Work From Home Mastermind Formula

Whether you have tried to start your own online business and failed in the past, or you are brand new and want a clear cut, proven strategy that will guide you every step of the way, you will
want to read EVERY word of this post…

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Work From Home Mastermind Formula

You see, not so long ago I struggled to find a way to make money online…

I tried everything you could imagine – from affiliate marketing to freelancing – and I left no stone un-turned.

I was determined to join the ranks of those who had quit their “day” jobs and never looked back again.

I knew I could do it… and in fact, I did!

And right now, YOU can do the exact same thing.

Forget whatever you’ve heard about how costly and difficult starting a successful online business can be…

With a simple set of instructions that teach you everything you need to know, you can:

* Create a profitable online business without
investing a fortune in start up costs, marketing,
design and development.

* Become successful with your online business
regardless of your experience, skill or location
if you follow the basic foundation to building
profitable websites.

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Work From Home Mastermind Formula

Traffic Travis Professional Tools for Accomplished Internet Marketers, And Those Who Intend to Become Pros

I’ve switched back to Traffic Travis as my favorite “Big Boy” Tool. I like the wide range of information it can generate, and frankly lately I have been having trouble with Market Samurai hanging up on me.

If you are not familiar with Traffic Travis the video below provides a nice walk through of all its capabilities.  The founder, Mark Ling is from New Zealand and has established himself as one of the world’s top experts.  I have been using his stuff for over four years now and offer my 100% endorsement.

Click here to learn more

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Promoting Facebook Advertising Ebook, Virally

The folks on my mailing list have all recently received a free report on how to succeed with Facebook Ads. Now, I try to get as much of my traffic for free as possible so I have only briefly experimented with Facebook ads myself. It’s clear to me though, that there’s bound to be some early adapter advantage to getting into Facebook ads today.

While similar to advertising with Google, there are multiple differences in rules and attitude that can be confusing and frustrating. Once learned, it’s a smooth operating machine that can offer exceptional opportunities to the entrepreneur willing to dig gold in what amounts to still virgin territory.

But the word is getting out there, so as always, the big profits will be made by those who spring into action, rather than waiting for the reviews of what happened.

To get your free copy go to

But the reason I mention it is to not only make sure you get your copy, but to discuss the viral nature of the gift itself.

You see, I formatted it and used James Grandstaff’s Viral PDF Generator.

When you download your copy of the free social media eBook I offered above you will discover that I have also given you free giveaway and resale rights to the eBook.  Since it’s well written and timely, it’s my hope you will do just that and profit in the doing.

There are of course affiliate links in the reports, and should you or anyone you send it to, decide to buy, I will get a commission. That makes my day rounder.

I’ve also set it up so you can get those commissions yourself.  For a small fee you can get the report re-branded with your affiliate links in about 10 minutes.  The rebrander itself is pretty slick.

Once rebranded, you can give it away yourself on Giveaways, use it as a bonus, or a gift to your existing list, or profitably sell it as a stand alone eBook or as part of a package.    Once launched, a viral product like this can propagate for a long time, bringing you sales far into the future.

If you own rights to your own eBook or other reports, the viral approach offered into a viral product may be worth serious consideration.  Instead of sitting on the hard drive and maybe selling once in a blue moon. Make it Free, Give it away, but give it viral wings to fly with.

I am experimenting with this facebook ad book, but am considering selling rebranding rights to my two popular ebooks.  So keep lookout for more info on that at a later date.

You should take a look at the Viral PDF generator. I can see how it can play a big role in my future plans.  I bet you could see it doing some great things for you as well.  But to do so, you need to click on the banner above and spend a few minutes reviewing the offer.  The exponential power of this viral tool is limitless in its potential.

To get more info grab Jim’s free report by clicking on one of the banners.  Then listen to Jim’s proposition.  It’s a good one.  Particularly valuable to anyone with rights to some dormant ebooks reports rusting on their hardrives.

Click on either banner, grab Jim’s free offer, and then take a moment to check out the Viral PDF Generator.    The free info provided is worthwhile even if you decide not to go the viral route.

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Don’t Want to Do It Yourself? Easy Internet Marketing

Now I am a do it your-selfer. That’s my strength and weakness.

