Does Your Business Have an Invisible YouTube Video?

Did you spend money on a video for your business?  Has the investment paid off? Probably not if it’s not showing up on the first page of Google Results for your keyword. While YouTube is itself a huge search engine, the real profits occur when you can get that video to show up on a relevant Google search.

If you can get your YouTube Video to Rank on the first page of Google Search results you can get significantly enhanced visibility for your business in at least two ways.

First let’s look at the following two Google Searches. The first is a fairly typical search with ads on top followed by organic results below.

The next is similar, except that in this case a YouTube video is showing up on the page. What do you want to bet that listing gets more clicks than most of the others?

YouTube Videos Stand Out

I can’t prove it, but I have heard that these listings get a LOT more traffic because people like videos and also because it just stands out.

Now if the video does a good job at presenting your message and you have a good description which sends people to your page you are going to get good results.

The second reason this will help you get more business is that this video placement in no way keeps you from ranking your Google Places Page or Organic listing on the page as well. If you can get all three listed, people will virtually be stumbling all over you and as a result you will get a solid chance of doing business with almost everyone who searches for your keywords.

Do you have a YouTube Video That No One Sees?

Now many businesses have YouTube videos that are not ranking or showing up on the first page of Google. It takes a special effort and know how to get them ranking. And that is precisely the new service I am offering to local businesses.

I admit I am new at this myself, but I am so confident that I can get your existing YouTube video to rank, I am for the time being offer a zero down, no risk deal to the next handful of businesses that contact me.

There are some conditions. I need to be sure it will be worth my while, but here is the deal. Once we agree to work together, I will at no cost to you employ my techniques to get a copy of your existing video to rank on the first page of Google.

Once I do, and only after I do, you will pay me an agreed upon fee which we will negotiate upfront. (Depends on market, competition and difficulty level)

Once it’s up, you should start seeing results. If after 30 days of it’s being up, you decide it’s not working for you, for any reason whatsoever, you can contact me and I will refund your entire initial payment.

How’s that for a risk free offer?

Assuming it is working, you will pay the monthly fee via a paypal subscription. You will be ale to quit that at any time as well. No long term contracts.

Now to do this effectively, I can only work with one customer per niche per city. Otherwise the positive effects would get diluted. So if you have a video that sells your business, but that is not now ranking on the first page of Google, give me a holler.

This is a first come first serve deal. And my free upfront charge will disappear as soon as I get yours and a few other people’s testimonials. (And the monthly fee as well.)

Email me at enetwal @ and put “YouTube Offer” in the subject line so it doesn’t get overlooked when I wade through my email.


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