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Posted by enetwal on Oct 13, 2010

If you are going to set goals, and you should, it doesn’t hurt to set them high.

To many of us fall into the trap of setting “easy” or “attainable goals.”  These are easy to reach and we don’t have to sweat a lot.  Not the way to play the game.

Of course, if you set unrealistic goals, they are the equivalent of no goals. You don’t believe them possible so you don’t worry about failing.  In fact you may as well not even try.

This paradox is one reason you should grab this new eBook by Anik Singal.   He’s actually gone from 0 to $32 million in sales in about 6 years.  While $32 million may seem like an unattainable goal, he breaks his progress down into 6 steps.

Now his first step is a big one. Zero to $300,000 but as you will see, it’s not imponderable. He’s done it and shows how. Once you see that, and then watch as he assembled the rest of his empire, you will begin to see what is possible.  And that’s far more powerful than fearing the problems and issues that face your life today.

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