Session 2 of Extraordinary Minds Was Great!

Have you been listening in?

Last night was the second session of the League of Extraordinary Minds, and what a great two hours it was.

I think of myself as a pretty rational fellow, but after last night I can clearly see why some of my marketing materials built around that rational approach are not doing as well as I would like.

Because as we all know people are not rational, they are primarily emotional. And more importantly they buy emotionally.

I learned a lot and took a lot of notes. Too many to duplicate here, and frankly I don’t think I could do justice to all the material.

If you haven’t been on the calls, let me tell you gently – you’re loosing out.  These conversations are being turned into paid products, and they will be avidly sought after, because of the caliber of the insights delivered.

Now last night I picked up on a couple of threads that really will make a difference to me, once I wrestle them into action in my efforts. You may have walked away with completely different insights, appropriate to your situation.

That’s what so wonderful about this exercise. So much is communicated, from so many different sources everyone listening is likely to find different aspects specific to their individual situation.

Last night I got a great tip on bullet points in a sales letter.  I now understand that the most important point goes in the first bullet, and the most provocative or curiosity inducing point goes in the last bullet.

Nice tidbit I will apply to my next sales letter. But if you don’t write sales letters you may have been more impressed with the idea that loss is more powerful than gain. And that you will get more action if failing to act will cost a prospect $20 vs another offer where the prospect stands to gain the very same $20.

Or that it is better to focus on three main points in greater detail in a presentation, than on four or more points in less detail.

But while all of these are useful to me, I am sure other people took away many other ideas relevant to their situation.

There are 7 more sessions left in the series, with the next this coming Thursday at 8PM your time no matter where you are in the world.  If you sign up at League of Extraordinary Minds, you can get the link for each of the coming sessions.

Now once they are done, these sessions will be sold, so there are no replays allowed.  If you want to get it on the cheap you really need to register, and then show up on the calls.  I promise you, it’s been well worth the time and effort.

The tools, tactics and concepts presented apply to all types of businesses, not just online.  So make a point of taking advantage of this valuable freebie.  You won’t regret it.

By the way, the first session was ranked number 8 on Alexa during the first broadcast last week.  I haven’t heard about last nights but it was probably equally high. What that means to you, is that not only are a lot of people listening in world wide, it’s quite possible that you main competitors were as well.

Be sure you don’t miss out on the rest of the series.   Register now at League of Extraordinary Minds.

“Is That All There Is?”

How many times have we asked that question?

You know what I’m talking about. You buy into the latest and greatest marketing or business building course, even though it’s stretching your budget to the limit.

But that’s okay, because this one promises to be the ONE…the single element you’ve been missing that can take you over the top and make you the smashing success in your niche.

So you dive into the content, devouring all the CDs and DVDs and workbooks and cheat sheets and whatever else they threw in there…

And when you’re finally finished, you look up from this pile of promise and think to yourself:

“Is that all there is”?

Truth be told, most of these business-in-a-box type of programs do leave a lot to be desired.

Yes, they’ll help you build a business and market your products. But there’s always some pieces missing from the puzzle…pieces that are crucial to your business success.

Sound familiar?

I know it does for me. I’ve got thousands of dollars worth of marketing and business building products collecting dust in my closet.

And while they were all helpful, I was never able to put it all together and make it work for my business. There was always something missing.

Well, now there’s good news. Marketing and business masterminds Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren have felt our pain. And they’re doing something about it.

They’ve put together something called the League of Extraordinary Minds. And it’s going to forever change the way we get business and marketing advice.

Inside the League of Extraordinary Minds are 54 of the world’s leading authorities on a variety of business aspects, from marketing to product development to business growth–and everything in between.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill biz consultants here. These are the people who have pioneered the most successful business and marketing concepts in the world today….the experts that TEACH those who teach us.

We’re talking household names like Tony Robbins, Jay Conrad Levinson, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Michael Gerber, Robert Cialdini, and dozens of others–all in one place and all waiting patiently to help your business.

There’s no big box of business theory to plod through. No hoping that this is the “one”. And no more of that sense of unfulfilled expectations.

With the League of Extraordinary Minds, you’re hearing direct from the very finest experts in their field…the same people that Fortune 100 companies pay $250,000 PER DAY just to get their attention.

(Yeah, that’s how potent these consultants’ techniques, tactics, and strategies are when it comes to changing the fortunes of a company–be it startup or multi billion-dollar producer)

But here’s the best part…

You can get inside the League of Extraordinary Minds and suck up the wisdom and knowledge of these world-renowned experts for an entire 6 weeks…

And it won’t cost a cent.

I don’t know how Jay and Rich did it. They must have called in some MAJOR favors. But they got all 54 of these powerhouse game-changers to waive their monster fees and help your business for gratis.

So as you can see, it’s really a no-brainer to get inside the League. It’s simply the best (not to mention affordable) decision you’ll ever make for your business.

And I guarantee that you’ll NEVER come away with that “not quite full” feeling. ;)

Go here to get signed up NOW. The first call kicks off on Thursday, you don’t want to miss it.