Guaranteed Online Success???

Is it possible to promise guaranteed online success?

No, not really. Unless the person making the guarantee actually also does the work for you. And why would they?

So I have a bit of a problem with this new promotion from several of my online friends, Shane, Sean and Roy.

That said, I still feel comfortable suggesting that you sign up for their mentoring program. We all need mentors, just which type of mentor depends on where we are in our own online education.

If you are relatively new to internet marketing, these guys may be just what you are looking for. You should definitely check out their offer. Even if you have made some significant progress online they may still be worth an investment.

The free bonuses they are offering, just to get you to sign up for their early bird list are well worth the time to download and use. You will get a very good idea from these freebies they are offering as to whether or not their main offer will be worth your time.

Go there now, by clicking on the click bank “proof” page below and sign up for the early bird notice and grab the freebies. You will have until next Thursday Oct 28th to decide if you want to pop for the product when it opens. If you don’t, you won’t need to do anything at all, so there is absolutely no risk at all. In the meanwhile spend some time on the gifts and make them work for you.

Afterall, if you really want guaranteed success online, you need to do the main part which is Taking Action. Do it now.

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Make Money Online Fall Training Session Opens Monday

The school year is now in full swing and the kids are back at it, but should you be as well?

Education is a lifelong process, and it is especially important if you are looking for a way to supplement, or replace your current or lost income due to the economic realities of the day.

It’s been many years now since I made the decision to work for myself, and to do so at home in my basement dungeon office.  And while it’s been a struggle now and again, I’ve got to tell you,  I can’t imagine going back to the old routine of the typical JOB. (sorry for using profanity.)

Now I took the slow road to learning internet marketing.  I largely taught myself, and while cheaper, it took a lot longer than it should have.  It wasn’t until I started finding reliable mentors that I was able to make any real progress.  The first of which was Bob the Teacher.  I like Bob and highly recommend his training.  His C-panel course is one of my top affiliate products, because I constantly pitch it because it did so much for me personally.  These days I recommend his IM Success Library to newbies as a great way to learn the different key skills.

Bob’s big strength and in my opinion his biggest weakness is his step by step patient coverage of each and every detail.  This comes from his background as a high school teacher, and is great if you are really new to things and unsure of yourself.  After a while though, when you know a fair amount already it gets a bit too slow and plodding for impatient sorts like myself.

I eventually found Doug Champigny, whose approach is altogether different.

Rather than slow and steady, he is must faster paced.  Earlier this year he started his Power Start 2010 training sessions, and even though I had already mastered a fair amount of this internet stuff, I found myself gasping for air as he plowed through a ton of material in a 4 week course.  Now the great part of this approach is that you have the videos and can always go back to them. And you don’t need to waste a ton of time on the topics you already know.

I found myself reviewing one of the videos earlier this week as I set up a new blog. By now I’ve set up quite a few blog sites, but I found his walking through the set up of plug ins and settings to be valuable way to double check that I didn’t forget anything important.

I need to go back to spend time on the video and podcasting sessions as well, but that’s another story.

I mention all this because next week, Doug is starting up the last session of the course for 2010. He has mercifully stretched the material out to an 8 week course, and has also added a significant additional material on affiliate marketing.

If you have already gotten your feet wet and yet know you have some serious holes in your internet education, I would highly recommend you consider signing on with Doug.  He is my mentor of choice these days and can offer you a significant education in a short period of time.  You need to be prepared to dig in and be prepared for a teaching style that treats you as an adult.

If you are still tentative about your own ability to learn this stuff, skip Doug and check into Bob the Teacher.  His approach is also valid, and will get you where you need to go, but in a much gentler manner.

There is a ton of stuff to learn before you can really stand on your own online, despite all the easy button programs out there.  If you aspire to be an independent home based internet marketer, who can actually do much of this stuff without having to run to others to help you every other second, you will need to learn a lot of stuff.  Once you do, you will be able to write your own ticket.  And if you choose, you can still outsource it to others.

Next Monday starts the final session of his coaching program for this year – the 8 week course will run through October and November, and the students will most certainly be ready for 2011, ready to make major strides online.

During that 8 weeks you’ll learn everything you need to know to go from wherever you are right now to as far as you want to take it online…

You will llearn how to set up blogs, MRR products, PLR products,write articles, create e-books, drive traffic, do audio and video, social media marketing and more.  Not only will you know how to do them, you will actually have already DONE all that by the end of the course.

You’ll see by the video testimonials on the site, including one from me, that the classes benefit anyone from the complete newbie to those already doing OK online who want to do that much better.

There’s even an option to spread the tuition over 3 months, even though the course is just two months.

Doug and his wife Teri have been at this full-time for over a dozen years now. Prior to that they had their own ad agency.  They really ARE professional marketers, not some of the young kids who offer coaching after 6 months online themselves.

If you’re ready to get serious, ready to take your online biz to the next level, tired of struggling and getting nowhere and really want to make 2011 your best year yet, be sure to get enrolled today at: PowerStart Coaching Program

Remember, this is the LAST time this course will be offered this year – don’t miss out!

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