Grab A Great Niche And Build Your Own Niche Blog or Site

In recent posts, I’ve discussed how I took a limited edition Private Label Rights package I bought from Doug Champigny on how to use essential oils in aromatherapy and turned it into a blog site using the Niche Profits Classroom technique. I have been adding an article a day to the article directories in support of that site and have begun to get a trickle of traffic. It will probably take a few weeks and another dozen and a half articles to really get the traffic rolling full bore, which is just fine. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

The key to my article marketing has been the keywords I’ve selected using the Money Word Matrix software that’s included in the Niche Profits Classroom membership. There are natural keywords that most web sites dealing with Aromatherpy naturally use, such as “aromatherapy.” The problem with such keywords is that while a lot of people will click on them, there are 10 gazillion web sites competing for the word. The odds of my fighting the way to the top are pretty slim. On the other hand there are many long tail keywords like, “healthy products biomagnetic aromatherapy oils” for which only a handful of sites appear, but next to no one searches for. While some people swear by long tail keywords, a lot of them are at best, long shots.

The Money Word Matrix, quickly sorts through the maze and identifies keywords where I have a fighting chance to rank over time. These are the keywords I slip into my rewrites of the PLR material I buy and put on my site.  I then use these same keywords as titles or main headings in the articles I write and put up on the article directories. By linking back to an article on my site with the same keywords, I get good Google juice for a keyword in moderate demand and for which relatively few people are fighting.

Today, for example I wrote an article on making essential oils.  Making Essential oils is an excellent keyword because well over 1000 people search for that term every month and less than 5000 sites show up in a Yahoo search for the term.  Now 5000 is still 5000 and it will take me a while to get to the top of that list, but there were 13 other keywords that dealt with distilling aroma therapy essential oils. And while I didn’t stuff them all into today’s article, I will use them over the next week. All pointing back to this one article on my site on the distillation of essential oils.  Since it’s an internal page, Google will be all the happier to consider my site to be worthwhile.

As I work my way through the 3 and half pages of keywords, I identified using the Money Word Matrix tool I will write other articles that will point to other pages on my site. Eventually, this consistent action will compound and I will begin to rank on many different words. As this happens, I will begin to go after some the the high traffic words and when I do, I will have a lot more success, as Google will already be seeing my site as a high ranker on so many related terms.

Now as I previously explained in an earlier post, it took me almost a week to build my first site, and it’s now time to start another one.

Just my luck, Doug Champigny has released another PLR package and it is right up my alley. This one is on Chinese Herbal Medicine.  So I grabbed it, and will be doing the same thing all over again.  (If you hurry, you might still be able to get one yourself, but as of this writing less than 50 remain.)

Now the Niche Profits Classroom approach is not the only way to do this. I think it’s the best game in town, but if you want to, you can do a similar blog or web site on your own. The nioche profit classroom is under $50 a month though, so if you can afford it, I would encourage you to do so.  The Chinese Herbal Medicine package is one time investment of just $27 and includes a well written 40 page ebook and two sets of graphics and ten articles. In addition to the articles, there are 10 audio files, one for each article that you can add to your site as podcasts. This little pod cast trick is another great way to get Google’s attention, by the way.

Once I get both sites up and producing traffic, I bet I will be able to cross sell products from one site to the other. Building an online business, isn’t about getting rich overnight. It’s about building sites that serve people interests. That takes time and effort. While my Armotherapy site was built on the PLR package I bought, I have since done some additional research, and bought a few additional suppemental PLR articles, (no where as well written, but cheap and with some different angles.) As time goes on, I will learn more and add more to the site. The advanatge of a PLR Product like the ones Doug puts together is that you have the specific gravity to put up a credible intial site and have a product to sell.

As time goes on you can build upon it and develop it into a significant site. That will be a lot easier to do, when you have traffic already flowing to it.

If you have any questions about what I am doing with these sites, how I am using the PLR or the Niche Profits Classroom, let me know.

The lessons I am learning here apply to mainstreet business. So if you are one of my brick and mortar clients or home staging friends, pay attention. The name of the game is marketing. And in today’s world while the product and circumstances may vary, many of the tools and strategies are the same or at least similar.

Create A Website, Follow-up with a Squidoo Lens

I am trying to practice what I preach. And so now that I have my Aroma Therapy Scents blog site up, I am writing an article a day pointing to a different page each day and using the keywords featured on that page. That is actually not to time consuming. I know the topic, I already have material to work with and a clear sense of the keywords I want to use. The article directories have been eating them up, with several already apporved.

The next step was to create a Squidoo Lens. Frankly, I largely cut and pasted articles from the web site into Squidoo, and then hyper linked the key words in each article back to the pages.  I added a lot of Amazon and eBay modules to the Lens, which should generate at least some sales. Time will tell. At the bottom of each text module I added a link to my sales page and to the home page, encouraging people to buy my Aroma Therapy Scents eBook and or sign up for my 10 day ecourse.

My main goal is to get backlinks to the web site. But Squidoo should also send some traffic my way and generate a few sales here and there.

Now I should probably go back and rework some of the text as they may be duplicate content as I just cut and pasted the articles. That will take a bit more time, but otherwise I have less than an hour into the Squidoo Lens, which is a real time bargain.  see: Aromatherapy Scents Squidoo Lens

I recommend that everyone with a web site, set up a Squidoo page. It may generate some revenues, but more importantly it provides backlinks and traffic.