The Micro Business Specialist On the Hot Seat

Well I admit it.  I’m a little nervous about an interview I am doing next Tuesday at 1PM EDT with Henry Gold.

I am one of 35 internet marketers Henry is interrogating as part of his “Destroy Gurus” program.  I’m hoping you will listen in to give me some moral support.

I’m not sure I like this “Destroy” idea. He’s talking about ripping into us with tough but fair questions. Kind of disconcerting.

Henry’s ultimate goal is positive however.  His hope is that this series of interviews will help new and established marketers pick up some useful tips.

As many of you know, I believe in this concept of learning from others. That’s why I did my Blog Talk Radio series I called Yearlings.  If you listened in to any of them, you know that such interviews can be packed with actionable information.

I expect to have the 7 interviews I did packaged into a product by the end of this month, although I am having to learn some new skills in the process of creating it. I encourage you to keep an eye out for my product, but in the meantime please listen in to the Henry’s Destroy Gurus series.

You need to sign up for it, but don’t worry its free.  Just go to

Doing interviews like this is just one of 7 ways I know of to create information products.  And in many ways it’s the easiest.  I describe all seven in one of the modules of my 8 part Internet Marketing Intensive series.

As part of Henry’s Destroy Guru’s program I am offering the module on Information Product Creation as a free gift. So if for no other reason sign up so you can grab this for yourself.

Now finally, the selfish reason I have for asking you to attend my interview is that Henry’s got a contest going for the 35 of us involved.  People who listen to the interviews will be asked to vote on the value of the content we provide. I’m hoping you will not only listen, but give me your vote.

I will do my best in return to offer useful material based on my experience to date.

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Information Product Creation: Ghost Writers

Getting a ghost writer to create your information product for you is a great idea if you do not have the time or skills to do a great job yourself. In the video below I provide some practical tips on the process.

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Info Product Creation: Interviewing Experts

One of my favorite ways to create a product for sale or giveaway is to do an interview with experts or others with a special point of view.  If you have been following my Blog Talk Radio series caller Yearlings, you will know that the interviewee need not be world famous.  Yet if you try you would be surprised how many famous people you can actually get to participate in an interview – if you ask.

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What’s it all about, Alfie?

For Baby Boomers of my age, the title will resonate a little.  I wanted to take a little diversion and discuss just what the economic act was we are engaged in as internet marketers.   We are gatherers and distributors of information to a needy public. We deliver what we do, just when the public needs it, which is defined as when they are looking for it.

We gather information in various niches and reshape it, edit it, convert it to ebooks, videos and podcasts and more.  Then when someone who is looking for information buys our ebook, we are fulfilling and economic need and engaging in an economic act.

How we assemble the raw materials of the content, is less important than the act of actually getting it to them.

I take this diversion and make this little fuss, because there are still some who somehow find private label material to be somehow less perfect way of doing things.  Instead, PLR or any other content source you use is fair game if your objective is to satisfy the end users need for information. And that it the economic function you play.

Now this doesn’t mean you disregard the intellectual property and copyrights of others. But it does mean you can feel extremely ethical when you are acquiring research and other content and using them as you see fit – when you use them according to the specific rights you obtain for them.

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Reaping the Wealth of the Public Domain

We have inherited the wisdom passed down through the ages.  And much of that knowledge is relevant today.  Within the United States, material published prior to 1923 is generally considered to be in the “public domain.”  Or in essence public knowledge which you may use any way you want.  You may even reuse it word for word and claim authorship. Even though the Bible is certainly in the “Public Domain,”  I wouldn’t suggest that you claim authorship.

There may be veins of gold worth exploring in any number of niches.  Listen to the video I cut for more info including a good free resource you will want to know about.

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Using Video for Infromation Product Creation

In the last session on Product Creation we discussed audio, which is nice an easy and quick.  Video requires a bit more to edit, and frankly I just do small shots so I can re-record when I need to.  Eventually, I and you will need to get more professional but for the time being quick and dirty videos can grab and hold attention, communicate yourself as a real person and create a more valuable learning platform combining visual with aural and in the case of powerpoint based videos that power of reading to the learning process.

Out society has grown up watching TV so the video format is clearly a widely accepted way to share information as I try to do in today’s video on video.

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Creating Audio Information Products

I like creating audio products, its easy to do, and easy to edit.  I like the free audacity tool for recording.   It took me a while to figure out a few things and I don’t know what I don’t know, but it produces good results. Just Google for Audacity.  You might want to search for a quick start guide, although I figured it out without directions…eventually

There are full featured products in the $200 range that will permit you some additional capabilities, but I see no reason not to start with Audacity.

I record, edit and export as an MP3 that can be downloaded and listened to anywhere.  It’s a great way to reach people who listen to  information while jogging, or driving or relaxing.  As such it’s a podcast that reaches the aural audience.

Audio recording are also a great tool for writing a blog post, report or major book.  Once you create your outline, you speak your copy.  You can edit as needed and even rearrange sections.  Once done, you can get it transcribed. It tends to be much quicker than writing.   This approach may allow more of your personality to show in the work and that is usually a good thing.

Just in passing, I should note that I got some useful direction on audio from Doug Champigny when I took his Powerstart 2010 course.  Doug really did a good job with that one.

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Write Your Own Information Product

Of the seven approaches the creating an information product the first and most obvious is to write your own, the old fashioned way.  As I mention in the video below, you do not need to be an English major to write a good and useful information product.

In fact, you may be better off with fewer big words and literary allusions, and stick to the facts with simple clear sentences.

Once created you want to protect your intellectual property by converting your file to a PDF document.  Personally, I use the free Open Office Word Program which allows me to export the file as a PDF with a simple click of a button.

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7 Ways to Create Information Product Content

I’ve identified seven different basic approaches to information product content creation.  These I group into three categories as explained in the brief video below.  The next series of posts will discuss each of these information product content creation strategies in more detail, one by one.

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Do You Want A Job or a Business?

In this third session on product creation, I want to drive home a very simple point.  I do so, because I am guilty of doing this wrong in the past.  When I started my first significant home based business I took my hobby which was a version of stamp collecting and created a job out of it as an eBay marketer.

I thought I had a business, but all I really had was an online tread mill, where I was working long hours getting product scanned, described and listed every day and then packaged and shipped.  Frankly it took the joy out of my hobby and did not lead me where I wanted to be financially.

Thus in today’s video, I want to stress just one point.  You need to be thinking about creating a business online an not a job.

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Affiliate Marketers, You Need to Change

The easiest way to start making money on line for most people is via affiliate marketing. But, if you really want to make significant money you  need to give serious thought to creating your own information product.

In this second video in my Information Product Creation Series I explain some of the reasons why.

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Information Product Creation – an Introduction

I am starting a new series today on Information Product Creation. I intend to do the bulk of this via short videos recorded with my Flip Camera.  The first is below.

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