That said, I have to admit that the package put together by New Zealand based internet millionaire Mark Ling is an exceptional “done for you” ticket to success online.

One caveat, you will still need to learn how to drive traffic to these beautiful sites he has prepared for you, but you won’t need to worry about finding a niche, preparing a web site, creating an eBook (Actually you will get three per niche for a total of 15 to sell or giveaway) and even graphics are well done with many variations so your products look unique.

And he does much more than that. The hardest task from my point of view is the creating of followup emails.  With this package you get a ton of those as well and instructions on when to send them. Best yet, he has included a nice complement of “Hard Sell” follow-up emails which when combined with the rest of the quality sequence is sure to convert well.

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Advance Notice for AffilioJetPack

I’ve had a chance to review a new product that will be coming out at the end of the month.  It’s not available yet, as they are in pre-launch mode.

At first glance, it’s hard to know who Mark Ling is aiming his new AffiloJetpack product at.

Mark is widely respected in the internet marketing industry for his direct, no-hype approach to teaching affiliate marketing. His previous products have been the highly-praised step-by-step AffiloBlueprint course (aimed squarely at beginner affiliates), while his Affilorama Premium product continues to draw more advanced subscribers to its monthly tools/tips/hosting package.

But I’m confused about AffiloJetpack.

On one hand it looks to be targeted at complete newcomers to affiliate marketing, but on the other hand it seems to be pressing hot-buttons for more experienced affiliates.

For people who are completely new to internet marketing, Mark has identified a number of hurdles that stand between the average Joe Newbie and affiliate riches, and he seems intent on smashing every one of them.

The first hurdle that he says trips people up is in choosing a niche to target. I can’t disagree with that. I’ve seen affiliates spend weeks and months deliberating over a niche. So for AffiloJetpack to come along with TEN niches hand-picked by Mark Ling himself and PROVEN to be winners… well, that’s certainly going to help some newbies out.

(And maybe even some more experienced affiliates who are looking for a niche to go into next.)

The second hurdle Mark identifies is in the actual building of a website, so he’s put together his very own WordPress theme designed to make it easy for even the most inexperienced web designer to tweak the layout and design of their site. It includes some other nifty functionality that only someone experienced in building affiliate sites would think of, such as a squeeze page generator that lets you use Mark’s most successful squeeze page layouts in your own promotions. Nice!

The theme also reflects Mark’s extensive background in tutoring inexperienced affiliates… he’s added things like image uploaders so that users don’t have to master an FTP program to get their header or background images online.

I have to say, this theme is PERFECT for web novices. And with AffiloJetpack, Mark has also thrown in free hosting with what they’ve called “Incubator Hosting”. I know from experience that it can take quite a few steps to install WordPress and a great theme on a hosting provider. Each step is something that can go wrong. So I really think a lot of newbies are going to appreciate this one-click setup.

On top of all this comes the content: Twenty articles of very high quality that you can either just plug into the site as-is, or re-word to get full SEO benefit.

So that’s pretty much a kitset website: Everything you need to build an affiliate site in a very short space of time. It’s a great start for newcomers to affiliate marketing who just want to get something up on the web quickly, without the long learning curve.

But here’s where it gets more advanced.

Whereas I would have considered all this content and functionality to be an OK product on it’s own… Mark says this is just the beginning. In other words, this isn’t even the main show.

The main show is what comes next: A 80-part autoresponder series that you can plug into a service like Aweber and use to start collecting email addresses and building a relationship with people who sign up.

Mark says that the thing that disappoints him the most is when affiliates don’t add an autoresponder series to their websites, because this is the thing that will earn them the most money.

And I admit… I’ve been guilty of that myself. Sometimes you just want to see a site making money before you invest even MORE money in building a follow-up series. Or sometimes you’re just so exhausted by the time you finish putting your site together that this goes on the back burner.  Or sometimes you do get a series of emails going, but they can become a hodge podge of different promotions rather than a thought out series designed to inform, build relationships and ultimately convert.

An autoresponder seems more like “extra credit” for an affiliate site, but Mark is adamant that it should be the main focus. To the extent that you might not even promote affiliate products on your website at all!

