Ice Dam Prevention Minnetonka MN

Just posted a new video for a new client specializing in ice dam prevention. In this case we are focusing on getting his video to rank in the City of Minnetonka. Minnetonka has about 50,000 residents so a good sized suburb and yet should be relatively easy to rank for on the term “Ice Dam Prevention.”

It’s now the next day, and I have returned from my morning Toastmasters Meeting. I was pleased to see that not only did the new video show up on the first page of Google already, it was the top item. All in just 19 Hours.

New Client _ Another New Video

Fast Eddys Keys Express a Minneapolis Locksmith has become my newest client. In addition to setting up a Google Places and Google Plus Local Business page for him, I created a video as this helps the ranking of those pages.

With any luck the video itself may rank, although it is a tougher market niche.

On January 11, I created a variation for the City of Bloomington.

Video for Local Passport Photo Client

One of my local clients is the Postal Dispatch Business Center in Bloomington MN. They offer a wide range of services, too numerous to capture them all on their Google Plus Local Page listing.

One of their services is the taking of passport photos. While this is minor part of their business, it is not insignificant.

As a business service center, they hope to bring people to their location for one service and then once a relationship is established, bring them back for additional services over and over again.

The easiest way to promote such services turns out to be via Video. As shown below, I created a video featuring their Passport Photo service but also mentioning their other services as well.

Using a variety of techniques, I will get this video to rank on the first page of Google results for anyone in the area who searches for “passport photos.” There are relatively few competitors actively competing for this market so it should be relatively easy.

The take away I wish to share here is that sometimes it may be easier to rank for a smaller service and use that as a leader to bring prospects to your business. Of course, you still need to get the video seen, so you want to learn how to properly get it ranked. If you need help with that, contact me directly at enetwal @