How to Get Rid of Adware and Spyware

If you’re like over 90% of other internet users, you could have people spying on everything you do as well as stealing personal information. Spyware is often talked about for its ability to slow your computer down, but not only will it do that, but it can do much more. You could be giving away some of the most confidential information about you completely without your knowledge.

One thing that spyware and adware can do is cause popups. I’m sure everyone has had negative experiences with popups. They’re obnoxious and unneeded, but that doesn’t mean they come from the site you’re visiting. If you’re commonly getting popups, it might actually be some spyware or adware on your computer. Without removal it could get much worse, that is, constant popups while browsing the internet. Spyware and adware can also install unwanted searchbars or toolbars on your browser as well as changing your homepage.

Next comes the scary stuff. Spyware and adware can not only track what you’re doing on the internet at all times, but it can even record it and send it to a third party. This means that when you enter bank information or other usernames, passwords, etc. you could be giving all of that information to someone else and you didn’t even know about it.

Not only that, but often the third party will sell this information to a bunch of others. This could mean hundreds of people with bad intentions and your personal information. This is how identity fraud most commonly happens, they could easily obtain your social security number if you ever enter it on the internet. Without getting rid of spyware and adware you are risking your personal safety.

Spyware and adware removal tools are everywhere, the problem is that most don’t work. There are close to no free removal tools that actually work. If you want to keep yourself and your computer out of harms way then you’ll want to at least get a free scan at one of the many available websites. The report also discusses this and even suggests a well-known free scan; as well as a removal tool.

Of course, nobody is forcing you to remove the spyware and adware that is almost definitely on your computer. If you would like to let strangers know what you do on the internet as well as give them extremely confidential and personal information such as your social security number, credit card numbers, bank information, etc. then don’t look into this. If you’re like most of us however, you need to keep your computer clean of all spyware and adware!

There’s a free report available that goes by the name of “Adware Removal” which discusses spyware and adware in depth and goes over how to protect yourself. Do yourself a favor and read this report thoroughly, don’t be the next person to find a cleared out bank account and no traces. This great free report even discusses spyware and adware removal tools.

To learn more about adware and spyware removal, check out the free Adware Removal report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

Internet Marketing Success Library

If you have been reading my messages for a while now, I want to thank you. I do appreciate it. Over the past several years I have often talked about Bob Jenkins, aka Bob the Teacher.

I’ve learned a lot from Bob, in fact I probably had my most significant aha! moments from him as he actually explained how to do various things, like understanding my cPanel, using autoresponders effectively, creating products, and doing tele-seminars among others.

I got so much out of his products I’ve been a little like the new convert who tries to convince everyone else to join their new found faith. If I have ever gotten too out of line, I apologize, but I retain my conviction that Bob has some of the most useful, and more importantly, most accessible training online.

I’ve since found several other good teachers who have helped me build on the base I got from Bob. I will always be looking for others, cause I will never stop learning. But when it comes to the basics and more, Bob is top notch.

My only problem with Bob was he was always creating new courses, and the prices were a bit aggressive in some of them. Not that they weren’t worth the price, it’s just a bit of a stretch when one is starting out. That’s why his new program has me so excited.

Instead of selling his products individually, has put most of them, including some of the most expensive ones, into a membership program you can access for under $50 a month if you act right now. Since I paid over $1000 for the courses I took that are in this package, I can tell you this is a super deal.

Internet Marketing Success Library

And no, I’m not bitter that you will be able to get them so much more cheaply, because frankly, I am hoping you will learn the basics faster and eventually become a joint venture partner of mine as I start to produce more of my own products down the line.

Since you can quit at anytime, you can grab the ones you want and then leave. But as I’ve learned it takes time to learn well. And since Bob is always adding new products, he’s betting and I’m thinking most of you will hang around a while. I know I will be, and I’ve already taken over half the courses he offers.

I see myself as a teacher. And I have been trying to do that with my blog and e-mailings. But I recognize talent and want you to take advantage of the best, particularly now as he is launching this new service. The price will go up soon, to around $80 a month so that should be incentive enough. But for those of you who are really quick, he is making the monthly membership a 35 day membership, which means that you will get two months free in your first year. Nice idea.