So this autoresponder series comes with about 65 “informational” emails, and about another 15 “hard sell” emails written by Mark himself. He also tells you WHEN you should be sending these out to get the best response from your list, since just emailing someone once a week in the first month or two isn’t really going to cut it.

I was quite surprised at the quality of these emails… they’re far beyond PLR quality. You could even put these on your website if you wanted an extra 60+ articles! They’re the kind of thing that’s going to get people on your list trusting your opinion… at which point you can promote products to them and watch the commissions roll in.

One other aspect that made me think that this maybe isn’t purely aimed at newbies is Mark’s view that while SEO is low-risk, the bigger risk that newbies face is that they’re not going to see results quickly enough, and they’ll give up.

Because of that, as part of AffiloJetpack he’s also offering training on a variety of other traffic generation methods. You can still do SEO… but he’s saying that if you want to see fast results (and faster cash) you should look at these other methods.

The final verdict? AffiloJetpack is great for newbies who can’t get past the nitty gritty of building a site. It really makes the whole process laughably easy compared to the weeks or months it might take a newbie to put together a site on their own.

More experienced affiliates are probably going to see the real benefit in the huge amount of high-quality content that Mark has put together. Even to put together ONE newsletter series of this quality is going to cost you at least double the cost of this entire product. And with AffiloJetpack you get FIVE of these niches and newsletter series‘, so to my budget-conscious ears, thats ridiculously good value.

Whatever way you look at it, and whatever level of experience you have, this product is a winner. Even if you don’t want to follow Mark’s strategies… do yourself a favor and grab it just for the content.

Very highly recommended.

As I mentioned this hasn’t opened to the public yet, but click the link below and sign up for advance notice and a free report that will help you get a better sense of what you can expect when you grab your own affiliojetpack.

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A Provacative Suggestion

The secret to success in any venture online or off is to understand that persistent focused action pays.  In internet marketing circles that is as true as anywhere else, but in few fields are the temptations to wander from one thing to another as strong or as ever present.

If you are interested in supplementing or replacing or greatly surpassing your current income, I invite you to listen in on the following video I put up on Youtube.

I was on my way out of town to attend a family wedding a couple of weeks ago when Affiliate Silver Bullet launched.  As a result, I did not promote it, but since returning I joined myself, and after a few weeks I’ve decided that this is one of those programs I really should promote.

Do yourself a favor and join it yourself and then take persistent focused action to drive traffic to your affiliate silver bullet sites.

Go here to learn more: Affiliate Silver Bullet

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Spyware continued…

Hearing the word spyware tends to evoke an image of popups for most internet users. It would probably surprise most to learn that almost every internet user has at least some spyware or adware on their computer. The reason for this is that these parasites can hide in parts of the computer that you can’t normally access.

The biggest problem with these parasites is that most users don’t know just how dangerous they can actually be. Sure they cause your computer to slow down (a lot), install things you don’t want, and more, but they also do much worse things. Having spyware or adware on your computer compromises your privacy to a very dangerous level.

How often do you enter personal information on the internet? For most people, this will be very often. Many of these parasites will track everywhere that you go on the internet and report it back to it’s creator. It doesn’t stop at that though. Not only will it track everywhere you go, but it will track everything you type and click at these locations as well.

What this means is that if you enter sensitive data such as your social security number, credit card number, bank password, or anything else of that nature, a stranger also has that information. To make matters even worse, this information is often sold to even more people; this means that hundreds of people could have access to all of your personal information.

If you want to keep your privacy on the internet, you’ll need to rid yourself of any spyware and adware that inhabits your computer. There is a free report named “Adware Removal” which outlines everything that spyware and adware do, as well as how to get rid of it. Remember, the report is completely free and definitely worth a read.

Click Here To Donwload Your Free Spyware Removal Report

Get 7 Day Trial for $1.00 Niche Profit Classroom

The upgraded site is live and the special is on. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to find success online to check this one out.

These guys really and truly over deliver and you will get a sense of that as you watch the free video series they have prepared. It’s powerful stuff that you just do not want to miss.

