Do You Hate The New Gmail Tabs? Here’s How To Fix Them

Lot’s of people are not happy with the new tabs on their Gmail Account. The biggest gripes are coming from internet marketers, whose posts are showing up with all the other junk in the “Promotions” tab.

But a lot of us, just plain don’t like the change at all as gmail users.

It is easy to change back to the old system.

3 Easy Steps to Restoring the Single Tab System

Find the Settings Wheel on the top right side of your Gmail Account, Click Configure Inbox, and then if you want it back the old way, unclick everything except “Primary” and Save.




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Fast Eddys Newest video -Door Security

One of my clients, Fast Eddy of Fast eddy’s Keys Express has made a new video. This time focusing on one aspect of his business, door security.

We have upgraded his approach with this video in a number of respects.

We have added a short but effect intro and exit, that he can use on all future videos. This will help better brand him, as well as provide an automatic call to action at the end of each video.

Fast Eddy wants prospective customers to call his, and thus that is exactly what we have added to the back end of the video.

Like many businesses, Eddy has multiple products. The most difficult to rank for on Google is his main keyword, Locksmith Minneapolis and/or Minneapolis Locksmith.

Working together, we have managed to get him listed both on organic search and most significantly in the Google Plus Local Pages 7 pack.

These are driving a lot of business to him on a daily basis.

But despite our ability to rank videos in a lot of other niches, for some reason we have been stymied in getting his earlier videos to rank for Locksmith Minneapolis and/or Minneapolis Locksmith.

So back to the drawing board.

In this newest video, I have added a couple of new ideas to assist in the ranking. Before uploading the video, I tagged it using MP3 Tag Software, which is a new trick I recently learned about.

This is in essence meta tag information on the video itself and includes our keyword in the title of the video itself, and in the tags associated with the video.

Also, I substituted my own captions for the automated captions Google’s voice recognition software came up with. The automated stuff has a long ways to go yet.

I also paid more attention to the tags I used on YouTube itself, making sure I listed my highest priority tags first.

These are new or newer steps I have not always done in the past.

I also used multiple annotations in this video, for some of the tags, specifically Minneapolis locksmith, maxi plate and super maxi plate, as well as a couple of additional annotations for effect.

My primary goal for this video is to get it to rank for Door hardware Minneapolis. Now most people who see it there are probably looking to buy hardware for do it yourself purposes. However, some may come to see Eddy as a possible resource. The good news for Eddy, is that it is likely that his video, once it is ranked is likely to stay ranked for months and years to come.

The secondary goal is to possibly rank for Locksmith Minneapolis, where we were unsuccessful in the past. Time will tell, whether the additional steps taken to rank this video will be enough to break through.

The ace in the hole, is that in addition to having this listed on his YouTube Channel, we have now started a YouTube Play List.

We will combine all of his current and future videos on this playlist. As time goes on, the play list itself can rank.

All of these efforts combined over time will lead to Fast Eddy’s Keys Express dominating the Google rankings for Minneapolis Locksmith.

One last comment. The video is what we call a “Talking Head Video.” For many businesses this is the easiest and also the most effective style of video.

One of the reasons it is so hard to rank for locksmith Minneapolis, is that their are tons of generic videos made by “lead Generation” sites that do not actually do locksmithing, but rather collect leads that they sell to locksmiths for a fee.

The talking head video in contrast shows a real person, and authenticity that converts into action a lot better, than animated videos that may be slicker, and or more engaging, but lack that essential element of being “real.”

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