I am a grateful student who has learned a lot from Bob. I know you can too. And since you will be able to access courses Ipaid hundreds for right from the start, I can’t see how you can afford to pass up this opportunity. I’m serious. This is golden.

Go to: Internet Marketing Success Library

Discover how to use your C-panel

Too many small businesses and even beginning internet marketers rely on someone else to handle all aspects of their web pages. While it’s good to delegate, for many micro-businesses it is also good to understand how the basics of your web site work. Then you can make quick changes when necessary and have a better understanding of what is and isn’t involved in making changes. That way when you do decide to outsource, you will know what can be done, what’s involved and how much (little) you should be willing to pay.

For new internet marketers, learning how to control your own page is all but required if you are bootstrapping your new online enterprise. There are two reasons for that. First much of the process is much simpler than  most people would believe, and second by knowing what is involved and possible, you can delegate with more confidence and at lesser prices.

Learning how to access your C-panel and taking charge is roughly akin to the difference between being a passenger in your daddy’s car and learning to drive.  Once you know how to drive, you have a lot more freedom about where and when you go places.

I got my initial education on C-Panel from Bob the Teacher and Chris Morris, and I highly recommend them to everyone.  Their video series will unlock the potential of your web site for you.  You will learn how to set up you own emails, create your own web pages, set up data bases, and much much more.

I found the course to be my personal emancipation proclamation.  It allowed me to escape the tyranny of being locked in web hosting agreements and the need to play a waiting game to make changes to my own site.

It was a breakthrough. It may well be the same for you. Remember the feeling of freedom you had when your first had your own car and then the ability to travel where you choose. Discover C-panel will be like getting the keys for the first time. And while you may need some time to learn and master your new skills, it will set you on the path where you can soon be traveling cross county in no time.

Bob and Chris offer a free initial video lesson, which will give you a good idea of their teaching method and the topic. From there you can decide whether or not to proceed with the full course. I did, I encourage you to do so as well.

Click on the Image above to learn more and get access to your first free video.

The internet has changed, Davids of the world its your turn!

While we were sleeping, the internet changed.

Well, actually we knew it would. We saw it do so. In fact we have all been fully involved in the new wave that has now for years been called web 2.0.

But have we stopped to pay attention to the power it has given us?  Not me. At least not until I got my copy of Mike Paetzold’s new releaste, Authority 2.0.

You see, I have been content to be a little guy. And while I wouldn’t typically admit it, a bit intimidated by the Goliaths of the internet world. The huge mega sites, that draw in hundreds of thousands, even millions of visitors on a daily basis.

I’ve been shopping for the tiny niches, the crumbs no one else would bother to care about. How about you?

In my post yesterday, I talked about hitting singles. And frankly, I like hitting singles.  But wouldn’t it be nice to get that occasional home run?

Well home run hitting requires a bit of training, and this new ebook by Mike Paetzold is just the ticket.

It spells out what it takes to plan and execute the creation of a genuine authority site. The top dog within your chosen niche. Where you are not just one of the players but the recognized industry leader.

And the surprising secret, is that the tools that have evolved over the past few years, the web 2.0 we have all been immersed in; have made the process simple enough that even us little Davids and Diannes can create a powerful authority site.  One that once took a wallet and a sizable staff.

In this 159 page document, Mikes lays out a clear path to niche dominance using the social networking tools that surround us. The pathway he draws is clear and surprisingly doable.

A blueprint to success this well assembled should cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not Mike’s style. In fact, he even included master resale rights to this game changer of a document. But you must be one of the first 100 to grab the book, if you want them.

If you are able to dream big, if you like to aim for the wall, grab your bat, and grab a copy of Authority 2.0.

Now one last comment. Not everyone is a Babe Ruth or Harmon Killebrew.  Some of us would give our eye teeth to be a Tony Oliva, (Age and georgraphy hint) The beauty of this ebook is that even if you decide not to go for the home run and set up an authority site, much of what you will learn here will apply to your other sites. They may give you just that extra kick to stretch some of your singles into doubles, and that’s not a bad outcome at all. Authority 2.0.