I joined 1000 members ago, and am still singing its praises, as are everyone else I know who has joined this high powered success team.

Do yourself a favor and click on the link below.

Niche Profit Classroom About to Upgrade

Great news! Niche Profits Classroom is about to roll out a new version of itself. I can’t wait.

Now I’ve written about Niche Profit Classroom before. I used their system to create several niche blogs, and will be doing more.

Describing what it is however is a little more difficult, mostly because it is a lot.

What first grabbed my attention was their Money Matrix Keywords.  A powerful concept, that you can use and do manually to find keywords in high demand areas that are underutilized.

This secret can help a newbie sneak up and gain on established players in highly competitive niches. They gave away the essence of this secret in their promotional emails.  It caught my attention, and since I joined I find myself using it frequently whenever I do keyword research.

I particularly like it for my article marketing efforts.  It helps me find keywords that are relevant but less frequently used. Sometimes that alone is enough for an article idea.

But as powerful as I think the keyword matrix is, it is just one tiny part of what the classroom is.  They have over 40 hours of videos that walk you through almost every aspect of internet marketing step by step.

Each video is short and focused, so you don’t need to watch for an hour and then go back and try to remember dozens of steps.

When I set up my first site using their system I used their blog option.  I used their videos to walk through the process step by step. Now there were a lot of steps, many of which could have been game enders for me in another setting. But by going back and forth, I was able to figure things out and ended up with a very solid platform for my new niche. The second time through it went much faster.

When I did run into a technical problem I was able to get quick help from their forum.  They have ten people who monitor the forum to help with issues.  A lot better than a help desk where you need to wait a day or more to get an answer to an issue.

But what may be the best aspect of their program is there twice a month seminars. Now seminars are a dime a dozen on the web. But these guys do it right.  First they cover really valuable stuff. And they do it well.

One I particularly valued was one on copy writing called Chunk Copy.  It was an A-Z how to write a Sales Page, chunk by chunk.  But since I have joined I have learned a lot from many others. They record the sessions so that you can listen in later if you can’t make the call.  But you really want to be on them if you can.

One reason is that they have “Hot Seat” sessions as part of each call. Adam and Alen solicit members to put their web sites up for suggestions.  They will spend time looking at your site, identifying whats right and wrong about it and help you make improvements.  While I haven’t had my own sites up on the Hot Seat, I’ve changed mine as a result of listening to the critiques of other people’s sites.

It’s one thing to talk theory, it’s another to put it into action. And when you see someone else’s site being scrutinized, you begine to better apprecaite what was meant in some of the theory.

I have a number of friends who are also Niche Profit Classroom members. Everyone of them shares my enthusiasm for the site.  The reason is simple. Adam and Alen have bought into the concept of over delivering, and actually do.

For them it’s a business plan.  And I for one, can tell you it is one that works.

The new version is scheduled to open on July 28. You can be assured I will be notifying everyone on my mailing list about it.

As a heads up, they will be offering a 7 day access to the classroom for $1.

I recommend that you plan on taking them up on the offer. Use the 7 days to explore the site. Check out as many of the videos as you can. Explore the five different software tools they include. And above all, pay attention to what you can learn from the promo videos they will be offering.

You will see that they really do know how to over deliver.

Now there’s no where for me to send you today. So check back tomorrow, for when the doors open you really want to be there.

Discover how to use your C-panel

Too many small businesses and even beginning internet marketers rely on someone else to handle all aspects of their web pages. While it’s good to delegate, for many micro-businesses it is also good to understand how the basics of your web site work. Then you can make quick changes when necessary and have a better understanding of what is and isn’t involved in making changes. That way when you do decide to outsource, you will know what can be done, what’s involved and how much (little) you should be willing to pay.

For new internet marketers, learning how to control your own page is all but required if you are bootstrapping your new online enterprise. There are two reasons for that. First much of the process is much simpler than  most people would believe, and second by knowing what is involved and possible, you can delegate with more confidence and at lesser prices.

Learning how to access your C-panel and taking charge is roughly akin to the difference between being a passenger in your daddy’s car and learning to drive.  Once you know how to drive, you have a lot more freedom about where and when you go places.

