Need Help Writing Niche Articles? Article Marketing Just Got Easier With Jiffy Articles.

If you are doing niche marketing online one of the key strategies for success remains article marketing.  There are services out there where you can buy articles, but if you are into doing it yourself there is a new free service you want to check out.  It’s called Jiffy Articles.

Jiffy Articles is the cure for writer’s block.  It’s a MASSIVE database of over 2,000 article templates combined with a web-based interface that walks you step-by-step through creating niche content using any of the templates you choose.

Dozens of categories are covered so far, and more will be added soon once user feedback comes in. I expect the number to grow rapidly as this is a service that makes it a lot easier for do it your selfers to focus and create worthwhile articles.

Here’s the kicker: while we’re beta testing Jiffy Articles, accounts are completely free.  At least for now. Check it out now while it is in Beta testing. If it pans out as I expect it to, you will want to be on board before the price tag gets put on it.


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Spinning Articles? I Recommend The Best Spinner

There is some debate online about the way Google treats “duplicate content.”  The dominant view is that it matters and matters a great deal. I’m not completely sold, but nonetheless I do use a spinner on many of the articles I post in multiple locations. Just to be safe.

When I first encountered spinners, I was turned off.  The quality of the results was so poor I would have been embarrassed  to have my name associated with the results.  That has changed.  I actually use two different systems to do spinning, one of which is inside a link building machine called EZArticleLinkwhich I have  shared with you to some extent last month and the other is called appropriately, the Best Spinner.

The newest version, the 3.0 version has just been released, and at a reduced price of just $47 a year. A real bargain for such a powerful tool.

There are a lot of other software systems out there that use The Best Spinner as a part of their internal operations. The biggest and baddest of which is SENukeX, which allows me to magnify the reach of my link building by helping automate the process of sending out spun copy to the world with ease.

I mention SENukeX, because it is the top of the line system and could have paired up with any other spinner it wanted to, but choose The Best Spinner, simply because it is the best spinner.

If you understand the power of spinning articles, and are willing to learn how to do it the quickest and easiest way, I encourage you to get your own copy of The Best Spinner.

Your alternative is to go to Fiverr, and get someone to spin your articles for you for five bucks each. Most of them, use the Best Spinner although I can’t claim to know that they all do.

So if you like to do your own thing, or expect to need more than 10 articles spun a year, the best bet is the Best Spinner.

I use it, inside SENukeXand on its own.

I also use the EZ Articles service as well, but it’s coding is different making it harder to use outside EZArticleLink.  That’s why I suggest you get the Best Spinner, unless you already are a member of EZArticleLink, and even then if you are going to upgrade to the power of SENukeX at anytime in the coming year.

Good Tools are essential to long term success online. The Best Spinner is one of the best tools.

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BackLinking Success With EZArticleLink

As an internet marketer, I’m always looking for easier and better ways to get quality backlinks to my websites, so as to boost my search engine ranking.

In particular, I’m looking for a service that:

1) gets me hundreds of backlinks for EACH article I post, regardless of how small my niche is;

2) automatically builds backlinks to the articles that I post, which is the key in article marketing;

3) allows me to post unlimited articles and build unlimited backlinks to unlimited number of domains;

4) builds unique backlinks to my website automatically and infinitely, so that I can forget link-building!

So far, it seems that there is only one system that provides such a service. It’s called EzArticleLink.

Don’t just listen to me. Head to the website now at and check out its huge collection of testimonials (more than 150 of them on its homepage).

If you are still skeptical, there’s even a free membership that you can enroll in. The free membership can easily get you thousands of high-quality backlinks, not to mention its Gold membership!

Good link building system is hard to come by. If you are serious in SEO, you must add this service to your arsenal.

Get your instant access at


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Unlimited “Authority” Backlinks – Article Marketing At Its Best

I blew it… I purchased a gold level membership in  EZarticleLink a while back, started to use it and then after a bit of trial and effort promptly forgot about it.

