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Twitter had become the fastest growing internet venue over the past year, and it has spawned seemingly thousands of tools, and at least as many eBooks on how to use twitter.   With as many as a hundred thousand new users in a day, its important to keep an eye on Twitter.

Most of what I have read on Twitter focuses on how to build more followers.  Some is good, some is trash.  But truth is I haven’t been able to read them all as there is just so much.

A few of the products I have seen and or read have some real benefits, including this new free tool I signed up for recently. Why?

It does two things. First it does help build your twitter following. But more important in my mind is the fact that it helps get more of your twitter tweets seen on different platforms.  And that is the real benefit in my mind.  If you follow a lot of people, the rate of new tweets is astounding. There is no way I see even 1% of the tweets sent.

What Tweet Traffic Rush does is provide a reason for people to put your tweets on their web sites and blogs. And what that means to you is that people are more likely to actually see you tweet. And if your tweet is directing them to an offer or web site, it stands a much greater chance of success.

Tweet Traffic Rush is viral. As such, it’s power will grow over time. As this is a new product, you are in the cat bird seat if you join and promote it now.

Create a Viral Stream of FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website Using the Power of Twitter:   Tweet Traffic Rush

All you do is sign up for a free account. Then you will need to add your twitter username in an appropriate category so as to get a tiny piece of widget code. And once you add this widget code to your websites, blogs or social networking sites, you’ll start getting more targeted visitors to your site.

If you are tired of and feel difficulty in spreading your marketing messages across the net, Tweet Traffic Rush can get you thousands of visitors to your site on autopilot.

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Twitter Tips and more

While I have been focused on search engine optimization in terms of my postings the last few weeks, I have continued to expand my use and understanding of Twitter, the current rage.

I have also published a new report on on how to build your business with social networking. Its free and you can get a copy at Start Social Networking My opt in page still needs some work, I messed up the graphics while tweaking it.  I hope to get that fixed soon, but don’t let that get in your way. I think its a good overview of the field.

Some people refer to it as web 2.0 and other names, but what ever you call it, it is critical for small business people who are using the web to get as grounded as possible in the various venues.

That doesn’t mean you have to be active in each, but understand that their are distinct markets and populations that use each of the various services.

Perhaps the biggest at least intially was MySpace. And while some think of MySpace as a place for teeny boppers, there are millions of folk well past their teens active there. And while you can get banned from MySpace for inappropriate advertising, it is still very possible to advertise and build your business pressence with MySpace. To learn more go to My Space Profit Strategies.

It’s twitter that is today catching the bulk of the buzz.  As I’ve written before, I initially thought Twitter was a joke. That changed after I started listening to some of Doug Champigny’s ideas on the topic.

I jumped in an slowly grew a list, and following Doug’s lead began to get quite a few followers.  I was hooked. When I passed five hundred and then approached a thousand followers I became determined to build as big a list as possible. Then I got Doug’s most recent and authoritative report called Advanced Twitter Marketing.  (ATM)

It blew me away.  And made me go back to start. I was building a big list alright, but an undifferentiated list.  Now I have 8 twitter accounts. I just started a new one today.  Thanks to ATM, I now know not only how to grow a list, but how to target it properly.

While Doug was doing the research for ATM he did a case study, which he has released documenting his experiment in growing a targeted list from scratch.  The Case Study is available free and I encourage you to grab a copy.

Now these ATM tips and the how to’s are critical to developing a strategic use of twitter, but they also require a bit more work as well. Anyone can toss out affiliate marketing links to a list of Twitter followers.  Most people don’t really seem to mind, they just ignore them.

If you want to be successful with Twitter, you need to offer more.  And that takes time.  Thankfully, master Blogger Mike Paetzold stepped into the breach with his Twitter Time Saver report and accompanying videos.

Using the ideas in Twitter Time Saver, I learned how to use google news to link to Google Reader and in turn Friend Feeder to automatically pass selected relevant news articles to my various lists. I still need to review and select which articles to post, but the system saves a ton of time.  I posted to 7 or my eight accounts this morning in less than half an hour. (1 didn’t have anything worth posting so I didn’t)

This has helped establish me as an authority with my followers in these niches.  This will be critical to my long term success and yours as well.

By the way, as I mentioned Mike is a Blogging expert, and his most recent product is worth mentioning as well. Every business would be well advised to have a wordpress blog.  That’s easy for me to say, but it took me a while to actually get my first blog up.  Mostly, because there are so many options available. While most are free, the wide variety of themes, plug ins and settings are mind boggling.

