Sharing videos for new client Bergo Environmental Services

My newest client is Bergo Environmental Services.

They offer Asbestos Abatement, Asbestos Surveys, Lead Paint Abatement, Mold Remediation and Fuel Oil Tank Removal Service in Minneapolis, MN and the West Suburban Communities of the city.

Our strategy to grow their business is to create a series of four videos targeted on these services and attempt to get the videos to rank for their specific keywords.

The first video is called: Gravity Octopus Furnace Removal Minneapolis – a sexy title don’t you think?  Well maybe not, but I bet it works to attract just those people who Bergo hopes to serve.

The Second Video of the series is called Lead Paint Removal Minneapolis and it uses the same template and music as the first.

The third video in the series is called Mold Removal and Remediation Minneapolis. That way I was able to get both of the major keywords, Mold removal and mold remediation in the title.


The final video for today is on Fuel Oil Tank Removal. It is daringly called, Fuel Oil Tank Removal Minneapolis 952-920-8920.

Where or where do I come up with these cliff hanger titles? :)

You can watch it here:

While my titles may be boring, the results are actually pretty exciting. In the time it took me to create this post, at least one of the videos is already ranking on the first page of Google results for the title phrase.

Now I use a couple of addition secrets to get this done. but sometimes a good (of boring) title is all it takes.  But not always. If there is a fair amount of competition in a given niche it will often take my entire kit bag of tricks and some time to get a video to rank.

If you would like to get some Youtube visibility for your business, contact me at enetwal @ .