I got my initial education on C-Panel from Bob the Teacher and Chris Morris, and I highly recommend them to everyone.  Their video series will unlock the potential of your web site for you.  You will learn how to set up you own emails, create your own web pages, set up data bases, and much much more.

I found the course to be my personal emancipation proclamation.  It allowed me to escape the tyranny of being locked in web hosting agreements and the need to play a waiting game to make changes to my own site.

It was a breakthrough. It may well be the same for you. Remember the feeling of freedom you had when your first had your own car and then the ability to travel where you choose. Discover C-panel will be like getting the keys for the first time. And while you may need some time to learn and master your new skills, it will set you on the path where you can soon be traveling cross county in no time.

Bob and Chris offer a free initial video lesson, which will give you a good idea of their teaching method and the topic. From there you can decide whether or not to proceed with the full course. I did, I encourage you to do so as well.

Click on the Image above to learn more and get access to your first free video.

The internet has changed, Davids of the world its your turn!

While we were sleeping, the internet changed.

Well, actually we knew it would. We saw it do so. In fact we have all been fully involved in the new wave that has now for years been called web 2.0.

But have we stopped to pay attention to the power it has given us?  Not me. At least not until I got my copy of Mike Paetzold’s new releaste, Authority 2.0.

You see, I have been content to be a little guy. And while I wouldn’t typically admit it, a bit intimidated by the Goliaths of the internet world. The huge mega sites, that draw in hundreds of thousands, even millions of visitors on a daily basis.

I’ve been shopping for the tiny niches, the crumbs no one else would bother to care about. How about you?

In my post yesterday, I talked about hitting singles. And frankly, I like hitting singles.  But wouldn’t it be nice to get that occasional home run?

Well home run hitting requires a bit of training, and this new ebook by Mike Paetzold is just the ticket.

It spells out what it takes to plan and execute the creation of a genuine authority site. The top dog within your chosen niche. Where you are not just one of the players but the recognized industry leader.

And the surprising secret, is that the tools that have evolved over the past few years, the web 2.0 we have all been immersed in; have made the process simple enough that even us little Davids and Diannes can create a powerful authority site.  One that once took a wallet and a sizable staff.

In this 159 page document, Mikes lays out a clear path to niche dominance using the social networking tools that surround us. The pathway he draws is clear and surprisingly doable.

A blueprint to success this well assembled should cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not Mike’s style. In fact, he even included master resale rights to this game changer of a document. But you must be one of the first 100 to grab the book, if you want them.

If you are able to dream big, if you like to aim for the wall, grab your bat, and grab a copy of Authority 2.0.

Now one last comment. Not everyone is a Babe Ruth or Harmon Killebrew.  Some of us would give our eye teeth to be a Tony Oliva, (Age and georgraphy hint) The beauty of this ebook is that even if you decide not to go for the home run and set up an authority site, much of what you will learn here will apply to your other sites. They may give you just that extra kick to stretch some of your singles into doubles, and that’s not a bad outcome at all. Authority 2.0.

Blank Billboard for Sale: What will you pay?

Have you ever passed by a blank billboard on a backwater highway with a 1-800 number on it? Or perhaps one saying, “Your message here?” I have, but it’s been a while since the last time. Mostly I suspect, because I seldom venture off the main freeways in my normal travels these days.

In past years, I did a bit more traveling to smaller towns in out-state Minnesota and Wisconsin and I would see a fair number of them. Mostly on roads that used to be the main thoroughfare in the pre-freeway era. I suspect a good many of them still exist.

In those traveling days I used to consult with towns and counties on how to attract businesses to their communities. Today, I consult with businesses on how to attract customers. Same business, different focus.

A billboard is a marketing device some businesses use to attract customers. It’s like a display ad in a newspaper or magazine. It provides a graphic image and perhaps some keywords to people who happen to be passing by. On the highway, in their cars. In the newspaper or magazine as one’s eyes pass from one article or story to the next, one page to the next.

They have a hard job to do. They need to make an impression on your conscious or sub conscious mind quickly. It must be the sub conscious the advertiser is aiming for because there are very few such images that ever really capture my conscious mind’s attention.

