Business Tip: Subscribers and Followers Don’t Mean Anything! (Intro To Local Video Marketing)

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Business Tip: Subscribers and Followers Don
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A Simple Video Marketing Strategy You Can Create For 5 Dollars A Day

Business Owners: Get the Free Magnetic Marketing Course & Report Here $97 Value

A Simple Video Marketing Strategy You Can Create For 5 Dollars A Day
A Simple Video Marketing Strategy You Can Create For 5 Dollars A Day.
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Could your business benefit from a Cheap & Professional Email Marketing System?

How Brands Can Make the Most Out of Christmas Video Marketing

Business Owners: Get the Free Magnetic Marketing Course & Report Here $97 Value

How Brands Can Make the Most Out of Christmas Video MarketingIt’s that time of year again when many of the biggest brands in retail are launching their Christmas video campaigns. We take a look at how UK retailer John Lewis has captured the hearts and minds of consumers (with #BusterTheBoxer), and how other brands can squeeze the most out of their holiday ads.
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Could your business benefit from a Cheap & Professional Email Marketing System?

Prevent Ice Dams in Litchfield MN

The best way to deal with Ice Dams is to prevent them from happening in the first place, says Nate Rozelle of Above All Insulation of Delano, Mn.

Nate company specializes in Ice Dam Prevention, by installing appropriate levels of insulation and ventilation in area homes from the West Metro area of Minneapolis to St Cloud and towns along the Hwy 12 corridor from Delano to Litchfield and on to Wilmar, MN

He offer professional installation with an eye to quality service at an economical price. Call Nate for a free quote at 320-209-7606.

St Cloud MN Ice Dam Prevention Resource & Video

Nate Rozelle of Above All Insulation is a hero in the fight against Ice Dams.

Every year, ice dams cost Minnesota home owners Millions of dollars in needless repairs.

If only they had invested in adequate insulation and proper ventilation.

Now is the best time to take action, Nate claims. Call Him at 320-209-7606 for a free quote.

I created this video for him as part of his marketing efforts to help St Cloud Minnesota people prevent ice dams.




Ice Dam Prevention Wilmar, MN Video

Ice Dams do a ton of damage every year throughout Minnesota, including the Wilmar area.

The key to protecting your property is to take preventative action, which simply requires adequate insulation and proper ventalation

You can get a great bid on that type of work from my friend Nate Rozelle of Above All Insulation. 320-209-7606

I have created a quick video for his business here:

Garment Clothing Rack Video Experiment

This post is primarily an experiment to see if I can retroactively boost the ranking of a video that I created some time ago.

The video was a screen capture review of a Squidoo Page I made promoting a variety of Garment Storage Rack Options Available from Amazon.

My goal was to earn commissions from sales as an Amazon affiliate. It has turned out to be one of my more successful Squidoo efforts in that regard, and my goal was to boost that.

On the day I am posting this, the video below is ranked number 98 for the term Garment Clothing Rack in the list of Videos on Google.  As such it is unlikely to drive a lot of traffic to my Garment Racks Clothing Racks Squidoo lens:

Garment Clothing racks review of options available from Amazon with buyers tips and display of three basic style options. Also current hot deals as well as accessories that would be of interest to people looking for a Garment or Clothing rack for home of commercial use.

This video is

and was created to lead people to so they can review their options when shopping for a clothing rack or garment rack of clothing racks or garment racks.



Ice Dam Prevention Minnetonka MN

Just posted a new video for a new client specializing in ice dam prevention. In this case we are focusing on getting his video to rank in the City of Minnetonka. Minnetonka has about 50,000 residents so a good sized suburb and yet should be relatively easy to rank for on the term “Ice Dam Prevention.”

It’s now the next day, and I have returned from my morning Toastmasters Meeting. I was pleased to see that not only did the new video show up on the first page of Google already, it was the top item. All in just 19 Hours.

Video for Local Passport Photo Client

One of my local clients is the Postal Dispatch Business Center in Bloomington MN. They offer a wide range of services, too numerous to capture them all on their Google Plus Local Page listing.

One of their services is the taking of passport photos. While this is minor part of their business, it is not insignificant.

As a business service center, they hope to bring people to their location for one service and then once a relationship is established, bring them back for additional services over and over again.

The easiest way to promote such services turns out to be via Video. As shown below, I created a video featuring their Passport Photo service but also mentioning their other services as well.

