I recommend Web Traffic Dominator for Free Traffic Generation

If you are on my mailing list you might notice that I am using a new form of email link. Its from a new traffic generator I am using. I don’t use it for everything, but I get free advertising credits when I do. In turn, I run ads on the system for a variety of free reports I use to build my lists and to introduce people to a series of offers.

It’s a great and easy way to gain addition customers with very little work. The best part is that its free, although there are upgrades you can buy to make it even more powerful.

Check out the video below for more information.

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Traffic Getting and List Building Some New Ideas

Getting traffic and list building are the heart of internet marketing. Traffic equals new faces seeing your offer, a list is the tangible remainder of a lot of traffic.

Traffic is like the drip drip drip of water seeping down from the roof of a cave, the resulting list is the stalactite or stalagmite that remains after time. A visible tangible result of lots of traffic over time.

Not to stretch the metaphor too far, the richer the content the faster the pillars of your list grow.  But getting that initial drip going is the key to long term success.

So far in my career online, I have used a number of techniques to get my list to grow. I’ve used pay per click, blogging, giveaways and ad swaps. Each of the approaches have worked, even though I haven’t always optimized my approaches to the tactics.

This past weekend I discovered that I have been missing out on a whole series of other approaches to generating traffic and ultimately list building that I just didn’t know about, or if I did know about them, was not taking seriously enough.

Upon making the discovery, I decided not to kick myself in the pants, but rather to start taking advantage of the new ideas. But first, I felt obliged to share. Now the fact that there is an affiliate commission in it for me is only part of my motivation.  I genuinely think most of my readers will discover a lot of new ideas in this package.  Frankly, I’ve only made if though the first 3 and a half modules of twenty and I am already blown away.

In fact the very first module called eBook syndication got me so excited, I almost stopped right then and there in and urge to dive right in. It’s so easy, and I already have tons of material I can use to make it work.  My guess is that you do as well, if you have been active online for any period of time. What’s even better is that this can be used by rank newbies starting out.

Now I can’t give a full review, cause as I said, I’ve only started to scratch the surface, but there was so much gold lying on the ground, I didn’t need to do an extensive dig to discover enough value to justify my recommending this to you.

Click on the offer below. Get the freebie, but do more than that. Watch her video and imagine what you would do if you were able to grow your list at the rate of 3000 a month.

Frankly, despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to come close to that. With what I have learned so far, that no longer seems like an unreasonable goal. Not without effort, mind you, but not unrealistic either.

The program is called the Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach. At first glance those of you familiar with my friend Marlon Sanders will see a distinct similarity in look. These tactics may be as old as Marlon as well, but they are new to me, and I think they will be new to most of you as well.

If you end up discovering that you knew them all already, you can ask for a refund, but I don’t think you will. If you are like me, you will be too busy building new traffic resources for your business.

Click on the link above and watch the video. Then do yourself a favor and grab your copy. Don’t worry, the price is extremely reasonable.

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Generating Free Traffic

No matter how good your product is, if no one sees it, it won’t sell.  The key to internet business starts with putting the offer in front of peoples eyes so they can decide whether or not your offer is worth their time and money.

When you are new to internet marketing getting that initial traffic flow is one of the hardest things to master.  Until you start having at least some traffic coming to your offer, you really can’t evaluate the effectiveness of your squeeze page, sales page or product offer.

When you are new, or broke, it’s difficult to afford pay per click traffic.  In this situation you need to focus on how to generate free traffic.  Once you have mastered generating free traffic, you may want to stick with it, even later when you could invest in pay per click or other forms of paid traffic.

There are many ways to generate free traffic. These include search engine optimization, article marketing,  and joint venture tactics such as giveaways and affiliate marketing.

Because so many people need to generate free traffic, there are a lot of would be guru teachers pushing methods to generate free traffic.  Some are good, others are rehashing private label rights ebooks with little practical knowledge of their own.