Recently, I’ve been surprised at the success I was having with one of my blogs was doing, despite pretty much ignoring it.  It was the one blog  I was working on when I joined EZarticleLink

I am now completely resold on it, now that I now am in a better position to see the results.

I have long known about the power and value of backlinks.  That’s one reason  I have been so fond of  SE NUKE X,  While not as powerful or flexible as SE Nuke, EZarticleLink is capable of producing a ton of good authority backlinks  for a lot less money than SE Nuke.

I still love SE Nuke and consider it my primary tool to get my chosen sites ranked well in the search engines.  Still, I found myself spending several days last week working with EZArticleLink.  I think the combination will rock.

It may be a good option for those of you into article marketing, but not quite ready to pay for the higher cost SE Nuke.

Now be aware that both programs require a bit of a learning curve.  But once you got it, they are simple to use and very powerful.  The EZArticleLink has a Gold and Silver Version.  The Silver Memberhsip is Free, but I paid up and grabbed the Gold Version and  I am really I did. The perks of the paid version have paid off for me already.

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Local Business Marketing With An Article Marketing Strategy

I just created a new YouTube video in which I talk a bit about why local businesses should use article marketing as part of their business marketing strategy.  This is part of my own strategy to promote myself as a Search Engine Consultant for businesses in my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Twin Cities area.

In addition to advocating the use of article marketing, I am promoting the use of Youtube and other videos. Youtube is the biggest and strongest resource for getting video backlinks to your page. You will note that the description I use on YouTube for this video points to the page on this blog promoting my Minneapolis St Paul SEO services.

This link, and the tags I used on the video help build this page’s ranking. Now SEO is a hard niche to break into. After all all my competitors have a head start on me and they know SEO. But I’m not about to let that deter me.

A Free Article Marketing Tip

Free Article Marketing Tips

Effective article marketing can be a major source of traffic to anyone’s website or blog.

In an effort to assist as many people as possible to learn the basics of article marketing I have released a free report called Article Power.

In the report I discuss the two key ingredients of an effective article marketing campaign, namely Quality and Quantity.

I point out that articles generate traffic directly from people who read your articles and also discuss how backlinks from article directories and the republishing of your articles serves to drive search engine traffic to your site as well.

In fact, it’s this backlink power that I appreciate most, as it effectively builds traffic over the long haul.

Of course an effective article marketing campaign needs to be focused on appropriate keywords so I do discuss a bit about keyword selection as well.

The trickiest part of article writing for many people is the creation of their resource boxes, which is the paycheck for an article marketing campaign.

To finish up I list some of the top article marketing sites or directories, and provide a page of resources that could be of value to anyone seriously pursing an article marketing strategy.

As I said above, I am interested in sharing the message of article marketing near and far, so I have included giveaway rights to all who download it. That means you will be able to share it with your friends, your twitter or facebook followers etc.

The resource page includes a variety of affiliate links, so I do hope to make a few bucks here and there as well. But I have also made it possible for you to re-brand this report so that you can earn those commissions.

Get your copy of Article Power now.

Also please let me know what questions or issues you have about article marketing, and I will answer them here in an upcoming post.

Feel free to republish this blog post in its entirety on your blog or newsletter.

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Should I use online article marketing for my locally based business?

Online Article Marketing

Online Article Marketing is a highly effective tool used to sell both hard goods and information products to national and international audiences.  But does it make sense for a small locally based business to use it as well. In a word, Yes!

Businesses use online article marketing to establish themselves as experts, to drive traffic to a sales page and to build back links.

While the first two are important, they are less valuable to the local business person, after all most readers will not be from your market place.  Nonetheless some will be, but that’s gravy.

The real advantage of online article marketing for a local business is to out rank their competitors on the search engines. And that does make a real difference for many.

Each time an article is listed on an article directory or published in an ezine or blog, a new back link is created which the author of the article can direct to wherever they choose.

These back links from multiple sites factor into how some search engines like Google rank your site. A site that has links coming to it from a wide variety of sources is more likely to be seen as highly relevant.