Using a variety of techniques, I will get this video to rank on the first page of Google results for anyone in the area who searches for “passport photos.” There are relatively few competitors actively competing for this market so it should be relatively easy.

The take away I wish to share here is that sometimes it may be easier to rank for a smaller service and use that as a leader to bring prospects to your business. Of course, you still need to get the video seen, so you want to learn how to properly get it ranked. If you need help with that, contact me directly at enetwal @

Video Marketing – an Example Of How I Do It

In the example I am using today, we will market Garment or Clothes Racks that are available for sale on

I could buy a URL and set up a domain name with Garment Clothes Rack or similar keywords in the URL, and do a wordpress blog on the topic. But instead I am going to set up a Squidoo page because I am cheap and it doesn’t cost anything.

In addition, Squidoo already has authority in Google’s eyes. a lot more than a brand new website and blog would so I am a bit ahead of the game, and as I said it was free.

So I created

I then used screen capture software to in essence create a video of the Squidoo lens and posted it on YouTube.

When I set up the Youtube video I took some steps to optimize it so it would rank hihger in the YouTube search engine. One of the additional steps I took was embeding it here on my blog. YouTube likes to see their videos embedded on websites and blogs and if you do ecverything else right, just this one step can help a lot in getting it ranked for your keyword.

Which keyword, in this case the following: Garment Clothing Racks with the link going to the YouTube Video rather than the Squidoo page.

I have competition for this particular keyword, so in addition to the above, I have been sending backlinks, mostly in the form of bookmarks to the youtube video as well.

My hope is to eventually get it to rank not only on the top of YouTube for the term Garment Clothing Racks but also have it show up on the first page of the regular Google Search.


Bad Reviews Can Kill Your Business

Bad reviews can kill your business.

Now none of us is perfect, and we will occasionally blow it. It’s being human. But sometimes, we don’t deserve the bad review.

Check out the blog post on a new website called Get My Phone to Ring. It talks about a bad review from a disgruntled employee. But even better it leads to a free webinar that explains in detail what to do about it.

Halloween Tools for Profit

Halloween is the second most lucrative holiday for online marketers after Christmas.

Time is getting short, but you can still grab a serious opiece of change if you take action soon. The best deal, I’ve found so far this year is one offered by the Wacky gang.

Currently on a dime sale with the starting price that is super low. I grabbed it myself and have put up a Squidoo lens with some of the info on Women’s Halloween Costumes

But that is underselling the info in this package. You get a series of web templates, five individual reports you can sell or giveaway with links to amazon products (I adapted this to my Squidoo lens) and a bunch of articles you can use on your blogs, web sites etc.

There’s barely over a month before Halloween…
got your Halloween websites ready to earn for you?

The Wacky Gals have put together a Halloween
“Treat Bag” for you…

You get everything you need to start cashing in
on all the Halloween sales that are starting:

* Website Templates and WordPress Themes
* 5 Top Halloween Product Reports with MRR
* Minisite To Sell The Reports
* 15 Halloween Articles
* 10 Top Affiliate Programs

And right now you can grab it ALL at a DIMESALE
price, so don’t sit on the fence…

Head over and grab yours now:

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Are you graphically challenged?

Are you graphically challenged?
You’re not alone. Many people have difficulty when it comes to creating quality graphics for their web sites and other online properties.
That’s why I recommend people invest in a solid package of pre-built graphics they can use as needed, when needed.
Here’s a good one you can start with that’s really inexpensive and will get you off to a good start.
Grab it now, so you will have it when you need it.
I’ve used various packages myself in the past.  This one is about as cheap as they come.  As such this is great for those who prefer not to pay $100 and hour or so for a graphics artist to design their pages.
Now if you have a high priced product or a high profile site you want to knock the socks off visitors, you should really consider hiring professional artists. But for most run of the mill projects a set of graphic tools like this is more than adequate to the task.

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Local Mobile Fusion

If you are at all interested in working with local based businesses as a consultant, I must highly recommend a recent release that will be closing its doors in a few days. Local Mobile Fusion.

I bought it and am working through its many videos with my son, with who I have newly recruited to be a local internet marketing consultant with me.