How Do You Create Your Own Ethical Bribes?

Creating your own ethical bribes to use on your web site as gifts for people who leave their email seems like a big thing for some people.  Others are afraid to create even simple reports for sale to the public.  It seems as though many people are frozen in their tracks when it comes to creating reports.

This need not be.

Joel Osborne has just released a three report package on product creation.  And while getting over the hump and creating your own internet information product is probably the most valuable thing you can do, he is all but giving these away. All three books for just $17, plus he is giving you resale rights so you can turn around and sell all three reports to others while you are writing your first report.

You Get All Three Reports!
You Get All Three Reports!

– If you have ever wanted to create your own product but was unsure of how to do it, the “Product Creation Success Package” has the information that you are looking for!

– The package contains 3 informative reports which cover virtually all areas of product creation.

– At the price that Joel is offering this package for, I don’t think he will keep it live for too long.

Product Creation Success Package

If you haven’t already created a half dozen or more of your own products, you will find these to be well worth your time and a no brainer from the investment side.

This Might Not Be Appropriate for You

This might not be appropriate for you.

But rather than deciding that for you, I feel obligated to share it with you. Then you can decide.

As you know, I am a big believer in the maxim, “Give and you shall receive.”

That’s why I promote Giveaway Events, and products like Jeff Dedrick’s Instant Bonus Pages.

Now while I have benefited from participating in Giveaway events, the organizer of such events does way better.  They end up with everyone on their list.  Contributors and Members. And they know which contributors promoted the events and which sat on their hands.

Think about the power of that.

Now, Imagine you were the promoter. Not in internet marketing where a new Giveaway event launches every other day, but in your niche.  Whether that niche is online or offline, you could take the same free giveaway idea and over night build a massive list of both people interested in the niche and joint venture partners who you can work with to mutual benefit.

Now I said overnight, and the truth is it won’t actually happen overnight. It will take effort and a strategy and follow through.

Frankly, I don’t know if you have the vision and maxi to make it happen.  Now I’m not saying you don’t. I’m saying I don’t know if you do.  Do you?

Well to make it happen, it will take that maxi, some determination and a workable plan. And that’s the reason for today’s post.

Jason James has just released his “Giveaway Riches” Manual.  This is your key to unlocking the locked door that is holding your back.

If you access this material and put the plan into action, you will be able to use the power of the Giveaway to catapult yourself into a dominant position in whatever your niche market is.

The cost of this key is only $37 during launch week, which began today Tuesday February 3, 2009 at noon EST.  The price will be going up next week and then again the following week.

If you have been exploring internet marketing while working in another niche or job, imagine the power of being the first to bring to your field the power of the giveaway.  This is the type of technology – the type of idea – that can take a 1or two person company to the top of the heap.  By passing the established “Old Style” firms virtually overnight.

Do you have the guts to transform your industry?

Those who accept the dare and take action will be winners.

The innovators who lead their sector, their industry, their niche out of the current economic downturn.

They will be the ones others will marvel at and wonder how they managed to become so successful overnight.

And the answer to that question will be, as it always is… you had a plan and you took action.

Now I still don’t know if you are up to this.  Frankly I have my doubts. But if you are go to Giveaway Riches

Auto Responders: The Magic Pill to Transform Your Web Site

The key component required to transform your current static web site into a marketing tool, is your auto responder. The service I use and recommend is Aweber, . It is by far the preferred service, and is used by most of the internet marketers I know.

While it’s possible to have a programmer develop an auto responder service on your own web site, using a professional service makes a lot more sense in the long run. First, it’s cheap. Rates will vary depending on how much traffic you generate, but as of my writing this, most small businesses will be able to start for well under $25 a month, even less if you take advantage of their annual payment plans.

There are a couple of things you should understand. Aweber uses what’s called a double opt in system. What this means is that when a person signs up to be on your mailing list, they are actually signing up on a form you create at Once Aweber gets their initial message, they send out a confirmation message to the email address registered. This asks your new subscriber to confirm that they want to be on your list. Your new list member must confirm, or they will not be included.

