Video Marketing – an Example Of How I Do It

In the example I am using today, we will market Garment or Clothes Racks that are available for sale on

I could buy a URL and set up a domain name with Garment Clothes Rack or similar keywords in the URL, and do a wordpress blog on the topic. But instead I am going to set up a Squidoo page because I am cheap and it doesn’t cost anything.

In addition, Squidoo already has authority in Google’s eyes. a lot more than a brand new website and blog would so I am a bit ahead of the game, and as I said it was free.

So I created

I then used screen capture software to in essence create a video of the Squidoo lens and posted it on YouTube.

When I set up the Youtube video I took some steps to optimize it so it would rank hihger in the YouTube search engine. One of the additional steps I took was embeding it here on my blog. YouTube likes to see their videos embedded on websites and blogs and if you do ecverything else right, just this one step can help a lot in getting it ranked for your keyword.

Which keyword, in this case the following: Garment Clothing Racks with the link going to the YouTube Video rather than the Squidoo page.

I have competition for this particular keyword, so in addition to the above, I have been sending backlinks, mostly in the form of bookmarks to the youtube video as well.

My hope is to eventually get it to rank not only on the top of YouTube for the term Garment Clothing Racks but also have it show up on the first page of the regular Google Search.