It’s been the best $99 I’ve spent in some time. The course is worth well more than that. It consists of a core course of some 10 videos which by themselves are worth the $99, but they are just the beginning. The course includes a ton of highly valuable addition items including a marketing power point you can use to promote your services, print material and check lists and dozens of supplemental videos to cover the nitty gritty of important aspects that others would gloss over, plus hours of useful Q&A and live Q&A plus top quality support.

And secrets of the trade, that will save you money, and more importantly make you money.

As I’ve said for some time now, most small business web sites stink. There’s many reasons for that, and you can make a difference for those you want to help, and they will be happy to pay you well for what you will be able to do for them once you have mastered the material in this course. And let me tell you, with all the info and support contained here, you will be able to do a lot for them – because things are changing at this very moment in the local internet marketing world, and most people haven’t caught on yet.

I will write more about the hows and whys in due course, but as it’s Christmas eve, eve, I don’t have time now. Local Mobile Fusion will be closing on Tuesday, Dec 29 at midnight.

If the idea of being a local internet marketing consultant appeals to you at all, you owe it to yourself to grab this course, even if you are already in the field, maybe especially so.

Dramatic changes have occurred in the past few weeks and a huge new shift will take hold over the coming 18 months. Now is the time to make hay.

Do yourself a favor and get on the cutting edge this now, before you loose the opportunity to pick up this material this inexpensively.

I have learned a lot, already and I am not really through my entire first pass at the material. If ever there was a package that over delivered, this is it.

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Check Out This Week’s Special Offers

Check Out This Week’s Special Offers

Video continues to grow in importance. As it does you want the best tools to incorporate it into your blogs, products and other presentations. Fortunately this is getting easier and more sophisticated with tools like the easy video player.

Did you read Anik Singal’s free 158 Page eBook yet? He shows how you can build to $32 Million in sales and more.

Eventually, and the sooner the better, you want to build a virtual team to get stuff done. In this free video, you will learn how to select members of that team.

Empire Formula

Facebook is the rising to the top. There are ton’s of instant guru’s pushing products on the topic. I recommend James Noble.

He’s an actual expert on business use of Facebook, having done so for many of the top brands in Europe. He knows his stuff.

In this free video, he shows you mistakes to avoid and how to prevent your business Facebook account from getting banned!

Whether now or in the future, you will need to master Facebook. Take the time now to learn some of the don’t do’s so you will be better able to profit with the To Do’s when the time comes. This is Video 2 in a series.


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By the way, the best currently open Giveaway is the EPIC.
Check it out and grab some good free stuff you can use today!

Upcoming Giveaway:

Stephaine Mulac is Helping Guido Nussbaum Make This Year’s “The HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY” an even better event. This was my first giveaway just two years ago. That event started my list building in earnest. It’s spooky but it’s worked. Sign-up and Contribute your best freebie and get your list growing.

Halloween Giveaway


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My Top Pick for Essential Tool

This is the keyword tool I use, but it is far more than a keyword tool. I use it to identify competition in a given market. It helps me determine whether or not to pursue the niche and gives me a good idea of what it will take to dominate that market.

Sign up for free and spend some time watching the tutorial videos so you can fully appreciate the power Market Samuari will provide you. It’s been particularly valuable to my “Main Street Marketing” efforts.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

Be sure to take the extensive tutorials so you learn it’s full potential.

Finally, a quick free report to download: Affiliate Marketing Ideas You can just read it; or if you want resell it; or give it away; or turn it into a viral report of your own.

To learn how to create your own viral reports be sure to go to Viral PDF Generator.


Anik Singal – 0 to $32 Million Free Ebook

If you are going to set goals, and you should, it doesn’t hurt to set them high.

To many of us fall into the trap of setting “easy” or “attainable goals.”  These are easy to reach and we don’t have to sweat a lot.  Not the way to play the game.

Of course, if you set unrealistic goals, they are the equivalent of no goals. You don’t believe them possible so you don’t worry about failing.  In fact you may as well not even try.

This paradox is one reason you should grab this new eBook by Anik Singal.   He’s actually gone from 0 to $32 million in sales in about 6 years.  While $32 million may seem like an unattainable goal, he breaks his progress down into 6 steps.

Now his first step is a big one. Zero to $300,000 but as you will see, it’s not imponderable. He’s done it and shows how. Once you see that, and then watch as he assembled the rest of his empire, you will begin to see what is possible.  And that’s far more powerful than fearing the problems and issues that face your life today.

Get your free copy today:  Signup here now: Free Ebook

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