This accomplishes two things. First, it keeps people from putting in phony email addresses, just to get your free report. And more importantly, it serves to protect you against spam complaints when people register someone else’s legitimate email address instead of their own.

Aweber is a known entity in the internet marketing world, and it’s well known they use this double opt in system. Thus the folks who monitor and prosecute SPAM complaints are far less likely to raise any issues with you, even when someone forgets they signed up for your list and complains. This avoids problems you don’t need.

In addition to the double opt in feature, they automatically insert both an automatic “opt-out” link and your legal address at the bottom of each of your messages. This means you will always be compliant with the anti Spam laws, and your subscriber knows that they can stop your emails whenever they want. Best yet, if your subscriber decides they want to stop, all they have to do is click the link and it’s done automatically. You don’t need to be involved at all.

These peace of mind features make the monthly fee more than worthwhile by themselves.

But you get a lot more than peace of mind. Aweber offers a lot of features, more than I can cover here now. But lets lay out a few, for the sake of clarity.

First, you can have multiple lists, at no extra charge. You can have a list for those people who sign up on your web site. You can have another list for people who sign up because you add, an invitation to do so on you cash register receipt or invoice forms.

This may make sense as a way to conduct separate conversations with prospective customers who are first finding you online, as opposed to the conversation you want to have with people who are existing customers.

You may also want to use this capability to focus on different product lines. Say you are a restaurant that also does catering. You might have a sub list for the catering business in addition to a primary list that promotes your weekly or monthly specials.

This ability to run multiple lists is a great asset. It allows you to have multiple conversations going on, with multiple people at the same time. All on autopilot.

There is one more basic concept to get across regarding auto responders. There are two types of basic messages. The first is the follow-up message. These are written and stored in the system and are sent automatically once a person signs up for your list. The first one goes out immediately once they have confirmed that they want to be on the list. Then you can pre-schedule any number of additional lists as you wish. Depending on your particular needs, you may want to send a second message three days after they get the first one, and then maybe another in 3-5 days, and then weekly thereafter.

Some people set up mini courses on topics of interest to their customers. A Liquor store may for example create a series of posts on wines, or the characteristics of different beers they sell. A restaurant, may do recipes or cooking tips, etc. The key thing about follow-up messages is that they should be “Evergreen.” With any luck people will be signing up to your list every day from now till the end of time. You want messages that make sense no matter the time of year. So event though it may be Spring, when you are writing you messages, eventually it will be winter when someone joins your list. All of these follow-up messages are sent sequentially based on the number of days since the person signed up on your list. So on any given day you will have message 1 going out to newly signed up people, message 3 going out to people who signed up last week, and message 14 going out to people who maybe signed up four months ago.

The second type of message is the Broadcast. This is sent to all people no matter when they signed up. This type of message is ideal for sending out messages about this week’s specials, of attractions for the coming month, or holiday greetings. If you are a dentist and want to let your patients know to schedule their appointments prior to you upcoming two week vacation cruise, you send them a broadcast message six weeks in advance and then again periodically up until you send them a message on who to contact in case of an emergency.

The best part of this, is that you can pre-schedule broadcast messages. Thus if you want, you can send a Happy New Years message for exactly at midnight next year right now.

If you have a three month advertising plan, you can schedule all your broadcasts for the coming three months at one time, and then forget about it. The messages will be sent automatically, and your customers will get you messages and respond and it won’t cost you any more than the cost of your auto responder and the time to write the messages.

There are other more advanced features available once you have you system up and running. For example you can do split testing to see which of your ads get a better response, and there are ways to tie your blog posts into the process and even pod casts. But such services are beyond the scope of this report.

Again the service I recommend is

They offer a series of helpful tutorials which should be more than adequate to get you up and running in no time. I am also available to assist you. Contact me at

The Omega and the Alpha

Normally, the phrase is alpha and omega, but as we approach the end of a year, I prefer to reflect on the end and then the beginning.

This has been a momentous year, for the nation, world and for me.  For me it has been a transitional year, from one where my focus was on my collectibles business, and the journey I have taken to migrate out of into a new internet venture.

