Do You Hate The New Gmail Tabs? Here’s How To Fix Them

Lot’s of people are not happy with the new tabs on their Gmail Account. The biggest gripes are coming from internet marketers, whose posts are showing up with all the other junk in the “Promotions” tab.

But a lot of us, just plain don’t like the change at all as gmail users.

It is easy to change back to the old system.

3 Easy Steps to Restoring the Single Tab System

Find the Settings Wheel on the top right side of your Gmail Account, Click Configure Inbox, and then if you want it back the old way, unclick everything except “Primary” and Save.




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Easy Way to Do A “Vanity” Email Address

If you have web hosting with a Cpanel control system, (I highly recommend that you do) you can easily set up “Vanity” email addresses and have them redirect to your main email account.

This allows you to create multiple email address without having to log into a lot of different accounts to read your email everyday.

My friend Glen Hopkins created a short video showing how easy it is to set up these vanity accounts.

I typically recommend Host Gator, which is my primary hosting service although I do have others I use for special purposes.

You’re about to experience a Mind Shift

Ready or not, this WILL affect you…

Everything you know about email marketing is about to change. And trust me, ignorance is not bliss. If you miss this it WILL affect you.

Do me a favor and watch this short video from Glen Hopkins because it’s a real wake up call.

Watch The Video Now

If you’ve been marketing online for any period of time then you already know how important your email contact list is.

It’s the most important component of your business! It gives you leverage like nothing else can. Allowing you to contact your customers, drive targeted traffic to promotional offers, set up joint ventures, and much more.

But a lot has changed in the world of email marketing in the last few years. And building a quality, responsive list is getting harder and harder. The same old tactics simply do not work as well they once did.

Yes, prospects are still very interested in getting their hands on your freebies and ethical bribes.

But with email spam and unethical marketers running rampant, people are becoming more and more resistant to sharing their REAL information.

So what do they do? Well, sadly as you know, all to often they enter bogus names and email addresses into your opt-in form just to get their hands on your free gift. Or more likely they have a separate email account they use just for freebies and do not check on a regular basis.

So now you’ve given away some of your best content just to add bogus names and email addresses to your mailing list.  Which of course destroys your email conversion rates and increases your monthly auto-responder fees!

I don’t know about you but that’s what I call a complete waste of time and effort!

And frankly it was really starting to tick me off. I knew something had to be done. There needed to be a new and better way to build quality, highly responsive lists.

Ready or not, the impact IS coming.

So you’re about to experience a ‘mind shift’.

I’m not saying it’s for better or for worse, that depends on what you decide to do.

But this WILL affect you.

At least you’ll know what to do. Most people will be blind sided. That’s why I’m posting this today.

We’re at a cross roads and one path leads to something much bigger, the other is a dead end.

So I hope you take the time to watch this right now…

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