A Visitor is Coming!

Mike Paetzold is conducting a Blog Tour where he will be sitting in as a contributor on a number of blogs including the MicroBusinessSpecialist.

Mike got started blogging in 2003 and has become an expert on using WordPress. He has become known as The WordPress Guy.

After being an under ground niche marketer using his blogs he has surfaced to share some of the ways he uses blogs to enter various niches profitably.

Over the past year, I have learned a lot from Mike. A good portion of which has been wordpress specific.  His Word Press Made Easy blog is one of a handful that I monitor regularly.

But while Word Press and Blogging are his major focus, I am constantly amazed at how much work he produces on a regular basis.  I have been pleased to offer a number of his eBooks and reports over the past year.

In addition to his word press blogs, he has one on PLR and many other niche topics. One is even based on his Turtle tank, where he spins little parables about internet marketing based on the antics of his family’s pet turtles.

He  refers to himself as the Old Bald Guy, and it’s true that he appears to be folically challenged, but he is a no slouch. He believes in taking massive action and isn’t afraid to do some work to get things done.

We haven’t set the exact date and framework for his Blog visit, but I expect it to be in two or three weeks.

If you have any questions regarding Word Press, plug ins, themes, etc. in particular feel free to forward them to me, or save them up for when he visits.

He is also an expert in niche marketing and traffic exchanges.

The idea of a Blog Tour is pretty new (to me at least).  I am hoping that you will join me in welcoming him when he comes by participating and commenting on his posts.