Mikes new product called, Word Press Made Easy is actually a re-release of a prior product updated to include the most recent changes that were instituted by Word Press a couple of days ago.  Mike is a beta tester for them, so he was able to produce a completely up to date product. Even if your technical skills are limited to the ability to do email, Mikes Word Press Made Easy will show you how to get your Blog up and running in about an hour. Not only will it be running, but you will have your plug ins selected and the settings set the same way a Master blogger does.

If you read this today Saturday, and hurry, you can still get the $20 off introductory pricing through midnight EDT tonight. If you read this later, you should still pick it up, if you need help getting your blog optimized.

I’ve been following Mike’s blogs for some time now, and incorporating his suggestions in all my blogs. He knows his stuff.

Well, I have rattled on long enough today.  The grass needs cutting and we are having a sunny Saturday for a change, so its time to get up from the computer. Hope you have a great weekend.

Twitter Tactics For Marketers

The twitter craze has spawned dozens of ebooks, and countless tools and an awful lot of advice, much of which is itself awful.

If you are online to make money as I am, you need to come up with an effective strategy. Over the past 4 to 6 weeks, I have been exploring just about everything I could on the topic of Twitter and am satisfied that the best long term strategy is the one outlined by Doug Champigny in Advanced Twitter Marketing.

While the eBook itself costs $47, the tools he recommends and I now use are free.  So you don’t need to worry about an up-sell, need to invest in a handful of expensive tools to make the strategy work. Additionally, Doug offers a 60 day guarantee so you can really dig in and prove the strategy to yourself. But frankly you won’t need 60 days. The value of the book became self evident to me right away as I realized I had been going about twitter all wrong. My guess is you are too.

I can’t let the secrets out, it wouldn’t be fair, but suffice it to say I now have multiple twitter accounts, and am not focusing all my attention on getting the biggest number of followers as possible.

Maintaining multiple account has its own issues. Providing value is another important aspect of twitter success. And that can take time. Now I learned a trick on how to provide that value a while back for my original twitter list, but when I went to duplicate it, it turned out I lost the secret link I needed to make it all work.

The idea is to use Google Reader to find relevant posts in Google, patch a Reader feed into Friend Feed and get Friend Feed to automatically post the items into Twitter.  This tactic is very powerful but tricky to set up. Thankfully MikePaetzold came to the rescue with a new ebook and video product that describes  what to do, and then mercifully shows it step by step on video.

Now I’m dense and it took me while to get it down, but I now have added this technique to the six twitter accounts I have running at the moment.

This time saver is called Twitter Time Saver and it is a godsend. I don’t know about you, but I have found myself spending way too much of my time on Twitter.  This simple idea combined with the main strategy outlined in Advanced Twitter Marketing has moved my Twitter game plan ahead significantly already.

More importantly it has set the stage for a bright future with Twitter as I develop a series of targeted twitter accounts.  If you can see beyond the ego trip of building the largest list of followers possible and can see the advantage of highly targeted lists where you are perceived as an expert by your somewhat less large number of target followers then you are
an ideal candidate for both products.

Twitter may be a passing fad, but it is more likely to be a growing fad for the next year or two at least. There is a lot to be said for having a sound strategy to position yourself as a leader in you niche or niches of interest. Now is the time to do it.

Advanced Twitter Marketing
Twitter Time Saver

P.S. This morning, I posted over a dozen news articles to 5 of my 6 Twitter accounts in less than 30 minutes. These were interesting topical articles in newspapers from around the world. Stuff my list members wouldn’t otherwise see. That’s adding value to my twitter lists.

Happy Memorial Day

As a veteran myself, I tend to give pause for a moment or two on Memorial day to recall friends of mine who lost their lives in battle, and to reflect on all of my compatriots who stood side by side in the call of duty. As a typical American, I also relish this day as the unofficial start of summer, and while the water is still too cold for swimming here in Minnesota, it sure is a great day for picnics. In an hour or so I will be off to the Wabun area of Minnehaha Park to snag a table for the Minnesota contingent of Netwals to gather.

As a marketer, I recognize most of my readers are away enjoying their weekends, but as an international marketer, I know not everyone celebrates this day.

For those of you who use the internet like me to generate an income selling goods or services, my strongest recommendation has to do with a new eBook called Advanced Twitter Marketing.

