How To Fix Your Facebook Fan Page

If your facebook fan page just hit the fan, you are not alone.  Probably in excess of 2 million Facebook Fan pages are expected to get clobbered by Facebooks new policy that goes into effect on October 1, 2011.

All eternal apps and i-frame source pages need to be https:// and not merely  http://   This is a big deal.

If your ear’s to the ground and you follow stuff like this, the news isn’t new news. Facebook announced the policy back in February.  But most people either didn’t hear about it at all, figured it didn’t apply to them, or let in go in one ear and out the other, so to speak.

For the month of October, I expect to be doing a lot of Facebook work helping local businesses in the twin cities area get set up on SSL and then working with them to build better Fan Pages altogether.

You could do the same, or even just do your own thing if you are the hands on type of business by using either or both of the two resources I will be using.

The best guide I’ve seen for setting up the SSL certification process is the

==> SSL Facebook Report

Getting set up is not difficult, but it is a multi-step process that includes several small purchases and several interim waiting periods,  that make it a multi-day effort.  As such it is a perfect project for a small business consultant, like me, to handle for businesses that are otherwise focused on running their business and not their facebook fan page.

Now once set up, the next question is how effective the fan page really is in meeting the businesses’ actual goals.  Just like the web sites I’ve written about in the past, most small business Facebook Fan Pages Suck.  Even those done professionally are often deficient in key aspects.  That is where the second tool is invaluable.

==> Instant Facebook Fan Pages

With the Instant Facebook Fan Pages system, what used to be a tedious process is made simple. Like everything, you get better with practice, so while a business may do well by owning and using it themselves, it’s ideally a tool for those who wish to help local businesses get set up on facebook.

Now I will be charging my local clients a $150 introductory fee to get them fixed up on the SSL issue. Most people I know charge around $500 for setting up a facebook page, which is where I typically am as well, although I tend to package it with other services, including an autoresponder setup, ethical bribe generation, and the essential keyword research that is so critical to determining how many and which fan pages to focus on initially.

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Costs of Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is claiming a lot of time from its users, so much so that I sometimes advise my clients to forgo using it at all as it can be a major time suck, if you know what I mean.

The average person spends 55 minutes a day on Facebook, and if you assign Facebook duties to one of your employees, you can count on many of them far surpassing that statistic.  If you are like most business owners, you proba bly don’t have that kind of time to spend there either.

That said, Facebook can be a major tool for many businesses, but you need to learn how to use it wisely.  There are a lot of Facebook Guru’s out there these days, some good and some not so.

As I explain in this brief video, one of the guys I trust is a wet behind the ears kid, but in this case one who knows his stuff.


I recommend you check out his newest offerings. It may help you find a way to not only afford the costs of advertising on Facebook, but actually make it pay big time for you.

Go to

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Making Money With Facebook

Question:   Can you really make a lot of money online with Facebook fan pages?  In just 17 minutes per day?

Well, Austin Walsh has helped celebrities such as Mark Victor Hansen, Gary Goldstein and Stephen Pierce boost their monthly incomes by showing them how to quickly get thousands of Facebook fans.

I found his 17 minutes on facebook hard to believe when I first encountered Austin about a year ago, but found that it was possible to keep myself active on Facebook and more important not wasting a ton of time on it, when I followed Austin’s advice.

Being three times as old as he is, that was a bit of a pill for me, but the kids got his act together, and I’ve learned not to discount him just because of his youth.

Now it may be your turn. Take a look for yourself – I’m told Austin’s Facebook Fans System is only going to be available for a few days at that insanely low
price. So do it now.

You can get a look at it here:

Many people say the bonuses alone are worth the price of the course… especially the video of Austin’s talk he gave at a $1997 seminar. Be sure to check them out.

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Facebook Training & Make A Wish Benefit

The secret to getting the traffic you need to your web site in clearly shifting to the Facebook side of the equation.  And while I use facebook, and have promoted various programs dealing with it, I am far from and expert.

That’s why I am taking part in this Friday’s Black Friday Bootcamp, that been put together by Ryan Deiss.

It costs $7, with the $7 going to the Make a Wish Foundation to help kids with terminal illnesses get a last wish. A great cause, and one I could easily get behind but frankly, I’m interested in the opportunity to hear from Ryan, and the panel he has assembled.

It includes, in addition to Ryan who is no slouch when it comes to Facebook, Kate Buck, Shane Stearns, Laura Betterly and Julian Farley. They will cover, Facebook Ads, Fan Pages, Contests, Mobile and SEO all from a Facebook perspective.

The content will be totally awesome, worth well more than the charitable contribution they are asking. In fact, they intend to sell the recording afterward for in excess of $100.

It starts at 10:00AM CST on Friday. When everyone is out spending up a storm, you could be listening in on one of the most powerful seminars online. A seminar that will help set you up for a far more profitable 2011 because you took the time to get a handle on the new strategies you need to make Facebook your ally, and not just a time waster.

It will be replayed Friday night at 7PM for those unable to participate in the morning and/or want to listen in again.

If that wasn’t enough, Ryan is throwing in his $197 Facebook Adpower Training for free to everyone who signs up for this special event.

Ryan just advised me that they have already raised over $16,000 for the Make a Wish foundation so far. At $7 a head that’s at least 2,285 people who have signed up. So you can see this isn’t just another internet marketing promotion.

Join me and Ryan and the rest of his panel this Friday, learn some powerful new information that we can all bank in the coming year and help the Make a Wish Foundation in the meanwhile.  If you ask me, that’s a great way to spend a portion of your Thanksgiving weekend.

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