even before Panda and the rest of the zoo, people who took the time to test and experiment with do follow vs no follow backlinking knew and understood that Google actually did follow no follow links.

Not only that, but that no follow links could be used exclusively and get results.

Now some say this entire no follow thing is just another part of Google’s ongoing disinformation campaign to confuse and frustrate those of us with an economic interest in manipulating the search engines to drive traffic to our sites.

So be it.

Today we know that not only do you want to have no follow backlinking, your site could well be hindered if you don’t have some.  On Brad Callen’s Backlinking Cheat Sheet, he suggests that we need anywhere from 10-40% no follow links just to look normal to Google.

He even shows the syntax for the no follow link on the sheet. If you haven’t found the cheat sheet from any of my recent posts, you can download your copy from my original post on the topic:


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