Well I did the interview…

I enjoyed my interview with Henry Gold last Tuesday.  I hope you had a chance to listen in.

I will admit to wishing for a bit of a do over.  Not sure I was fully prepared for the line of questioning.  It might have been a good idea for me to schedule my interview for a later date. That would have allowed me to listen in on some of the others.

You will be getting regular emails from Henry about each of the upcoming interviews. There are at least 35 of them. Catch as many as you can.  You really will learn more from eavesdropping on these interviews than you will in most eBooks or even some membership sites.

As to the interview I don’t think I had a defined enough of a message for the opportunity. But I did have a chance to ask Henry a Question that I had, and he hit me with a 2X4.

Now I’m not going into the advice he gave me, because it was just that advice for me. But I will tell you, it scrapped the right scab on my business plan.

Now that means that I’ve got a bit of a sore I need to address.  That is the magic of Henry Gold. He identifies the things you need to work on, to be successful.

Now I haven’t revamped everything overnight, but I am acting on the advice I got.

Listen in, perhaps all the other interviews will be different than mine. What I do know though is that at least one person learned something from my interview and that was me.

Listen in to the interviews for free. The final product that gets assembled as a result probably won’t be free. Listen in live for best effect and because you can ask your own questions as well. Register for Destroy Gurus Now:  Click on the Banner.

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