Bad Reviews Can Kill Your Business

Bad reviews can kill your business.

Now none of us is perfect, and we will occasionally blow it. It’s being human. But sometimes, we don’t deserve the bad review.

Check out the blog post on a new website called Get My Phone to Ring. It talks about a bad review from a disgruntled employee. But even better it leads to a free webinar that explains in detail what to do about it.

Video Makes A Difference

I have been doing more and more work with local clients. Among the things I like doing best for them is getting videos ranked so they show up on the first page of Google.

It is easier to do that often than it is to get their main web page ranked.

I just did three Animoto videos for one of my newer clients. We won’t win any academy awards for it, but I think it demonstrates their credentials well.

Now it may take a few weeks to actually get these to rank for our chosen keywords, but it will happen. And when it does, they will get new business, which will putĀ  a smile on their faces and mine.

Especially as they still do not have a website finished. Who says you need a website to get business online? (It does help though!)