Resell Rights Game Plan

What’s the fastest way to get a new product created?

Whats the fastest way to write a set of auto responder messages to people who opt into your list?

What’s the fastest way to find products you can offer as bonuses to help sell your new product?

What’s the fastest way to do research on a niche?

If you have money to invest the answer may well be to hire it all out. If that’s you situation, I have some good ideas and resources for you. Drop me an email.

But if you are the do it your-selfer, building your internet fortune from the bottom up shoe string style, the answer is PLR and/or Resell Rights Products.

And right now, today is the day you need to take action to grab a hold of the best deal in PLR and Resale products anywhere.

I’ve written before about Resell Rights Fortune, and am writing again today for two reasons. One the price is going up on the monthly membership tomorrow.  That’s actually the reason why I am writing today.

The second reason is that there really is an advantage to this program that you cannot get anywhere else. And it’s an advantage you can use to speed up your progress online.

That’s the ability to search for the products you need. You can search by topic, keyword and various rights and other attributes such as whether or not they offer a sales page, have graphics you can use, etc.

Sunday, I spent about an hour and identified not just one but five products related to a niche I want to master.

It’s an area I know a lot about already, but am not what I would call an expert. But I was able to identify within the group a resell product I could offer for resale with pride, and two additional resell rights products I could offer as bonuses to enhance the attractiveness of my first product.

I was also able to find some PLR material. Frankly one of which was pretty lame but did make a couple of good points worth passing on. Another was well written and more importantly had a good table of contents.

My plan is to take that table of contents and use them as themes for a sequence of blog posts and eventually articles to post on article directories. The blog posts will be on a new url I have acquired.  I will read all my new material and then write the actual blog posts in my own words. The PLR material and even the Resell Rights material will amplify my existing knowledge, so I will be able to write with authority.

Finally, I will use all the same material, to create a series of follow-up auto responder messages. Again using ideas gathered from all of the above.

The PLR and Resell rights material provides the research, and organizational ideas. It provides the background and fills in gaps in my own knowledge, and allows me to write faster, and offer a far more valuable product covering my niche. When I add in my own unique knowledge I add my own personal statement and build value as well.

It should be possible for me to finish this project within a week. At the end of which I will have a new blog, a giveaway product I can use to get optins and build my lists, a product with some nice bonuses I can sell and monetize the whole thing and a valuable series of emails I can send to those who opt-in.

I will have used 5 of the 30 downloads (I signed up for the 30 for $27 option)  So I will be able to do the same thing next week in another niche.

This is the workperson method. It will require work, but it is the sure way to make real progress. And at the end of the week I will actually be an expert in the niche. You see when you take the time to teach a niche to others in this manner, you actually learn the material more deeply than if you just read it.

For $27 a month, if you are willing to work, this plan of attack will get you where you want to go. The introductory pricing ends tomorrow, so take my advice and join Resell Rights Fortune today.

Resell Rights Fortune