WP Social Pipes – Powerful New Plug In Gains Top Google Rankings

This new plug in is selling like crazy as a WSO Special and for good reason. It simplifies the effective use of significant social media sites to drive powerful backlinks to your web posts automatically, once you have it installed and set up on your wordpress blog.

WP Social Pipes

Listen to the developer’s description below and then get your copy today.

I think this one is a winner. The developer has several more videos showing how this whole thing works on the WSO sales page. Take a few minutes to watch them all and I am pretty sure you will be impressed. I was.

WP Social Pipes

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Google Plus One – Viral Plus One Plugin

Google +1 is already blowing its way to the top of the heap and it’s not even officially launched yet. I am convinced it will eventually eclipse Facebook and is some respect already has.

For one thing the circles that are central to +1 will give those of us with many faceted lives the opportunity to control our output and direct it to only those people we wish to communicate with, rather than the entire free world who we have happened to friend along the way.

As a marketer, I have multiple niches, not to mention family, friends and associations via my political and other social interactions. In the facebook world, all would get the same messages. In the Google +1 world, I can send messages to my body building niche to just my body building niche and not also to my home staging niche or any of my other associations.

Now the new +1 system is not fully released and changes are continuing to be made. What is clear is that one new aspect that will be related to this new system is the idea of +1 ing posts, web sites etc. These votes will be similar to “likes” on facebook, but may have more significance as time goes on and have a material bearing on rankings in the Google search engine.

The exact impact of this all is not clear at this point, but it is pretty sure bet that the more +1’s a site can get the better.

As a result I bought a new WordPress Plugin that will help me generate more of these soon to be valuable +1 ‘s by putting a +1 logo at the top and/or bottom of each blog post automatically.

I can also configure it to post within posts, and even have flyovers at scheduled times to encourage people to give me +1s.

Now many people will wait till it’s obvious that such a thing is needed. I think I am ahead of the game on this one, and that I will benefit by being an early adapter.

Google’s struck out in the past in its social networking efforts, but I think it’s finally got its act together on this one. This was a cheap purchase, and represents my first step to really getting a handle on +1. But I feel strong enough about it to recommend you consider adding the plug in to your blogs.

It’s Called Viral Plus One

Affiliate Camo – A Great New Plug-in

I’ve been focused on main street marketing lately and will continue to be creating some more videos and pursuing other efforts as well. But I will definately be continuing my blogging.

I have had some recent success promoting the new street fighter program which is opening today.  I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.

But today I want to share a new free software tool I came across from Matt Callen called Affiliate Camo.  It offers Link cloaking and conversion tracking as a plug in for wordpress blogs.

It is simple to set up and is a powerful tool that will protect you from commission thieves and provide you with great intelligence on which of your links are most effective.

There is a one time upgrade that I recommend you give serious thought to. I starts with a $7 day trial and has some significant viral advantages for early adapters.

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Plug In Update Tweet My Blog Change Required

Just yesterday, I posted here an interview I did with Mike Paetzold.  I mentioned that Mike was my “Go To” guy on everything wordpress.

Like everything these days, things change, and just today, Mike puts out an alert that one of the plug in’s I use is about to expire and not be updated to meet new Twitter standards.

So I am spending my day in part updating my blogs.  If you use “Tweet My Blog” you really need to check out Mike’s post today. Go to Tweet My Blog Update

If you missed my interview with Mike you can access it here:

Mike Paetzold Interview

Mike outlines not only what the issue is but has a suggestion to replace the functionality and explains just how to install it.

That’s why, I recommend him to you.

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Blogging PlugIns- Which Ones to Use.

While I have been blogging for a while now, I am far from an expert.  Luckily, I have run into Mike Paetzold who is as good a blogger as any I have encountered so far online. I have learned a lot from him and monitor a couple of his blogs on a regular basis.

In a new posting today, on his Word Press Made Easy Blog, he offers a list of the plug ins he uses.  This is an important topic and I wanted to share it with you.  Plug ins are powerful and can seem mysterious as well to those just getting started in blogging.

I will be going through his list of plug ins and comparing it to the ones I am currently using.  You may want to do so as well.

However, you need not follow his list blindly. I will be not be changing one for sure.  I prefer the audio manager plugin for pod casts to the one he uses.  That’s not to take anything away from his list though. Different plugins work differently on different themes. That ads to the Joy/frustration of Plug ins, but it is the real world.  So you will need to experiment.

You can find his list at: http://wptutorial.com/blog/information/plugins-i-am-using-right-now While you are there you may want to do yourself a favor and sign up to his list. He will reward you with a good ebook, called Blog Tracker thats worht $37. More importantly, you will find that Mike is a valuable resource if you are blogging on a regular basis. And you should be.