Now as a kid, I remember the old Burma Shave signs because they were different and funny. I remember a number of teaser campaigns over the years that had me guessing as to what was coming next, but I can’t remember what any of them were about at the moment. I admit that I do notice some of the new billboard campaigns from time to time when they change along one of my regular routes. But I don’t remember ever buying something because I saw a billboard, do you?

My uncle Urban had a billboard on the highway from the Minneapolis to St. Cloud where he had a butcher shop. The sign read, “Gaida’s Meats” with a sausage on on fork that protruded above the sign. It was a clever enough visual effect, breaking out of the box. I suspect he got at least occasional comments from customers in the store about it. Particularly when it was new. But I doubt it brought in any new customers. It may have, however, brought in a few more existing customers. Not because it made his product any more valuable, but because it created status. A sense of importance because everyone who lived in St Cloud saw it whenever they returned home from a trip to the cities.

In my uncle Urban’s eyes the sign wasn’t meant for people from Minneapolis that happened to be going to St Cloud, it was for people from St Cloud who happened to have traveled to the Twin Cities. They would be coming back on this road. And that’s where he placed his sign.

Now I’m talking about billboards today, because in many ways they are like a business website. The clever ones may catch my attention as I browse through many related sites online. But only if they are on the highway I am traveling. If I am on the freeway, and the web site is on a dusty county road, I will never see it. And no matter how cute, creative or otherwise inspired it may be, it may as well not exist at all. It may as well be blank. In my book, it’s not even worth a toll free call to find out how much someone wants to put my message on it.

When it comes to online advertising, far too many people have spent all their effort coming up with a great image and feel for their sites and not given any thought to whether to put their site on a freeway where it will be seen by thousands or on a dirt road where only the crows and gophers will see it.

On the internet, the way you get in front of the traffic from Minneapolis to St Cloud is to make sure the keywords in your meta tags put you on the right highway. In addition, you need to use those same keywords in your message – in the body of your web pages.

This is particularly easy for local businesses, and a bit more difficult for those who compete on a national scale.

If my uncle still had his butcher shop, I would encourage him to use St Cloud Butcher Shop, St. Cloud Meats, Saint Cloud Butcher Shop, Stearns County Butcher Shop, Benton County Butcher Shop, and Polish Sausage as just a handful of maybe several hundred keywords in his meta tags.

In fact, I would take every conceivable term like meat, sausage, etc., and pair it with every conceivable geographical term that people in the area might use to find what they were looking for in a computer search. I call such terms geographical long tail keywords. And they are designed to mimic the actual phrases people might type into their search engine. While they might type “sausage” the first time, when they see over 20 million responses they will quickly find a geographical term to narrow their search if they are looking for a place like my uncle’s where they can get good Polish sausage.

And yet if you look at most business web pages you will see terms like plumber, attorney, dentist, groceries, resort, bait, or what have you in their meta tags. Such keywords are worthless. But so too is having Minneapolis, or Saint Cloud, or New York.

As my frequent readers know, I have been working with the Home Staging Industry for the past 9 months or so. As I dug deeper into the keywords that people actually use, I have grown a list of 124 terms for the home staging industry. Most were fairly obvious, others less so. I have been offering a service to the industry where I concatenate the various keywords I have researched together with the relevant geographical modifiers for individual home stagers. It gets a bit tedious and time consuming. But the result has been a block of keywords that puts my client’s web pages on the internet freeway, while their competitors are advertising their business on the dusty back roads of the internet where no one goes.

Where do you want your billboard to be? If it’s appropriate for your business, follow my example and create a series of geographical long tail keywords. It will make a difference in how often your potential customers find you. It also will make it far more likely that you get top ranking for a keyword phrase when you are the only person who has taken the time and effort to include in in your keywords.

Don’t forget that you also want to incorporate as many of the major terms into the body of you text as well. So if you are a Homestager in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, make sure to say so in the text of your web page as well as in the meta tags.

Auto Responders: The Magic Pill to Transform Your Web Site

The key component required to transform your current static web site into a marketing tool, is your auto responder. The service I use and recommend is Aweber, . It is by far the preferred service, and is used by most of the internet marketers I know.

