How I Use ezArticleLink – A Practical Guide

Just a quick heads up on ezArticleLink, the price for Gold Membership will be going up soon, ie on September 16. If you are considering upgrading your free Silver membership to Gold do so now.

The key to success online is to outsource as many tasks as possible and yet retain control over quality.  Article Marketing is an excellent way to build backlinks which in turn is the primary way to raise your various web properties in the search engine results. We want to get top ranking because that gets us free traffic we do not need to pay for and even better, keeps that traffic coming week after week, and year after year – if we mind out p’s & q’s.

But some one has to write those articles, someone should spin those articles and then you need to get them distributed widely to generate those backlinks and not just to no name sites, but sites that have some real link juice to matter to Google.

Now some people say they can write articles in 5-10 minutes. It takes me an hour minimum.  So while I still do write a fair number of articles myself, I have taken to using services like or even fiverr and I’ve been advised that 99centarticles is also a good resource for getting articles written.

My favorite is Needanarticle, but it has a monthly subscription fee that while low, may make the others a better choice for those of you who tend to dabble a bit.

Once you have an article or say 5, (I like to do chunks of five articles) the next step is to spin them. One of the best spinners out there is called TheBestSpinner which I use in conjunction with SEONuke a highpower backlink software tool, that is in the advanced category and relatively expensive.

I can use that tool to quickly generate spun copies of articles and while speedy, it does tend to result in some convoluted articles with a bit of pidgeon English or worse.

If I want a cleaner and more readable spun article, I go to ezArticleLink.  The spinner here requires more hands on effort, but after a bit of experience using it, I’ve been able to spin articles in about 15 minutes.

The results actually read well and I am not embarrassed to put my name to them, which I consider a real plus.

Now while 15 minutes doesn’t seem like too much to devote, I have largely switched to letting ezArticleLinks cadre of spinners do the work for me.  For $3 and article They will spin the article in a day or so. I then post the article, and it starts building backlinks to my chosen site using the three keywords I have designated per article. As a Gold member I am guaranteed 300 such backlinks dripped over time, whcih is nice because it is more natural and less likely to upset the Google gods.

As a Gold member, I also get 100 bonus links for every article I post which I can direct to any site I choose, whether I have it set up on ezArticleLink or not.

So the equation now looks like thsi for me. I buy five articels for about $30 +/- put them on ezArticleLink and get them to do the spinning for another $15 for five articles for a total outlay of about $45. From that I get at least 2000 backlinks that I can direct to sites that I want to rank on the search engines that are dirpped out over time. Better yet as a gold member the articles keep getting added to more and more sites well beyond the 300 minimum for an indefinite period which means that my site will continue to get new backlinks long into the future which will help keep in on the top of the rankings.

If I am in a highly competitive niche that needs more backlinks, I just run another set of five article s every month or two until I dominate the niche.

This is certainly not the only way to do this. But it is an effective way, that is relatively cheap and very effective.

If you are starting out and on a limited budget, you can of course join for free, write you own article and spin them yourself.  I thinks everyone should do this at first actually so you learn what and how the system works. But as you pick up some cashflow, it make sense to focus on building your business and not doing these more mundane tasks. This is a lesson some of us do it ourselvers need to learn. It took me far to long to move to this model of subbing out tasks, and acting as a general contractor, but I promise you it is the way to go. And ezArticleLink is a great tool to have to get your backlinking done.

Check it out.

PS: I will tell you it took me some effort to learn the esArticleLink system when I first started. They have tutorial videos, but I needed to really focus on them to get properly set up at first. If you have trouble – do persist. You will get it and it will pay off for you once you master the system

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