While there are many factors that apply to search engine optimization, in general, the web site that has a lot of  back links tends to be ranked higher than a comparable web site that has only a few. Online article marketing is one of the best ways to get a ton of such back links for free.

The key to your success is to identify a keyword that people search for, relevant to your specific business or a product you sell. Write the article about that keyword. Include the keyword in your title. And then use it in the resource box you prepare to go with each article you write.

In the resource box you will tell the reader who you are and invite them to come to your web site. You are usually allowed two hyper links by most article directories. You want to use your keyword in the resource box, and hyper link it to the URL of your web site.  Ideally you want it to go to a page on your site dealing directly with the product you are selling.

Such hyper linked keywords are called anchor text.  The search bots that roam the internet pay attention to them. By using the keyword, you are letting them know that the landing page you are sending them to is related to the keyword.

Thus when someone in your local market searches for “Primer Paints in Baltimore”, the odds are a little better that your shop’s web site will appear higher than your competitors. And that’s what you want.

Getting good back links is like naming your business AAAPaints in the old days when people used to use the yellow pages.  Now they use computer search to find almost everything. And that’s why you should be using online article marketing to build your search engine ranking, even if no one in your market place ever reads them.

For more information on Online Article Marketing go to my blog on Article Marketing.

Article Marketing – A Backbone Strategy

You want your web page to be ranked at the top of the search engines when your customer types in keywords relevant to your business.

While you can buy your way to the top using pay per click advertising, it’s more productive and quite feasible for you to move to the top of the various search engines if you apply the optimization tactics we’ve discussed over the past month.

Now some keywords will be harder than others, but if you are serving a local market, and use geographical keywords as I have suggested, it should be possible for most of you to get to the first page, if not the top listing.

The way to cement yourself into that top ranking is via back links, and while there are lots of ways to generate backlinks, the most powerful over the long haul is article marketing.

While you and I use the internet to market goods and services, most people use it to find information. And Google in particular caters to this need for information above your and my crass mercantile interests.  Article marketing helps us turn that on its ear.

A good article not only provides critical back links that will help boost us in the search engine results, it brands us as a resource to those who look for information online.  It conveys to us “expert” status and good will. This credibility will serve us well when we finally get the customers attention at a buying point.

Our first step is to cover a topic well in the form of multiple articles exploring all aspects of our product line.  Then we post these to the article directories where they can be picked up by bloggers and ezine editors.  While they are getting something free from us, when they republish our articles they are actually trolling for customers for us.

So while we advocate article marketing for the immense value we can derive from the back links it can generate, we also love the traffic it sends us. And not only do we get traffic, we get educated targeted traffic from prospective customers who already know that they want what we have.

That makes our sales job a breeze.

The value of article marketing is so great, that I have decided to start a new blog dedicated to the topic. It is called Article Marketing Hint. I hope you will take a moment to visit it and consider subscribing to the RSS Feed.

I already have a number of posts up, and have several more planned. I will of course discuss the topic here from time to time as well.  The url is

Article Writing is the Key to Building Google Ranking

If you are in a competitive field, and are unable to use my geographical long tail keyword approach to gain top ranking on Google, you need to bring out the big guns. And the best way to do that is with Article marketing.

There is an art to article marketing. You need to focus on your keywords in your article title and in the body of your article. But as important, you need to write a worthwhile article that a blog or ezine editor will want to share with their readership.

You also need to pay attention to your resource box. This is particularly important to you, for this is where your payoff rests.

Finally, you need to get your article launched on as many article directories as you can with a special effort to get it to targeted directories that serve your niche.

I have just acquired rights to a new eBook called Winning the Article Marketing Game. In addition to the eBook, I have acquired master resale rights, which means that not only can I sell you a copy of the eBook, I can transfer to you the rights to sell it yourself.

If you decide to buy it, you will not only get the download, but also a sales page you can use to market the book as well.

This is a great way to get good information that you can profit from and the ability to profit from reselling the book.

To See the Sales Page, Click on the Image of the Book Below!