While it’s possible to have a programmer develop an auto responder service on your own web site, using a professional service makes a lot more sense in the long run. First, it’s cheap. Rates will vary depending on how much traffic you generate, but as of my writing this, most small businesses will be able to start for well under $25 a month, even less if you take advantage of their annual payment plans.

There are a couple of things you should understand. Aweber uses what’s called a double opt in system. What this means is that when a person signs up to be on your mailing list, they are actually signing up on a form you create at Once Aweber gets their initial message, they send out a confirmation message to the email address registered. This asks your new subscriber to confirm that they want to be on your list. Your new list member must confirm, or they will not be included.

This accomplishes two things. First, it keeps people from putting in phony email addresses, just to get your free report. And more importantly, it serves to protect you against spam complaints when people register someone else’s legitimate email address instead of their own.

Aweber is a known entity in the internet marketing world, and it’s well known they use this double opt in system. Thus the folks who monitor and prosecute SPAM complaints are far less likely to raise any issues with you, even when someone forgets they signed up for your list and complains. This avoids problems you don’t need.

In addition to the double opt in feature, they automatically insert both an automatic “opt-out” link and your legal address at the bottom of each of your messages. This means you will always be compliant with the anti Spam laws, and your subscriber knows that they can stop your emails whenever they want. Best yet, if your subscriber decides they want to stop, all they have to do is click the link and it’s done automatically. You don’t need to be involved at all.

These peace of mind features make the monthly fee more than worthwhile by themselves.

But you get a lot more than peace of mind. Aweber offers a lot of features, more than I can cover here now. But lets lay out a few, for the sake of clarity.

First, you can have multiple lists, at no extra charge. You can have a list for those people who sign up on your web site. You can have another list for people who sign up because you add, an invitation to do so on you cash register receipt or invoice forms.

This may make sense as a way to conduct separate conversations with prospective customers who are first finding you online, as opposed to the conversation you want to have with people who are existing customers.

You may also want to use this capability to focus on different product lines. Say you are a restaurant that also does catering. You might have a sub list for the catering business in addition to a primary list that promotes your weekly or monthly specials.

This ability to run multiple lists is a great asset. It allows you to have multiple conversations going on, with multiple people at the same time. All on autopilot.

There is one more basic concept to get across regarding auto responders. There are two types of basic messages. The first is the follow-up message. These are written and stored in the system and are sent automatically once a person signs up for your list. The first one goes out immediately once they have confirmed that they want to be on the list. Then you can pre-schedule any number of additional lists as you wish. Depending on your particular needs, you may want to send a second message three days after they get the first one, and then maybe another in 3-5 days, and then weekly thereafter.

Some people set up mini courses on topics of interest to their customers. A Liquor store may for example create a series of posts on wines, or the characteristics of different beers they sell. A restaurant, may do recipes or cooking tips, etc. The key thing about follow-up messages is that they should be “Evergreen.” With any luck people will be signing up to your list every day from now till the end of time. You want messages that make sense no matter the time of year. So event though it may be Spring, when you are writing you messages, eventually it will be winter when someone joins your list. All of these follow-up messages are sent sequentially based on the number of days since the person signed up on your list. So on any given day you will have message 1 going out to newly signed up people, message 3 going out to people who signed up last week, and message 14 going out to people who maybe signed up four months ago.

The second type of message is the Broadcast. This is sent to all people no matter when they signed up. This type of message is ideal for sending out messages about this week’s specials, of attractions for the coming month, or holiday greetings. If you are a dentist and want to let your patients know to schedule their appointments prior to you upcoming two week vacation cruise, you send them a broadcast message six weeks in advance and then again periodically up until you send them a message on who to contact in case of an emergency.

The best part of this, is that you can pre-schedule broadcast messages. Thus if you want, you can send a Happy New Years message for exactly at midnight next year right now.

If you have a three month advertising plan, you can schedule all your broadcasts for the coming three months at one time, and then forget about it. The messages will be sent automatically, and your customers will get you messages and respond and it won’t cost you any more than the cost of your auto responder and the time to write the messages.

There are other more advanced features available once you have you system up and running. For example you can do split testing to see which of your ads get a better response, and there are ways to tie your blog posts into the process and even pod casts. But such services are beyond the scope of this report.

Again the service I recommend is

They offer a series of helpful tutorials which should be more than adequate to get you up and running in no time. I am also available to assist you. Contact me at

Keyword tool that goes the extra mile without costing arm and leg.

One of my secret weapons is a paid keyword tool that works wonders for me.

What makes it so valuable is that it is a shorthand way to access the power of WordTracker, without having to pay the high cost.  Jonas has been running a special offer for an annual subscription, it may still be in effect.  I highly recommend it, I skipped it and have been paying about $20 a month for several years now. It’s been well worth it. If the special is gone, he has been talking about pulling it, don’t fret too much.  If key words are valuable to you, you really do need find the words that are about your topic without having the word or two you are searching on in them.

For example I did a keyword search for the term teeth whitening and got back among the results cosmetic dentistry.  Try that with the free key word tools.

Discover Product Creation

“If you want it done right, do it yourself.” That’s a piece of bad advice I had drummed into me as a kid. But I won’t go into why it’s bad advice today.

Instead I want to share with you an excellent program called Discover Product Creation that will help you do it yourself, if you are interested in creating your own Free Report to post on your blog or to build traffic via an upcoming Give Away Event.

I recommend you go there immediately and buy and then take the course. But if you wish, you can read my whys below.

The course is taught by one of my favorites, Bob Jenkins or Bob the Teacher as he likes to call himself. Bob was a high school teacher and is very good at breaking down the process of creating a report from start to finish. If you take his course and do the homework, (yes he assigns homework,) you will end up with your own first report that you can sell or give away in just three weeks.

Some of you will dash ahead and do it quicker, others will need more time if your lives and the holidays interfere. But if you commit to the process, you will succeed. Bob breaks it down into three segments, and provides nice bite sized video modules in each segment that permit you to proceed at your own pace.

When you are finished with the course, you will not only have a new fresh report of your own, but you will have mastered some basic skills with at least two free software programs that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.

I had the opportunity to participate in the original course, and can personally attest to its completeness and value. Actually, the first class is still in session. But I have gotten enough from the first two of three segments to give it my unequivocal endorsement. I have learned not only how Free Mind works, but have come to see it as a super valuable, easy to use tool to capture my “loose thoughts” and ultimately make sense and order out of them. It’s a far better approach than the traditional outline format from high school. And much better than trying to organize my scattered thoughts on paper.

And then in the second segment, I learned how to use the free Open Office software. This is a major money saver since you can easily create PDF files without having to pay for Adobe. But while I have used open office before, by the time the second segment was over I learned in detail how to format my reports so they look truly professional.

Now much of this stuff, I already knew, or kind of knew, and other aspects were revelations to me. Some of it I used to know, but had forgotten. Unless you are already a professional editor or accomplished report producer, you should give serious thought to grabbing this course soon than later.

Even though the original session are yet to be completed, Bob has the course on the market now. He is only asking $99 for it, and I’m telling you it is a bargain. I have no doubt the price will go up significantly in the not too distant future. Particularly after the class is over and he starts putting the glowing testimonials into his sales page. He will have more than he will need.

I’m a fan of Bob’s. I’ve taken several other courses from him, and for my money, this is his best effort yet.

You will learn how to Create, Format And Deliver Your Own Free Reports To Your Customers On The Internet With Step-By-Step Video Training” Your Progress Is 100% Assured! The course is split up into 3 sections for every skill and experience level…

* Part 1: Planning And Creating The Content For Your Report
* Part 2: Formatting Your Report As An Ebook (PDF)
* Part 3: Delivering Your Report Online

You will learn all the Steps From Start To Finish

Create, Format, And Deliver Your Report With Simple, Step-By-Step Instructions Delivered
Through Video You Can Watch Online Or Download.

It is meaty, comprehensive and extremely valuable. Get it this weekend, and apply what he teaches. Do your weekly homework, and you will have a marketable report on any topic you desire in three weeks. Just in time to kick off the New Year in grand style.

If you want to do it yourself, there is no better advice I can give than to pick up a copy of DiscoverProductCreation today.