Garment Clothing Rack Video Experiment

This post is primarily an experiment to see if I can retroactively boost the ranking of a video that I created some time ago.

The video was a screen capture review of a Squidoo Page I made promoting a variety of Garment Storage Rack Options Available from Amazon.

My goal was to earn commissions from sales as an Amazon affiliate. It has turned out to be one of my more successful Squidoo efforts in that regard, and my goal was to boost that.

On the day I am posting this, the video below is ranked number 98 for the term Garment Clothing Rack in the list of Videos on Google.  As such it is unlikely to drive a lot of traffic to my Garment Racks Clothing Racks Squidoo lens:

Garment Clothing racks review of options available from Amazon with buyers tips and display of three basic style options. Also current hot deals as well as accessories that would be of interest to people looking for a Garment or Clothing rack for home of commercial use.

This video is

and was created to lead people to so they can review their options when shopping for a clothing rack or garment rack of clothing racks or garment racks.