The beginning of the year was taken up with the Marty Estate, by far the nicest accumulation of philatelic material I have had the privilege of handling in my almost 30 years as a part to full time dealer.  Toward mid year, I focused on the home staging industry.  I designed and conducted a significant survey of home staging professionals from around the US and Canada.

It was, if I may say so myself, a well done survey that focused on the individual needs of home stagers as small business people. I created a significant report that clearly set out the circumstances and obstacles faced by home stagers. My hope was that I would be able to follow up and create some products to assist them as a group.  I did conduct one teleseminar on the need for opt in forms on their web pages, which was well received by the handful of people who caught it.  I was less successful in selling my report on the survey results.

During the year, I discovered Bob the Teacher. I took about a half dozen of his online courses, and credit him with my breaking through on many of the critical skills essential to internet marketing.  The break through course for me was his teleseminar course, but not so much for the teleseminar part, but rather a piece of it that gave me a glimpse of how to use my Cpanel.  I eventually took his Cpanel course which did a lot to demystify much of the barriers that had gotten in my way previously.

By accident, I chanced into a relationship with Doug Champigny which has turned into a godsend. Doug is leading a group of marketers who are helping each other out, for free. Now we do promote Doug’s products as well as those of others in the group, which is certainly not a difficult thing to do, as they are generally low price and high quality.

As the year progressed, I have learned more about blogging, article writing, traffic exchanges, and more importantly realized that my home stagers were not alone in their individual plight.  I shared it, and so to do thousands of other small business people.

We may as very small business owners know one or two things quite well, and many others pretty well, but for the most part we all have arenas where we don’t know diddly squat.  What’s often a problem is that that’s where we either spend too much time, or not enough time.

If we spend too much time trying to figure things out ourselves, we are taking time away from what we are good at.  If we spend too little time, it’s because we have decided to live without. Neither is optimum.

For my home stagers, it was clear that for many of them, the area they left out was marketing.  Almost none of them had any form of lead capture.  I suspect this is true of many people in other businesses as well.  This fact was so obvious to me, I focused my first teleseminar on it.  And so it seems, this earlier work I did with home stagers will become my focus for the future.

The vast majority of offline businesses do their web pages wrong.  They have web pages created by their children or even by first rate web designers, but as good as many are creatively, they fall flat on a critical understanding of what the potential value of a web page is for a business.

And that is my plan for the coming year.  I have decided to all but abandon my philatelic pursuits.  Instead I will focus on assisting small businesses move from their static web sites into a more aggressive format that will reduce their existing advertising costs while building their customer base.

This blog, MicroBusinessSpecialist will become my flag ship for the coming adventure. I know I can help hundreds of businesses do better.  I can do it cost effectively for them, and yet make a good fee for myself.  This is my Alpha for the coming year.

I will succeed, because I have to.   But additionally, I have a solid set of knowledge I can offer that will make a difference for my prospective customers.  I learned a long time ago, that you make money by helping other people make money.  I guess I was too into my hobby to not recognize that I wasn’t actually doing that there.

My plan is to focus on offline businesses, in my own area, although much of what I have to say and do can be done for businesses wherever they are located.  So I will maintain an active web presence.

And while I will focus on this key function of helping businesses develop more aggressive web sites, I will continue to develop my own skills as an information marketer.  Through this process, I will learn to keep up to date on new techniques.  Afterall, the “how to make money on the internet” arena is probably the second most competitive arena on the internet after porn.  This is where the cutting edge tools are most aggressively taught and experimented.  By building my skills here, I will be all the better equiped to assist those for whom learning internet “how to” is boring, or confounding.

This is my Omega and Alpha. A transitional year is ended. A building year is ahead. If I can be of any assistance to you. Let me know. It’s going to be a blockbuster of a year.

Internet Marketing Dictionary

I have just published an internet marketing dictionary, by that name. For more information on it go to
Internet Marketing Dictionary It’s free as part of my series of background reference books.

You may also be interested in my HTML Made Simple book. It’s only $9.97 and can be found at
HTML in Simple Terms