Chinese Herbal Medicine site is up – Also new product to share

I have put up my new site on Chinese Herbal Medicine site using the Niche Profits Classroom theme again just like I did to the Aromatherapy site.  I used the PLR package I bought from Doug Champigny, and rewrote key elements of several chapters to serve as my sites main articles.

I used the ten articles provided with the package as the guts of my 10 part mini course, and the eBook as my major download.  I’ve added a resource page to the back of the eBook and have tacked a few referrals on some but not all the mini course.  I have a link in both to my Aromatherapy site and will modify that site to include a link to this one.  I will be writing articles for the article directories for both to drive traffic as well.

Once again this took a bit of work. The most time consuming was rewriting. For each article, I made sure to focus on one or more keywords I had identified using the money word matrix as being at least someone actively searched for but with relatively few resulting pages.  The keyword part wasn’t that difficult, but it just takes time as does the writing in general.

I’ve learned a fair amount about both herbs and aromatherapy in the process. For both projects, I found myself doing additional research online to add material, particularly to the articles.  I am sure I will continue to do that as I write for the article directories.

I also wanted to mention today that I bought a script from Dave Guindon that you may want to check out. It’s only $47 but will be going up after his introductory week so I figured Ishould mention it now, even though I haven’t installed it yet.

Dave is something of  An under-the-radar software developer/marketer.  He has been secretly creating
a script that systematically siphons leads + sales from all his websites!

Exit Splash

BUT, the real impressive aspect of this concept is… Dave figured out a way to increase leads + sales without sending more traffic to his sites!  What a concept! And … a Scary one!

Think about it, right now you are LOSING money from every website you own!  It’s well known that you lose over 95% of your web traffic! But don’t worry, Dave figured out a way to tap into that lost traffic using a very powerful small script anyone can easily implement.  And FINALLY … he decided to reveal his new technology to the world.  Check it out for yourself:

Exit Splash

Dave has been secretly handing out this new script called Exit Splash to fellow online marketers ..and the results have been very impressive to say the least.  One guy increased his lead capture efforts by 325% resulting in ($)4,329 of EXTRA sales!  The crazy part is … he generated those leads and sales from people attempting to LEAVE his website!

You can watch several short customer review videos here:

Exit Splash

PS: Dave Guindon is currently running a special discount and plans to increase the price by at least 40% … so I highly recommend taking a few minutes to see this now: