iSocial Academy Preparing to Launch

Here’s a ground floor opportunity for those who may be looking for a game plan to turn social media into a paying proposition.

Austin Walsh, is preparing to open the iSocial Academy next month and is lining up affiliates as I write this. If you are looking for a continuity program that sends you monthly checks this may be just what you are looking for.

The entire social marketing world is growing so rapidly, it’s difficult to keep up. I don’t know about you, but I belong to more social networks than I can shake a stick at, many of which I frankly don’t fully understand. And while I have made a serious effort to learn how to use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, my skills on many of the others is pretty limited.

Now my guess is that what I consider the big three above will be the primary emphasis of this new iSocial Academy, I understand that they will be teaching a broader use of Social Media.

More importantly, they will be focusing on some power tools and approaches that are designed to leverage the media in less time and for greater benefit.

I mention all this today, because you may want to get involved as an affiliate. This is a two tier system, so I am interested in finding a group of sub affiliates to work the program with me.

One of the promised features of the affiliate program is a series of ongoing training seminars for affiliates. I like that. It’s one thing to teach and talk about affiliate marketing in the abstract. It’s much more productive to learn by doing.

Since this is a course on social media, it’s safe to say that the size of your list is not the key criteria for success. So even if you have a little – or no list – if you are willing to take action and make things happen for yourself, I encourage you to sign up and make this your project for September.

There is an affiliate training session set for next Tuesday August 31.
Sign up today, and plan on attending.

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