While there are certainly some secret methods out there, most of what you will discover online are well known tools and techniques. That said, if you are new to internet marketing, you need to familiarize yourself with these as soon as possible. A a modest investment in traffic generation will often pay significant dividends, if you are careful to pick a reputable resource.

You can pay thousands or even tens of thousands for a content packed course on free traffic methods.  The front end cost however kind of defeats the “Free” concept.   But note, it remains true that you tend to get what you pay for.  That said, I’ve found that you can get a lot of solid information and coaching if you look around for it.

For example, I recently came across a couple of young fellows who have put together a free report that points people in the right direction.  They also offer a solid coaching program for an extremely low entry price of just a dollar.  Now of course, they  want you to buy into their ongoing program, which I recommend, but you don’t have to.

I recommend you grab their free report, and sign up for their $1 trial and learn what you can, as fast as you can.  Then you can decide whether their teaching style and content meets your needs.  If it does, stick with them, if not go elsewhere.

There are many pieces to the internet marketing puzzle. Traffic generation is one of the bigger pieces.

Get their free report called, “Our Little Traffic Secret.”  When you sign up for it, they will offer you the deal on their coaching program for just $1.  It’s well worth checking out. If you decide you don’t like or want to continue, you can cancel and not have to worry about any additional obligation.  To promote this concept I have set up a new blogger blog called Generating Free Traffic

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Instant Fast Traffic – A Review

When it comes to Internet Marketing, there is a lot of material out there that is little more than rehashed ebooks that go on about the same tiresome things.  I was half expecting Instant Fast Traffic to be the same, because admittedly I’ve become jaded to these products that are churned out on a regular basis. I even had the intention to check it out, and then get a refund before the 60 days guarantee expired. Surprisingly however, I found that Instant Fast Traffic was a diamond in the rough, because the strategies covered within all its three modules were intriguing, to say the least.

Instant Fast Traffic

The brains behind Instant Fast Traffic are Joel Chue and Alvin Huang, guys I haven’t even heard much about, but if Instant Fast Traffic is anything to go by, these guys are the ones to watch. Instant Fast Traffic is a 3 Module guide on traffic generation strategies, and each module is guaranteed to give you a free pass to a massive source of traffic from practically anywhere on the Internet. You’ll find strategies covering link building to article directory submissions, and even social networking. Let’s take a closer look at what these 3 modules cover.

The first module, called Search Domination Traffic, talks about strategies any marketer can use to get their websites optimized for search engines through link building. From email signatures to classifieds to web rings, these elements are often overlooked, but surprisingly effective in getting your links out there for droves of traffic to click through. I personally have never thought of using Wikipedia as a source of free traffic, so it came as a surprise when I discovered that I could indeed funnel traffic from Wikipedia to my website.

The second module, aptly named Content Traffic Invasion, covers content strategies and viral strategies. In essence, it teaches you how to optimize your sites and links using keywords, how article directory submissions can give you those much needed backlinks, and how forum marketing can be a highly effective tool in your traffic generation efforts. It also covers strategies that can make your links viral, from using quizzes to giving away free content, and even using Resell Rights Products to generate massive traffic to your sites.  Now I use and preach a number of these, but these guy cover stuff I never thought of.

The last module, Underground Traffic Funnels, discusses ways social networking sites can be used to promote your links, and how one can make their links even more viral through these sites. From social bookmarking to using MySpace and Facebook, Joel and Alvin leaves no stone unturned as they discuss practically every aspect there is to know about getting your links out there through social networking, joint ventures, and even offline strategies that you can leverage.

Newbies don’t worry about getting lost in all that information. There are process maps that detail exactly what needs to be done in a easy-to-understand guide for each of the modules, so I don’t see where anyone can’t succeed using the strategies discussed in Instant Fast Traffic. All in all, this is one resource I would recommend if you’re in need of a quick traffic boost.

Instant Fast Traffic