Learning about HTML – HTML Tutorial for Beginners

In high school some multiple decades ago, I learned a bit of Spanish, I was even president of my High School Spanish Club. Now what I retain today is just a smattering of words, enough to get me by looking for the bathrooms etc. So when traveling, my best bet remains to carry a Spanish English dictionary.

The same is kind of true with my internet experience and my lack of familiarity with the basic HTML. As time has passed, I’ve mastered most of the basics that I need to set up and make changes to web sites, and related HTML documents. But in the beginning, I found myself constantly googling for help every time I needed to remember some code to insert an email or create a bulleted list.  It was a hunt and peck way of learning about html.

Now Google is great, but it sometimes took me two or three listings to actually find what I needed. Then a few weeks later, I would need to search it all over again as I lost my short term memory some time ago.

Eventually, I came across a useful summary of the main basics of HTML that focused on the essentials. That was many years ago now, but I still from time to time find myself digging out my copy which I keep near my computer.

For me, it is easier to find something from a printed manual, and that’s what I did. I bought the report and then printed out the back portion of it because I am too cheap to print the whole thing. This has been a lifesaver for me for years now and I have since shared this same volume with hundreds of people.  The book by Terry Jett is called HTML in Simple Terms.

I don’t know that this is the best volume on the topic, but it has been everything I have needed and may be all you need as well.

I think it is a solid html tutorial for beginners. If you have found yourself searching for some HTML “how to”  information you may well want to grab a copy for yourself.  You can get your own copy and begin learning html basics in no time by going to http://www.askearlabout.com/html-in-simple-terms/index.html

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