Teleconferencing is a Powerful Tool, but when it goes badly…

Teleconferencing is a powerful tool, but when it goes badly it can ruin your day, and even lose you customers and clients as well as immediate business.

One of the top teleconference providers is Ric Raddatz. I’ve used his prior company without any problems, but that wasn’t true of everyone. Not that Ric’s system was faulty, the occasional problems were true of all conference systems. Ric has identified the 7 most significant problems and designed his new service to specifically deal with each of them.

I signed up and will be announcing my upcoming teleconferences soon. One will be aimed at the Search engine optimization topic we have been dealing with here for the last few weeks. The other will be aimed at one of my niche markets, the Home staging industry.

The teleconference system will record these teleconferences, and with a bit of editing, I will be able to turn the conference into an audio product I can sell or give away or include as a bonus. I can also get the audio transcribed into text and have a written version that I can edit and reuse in the same manner.

Imagine a one hour tele-seminar can be re-purposed into a product much quicker than if I were to try to write it out in long hand. Think about that. And then grab your own account with Nconnect.

Here’s a five step process to get started.

  1. Signup for 30 day trial membership
  2. Mark a date on your calendar for your first conference
  3. Write up a simple outline of 3-10 key points on the topic of your choice
  4. Publicize the event to your list, customers, students, friends etc.
  5. Do it.

Doing a teleconference is nothing more than talking on the phone. You can do it naked and no one would know. Pick a topic, organize your thoughts, and recruit an audience.