My Secret to Getting Citations for Google Places Pages

In the following video, you will see one of my secrets revealed, and learn a bit about citations and the eventually important dynamic role reviews will play in your businesses future.

I use the resource mentioned to jump start my clients citations, but going beyond that takes more personalized attention over time.

While some of my competitors will hide the resources they use, I am willing to share them with you. If you have the time and know how, you can do this all yourself. If you prefer to let an expert take this function off your hands, I can get it done for you inexpensively.

Google Places SEO & Marketing

Do you have a small business and want your Google Places listing to rank well in the Google Maps 7-Pack?

PS: UBL has raised their prices since this video was first released.

There are other services such as Merchant Circle that do a partial job, but still a good start. Here are some of the places citations go:

These are national citations and while you may wonder why you want to show up on someones in-car navigation, you presence there is a definate plus in the Google Places Ranking game.

What’s missing in these solutions are the local listings from within your community.  For now you will be better of with these citations than with none.  In the future, the prize will go to those who learn how to get in the local directories from within their communities. These will eventually make a big difference.  The best time to prepare for this eventuality is now.  Early adapters with effective programs will gain an insurmountable advantage that will pay off for them for years to come.

I can help your business win the Google Places game now and in the long run. Contact me at to set up a free initial consultation.

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