Print On Demand Printer Minneapolis Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

I just created a new YouTube video for Postal Dispatch Business Service Center. This time I focused on the Keyword, “Print on Demand Printer Minneapolis.”

It is one of the services they offer, that does not show up on the Google 7 pack and is relatively hard to rank for organically.

This makes it an ideal candidate to try ranking a with a video.

Time will tell how successful it will be, but I am optimistic. So far most of my efforts for Postal dispatch have been ranking videos in Bloomington, which is not a small suburb by any means. Not sure of its exact population, but its nearly 100,000 so its getting up there. Minneapolis though is 4-5 times as large and the name city in the region. (Sorry – St Paul) So most suburban businesses will try to rank as Minneapolis, even if not in the city proper. That means getting ranked there will take more effort.

About time I tried, don’t you think.