This seemingly inconsequential service with its tens of thousands of unread tweets seemed like a fools errand to me. Why would anyone give it a second thought?  And yet today, I am tweeting a way, several times a day, and while its not yet raking in tons of new business, I am making real progress with it.

There are a lot of twitter tools out there. Some are paid, some are free, most work and a few don’t.  But other than building a list for the fun of building a list, what good are they?  Not much, unless you have a strategy.  A plan of attack that makes sense. And that is what I have found in a new eBook by my mentor Doug Champigny.  Now I’ve been associating with Doug for a while now, so some may think I am touting his book as a team player. And the truth is, I would. But I am asking you to understand that this book opened my eyes to a strategy to use this new Twitter craze effectively.

No longer is my goal to build the largest possible list, it’s to build the largest “focused lists” possible. The keywords are focused and lists (plural.)

While the book is an investment of just under $50, all the tools described and recommended in the book are free. So no traps here. No expensive upsells, no memberships. Just a solid straightforward way to think about and execute a successful Twitter campaign.  Now as I mentioned, above, I haven’t been making huge sales off of Twitter directly. But I have been successful in sending people to my blogs and getting them to join my lists.

I’ve been using to shorten my links so they don’t take up as much space in my tweets. The advantage of this service is that they offer statistics so I am able to see how many people actually click on the links. Thus I know, that people do read and follow my twitter messages.  While it’s hard to sell an ebook in 140 characters, you can get people to go to your site, where you can pre-sell them and offer alink to a sale page.

I hope you can see the power of the above scenario.  And let me warn you. There is a bit of a first adapter advantage for niche marketers. You will have an advantage in your niche, if you start implementing the strategies in Advanced Twitter Marketing, before your competitors do.

And while you may be hesitant to put out $50 let me remind you that the ebook comes with a full money back guarantee. If you think you may already know all you need to know about the topic, fine. Buy the book, read it and if you don’t find it to have a significant new wrinkle to the topic of marketing on Twitter, ask for the refund.  Don’t be bashful about it. But I will be surprised. Cause this isn’t some fluffy duffy rehash of everything others have written on the topic, this is cutting edge.

This eBook has my highest recommendation. If you are into internet marketing, and list building, you really should grab a copy today. You will find the contents easy to read, understand and follow. You will change your opinion of Twitter, and will quickly see results.

Advanced Twitter Marketing

Finally, a Twitter Strategy for marketers – One that works! Advanced Twitter Marketing.
I started out thinking Twitter and the twitter rage now dominating the internet was a joke.  But I set up an account anyway, since so many other marketers were saying it was the thing to do.
I read a number of articles, reports and ebooks on the topics, and frankly some were pretty clearly hog wash, and others seemed as if they knew what they were talking about. One of the best was a series put out by Doug Champigny.  I liked it so much I promoted it a bit.
Doug sent me an advance copy of his newest eBook on the topic called Advanced Twitter Marketing. And let me tell you it is advanced.
I have completely revised my understanding and appreciation of twitter.  I now have a strategy, and what’s better, I am seeing real results.  I liked it so well I sent Doug a Testimonial, and he seemed to like it so much, he put it on his sales page, second to the bottom.
Twitter is here and growing. Most people are clueless about how to effectively use it.  If you are using the internet to market a product, you really do want to get a copy of Doug’s book as soon as you can. Once you read it, you will change the way you think about twitter and when you apply the strategies he reveals, you will get far better results – quickly.
This is a five star recommendation.
Finally, a Twitter Strategy for marketers – One that works!

Twitter Effect Videos Showed Me How to Monetize Twitter

Step-By-Step How-To for Marketing on Twitter? Must Be The Twitter Effect Videos!

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I copied this headline, because I wanted to get your attention.  Twitter is exploding online, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have noticed.  At first I was skeptical, but then its potential finally dawned on me. How about you?  Well at last check, I had over 1500 followers up a couple hundred from the last time I checked a couple of days ago.  Not too shabby. Maybe you have more?? Maybe you don’t care, and I can understand that as well.  Keeping your Twitter family to just very close friends may a good idea.

But if you are interested in using the power of Twitter as a marketing tool I have to recommend you invest in the Twitter Effect Videos! For $17 you can learn the tricks the “Big Dogs”  are using to monetize Twitter.  For a dime more you will be able to get the master resale rights and make your money back in no time.