Work From Home Mastermind Formula

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Work From Home Mastermind Formula

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Work From Home Mastermind Formula

Commission Autopilot is A Huge Success!

Paul Ponna’s newly released Commission Autopilot software suite has blown me away.

I have long been an advocate of article marketing, but the truth is that article marketing while still an effective approach is not what it once was.

What I liked about article marketing was its dual role as a source of both traffic and backlinks. I use these for both my own affiliate marketing efforts and as a way of helping my offline clients get found online.

What Commission Autopilot does is focus on an entirely separate group of highly ranked internet sites that have existed for years but somehow stayed off the typical internet marketers radar. These are the document sites like Scribd.

I actually have had several items on Scribd for several years, but did not realize what potential the site offered until I saw the advance webinar Paul had for people on his list on New Year’s day.

Once I watched his webinar, I jumped on the product buying it for my own use, and made sure I was signed up as an affiliate to promote it. In this case, because it was too good not to share with the good people on my lists and who read my blogs.

Now I am a little disappointed, because Paul is using the traditional sales video with it’s standard sales format to promote the product now that it is available for general purchase. The webinar I watched was far more persuasive, because in it he actually showed more of the power of the software, it action vs. merely extolling it’s promise in the sales video.

The primary offer consists of two separate software products. The first makes it super easy to identify high quality articles based on any keyword you select, and allows you to attach your link to the front or back end of the article or both.

The second software element, distributes that article or articles to the top 18 document sites on the internet. Several of which are in the top ranks of all internet sites and get millions of viewers daily.

The bottom line is that these articles you post benefit from the high Google Page rank of these sites and show better than the traditional article marketing sites I have used in the past. They also pass Google Juice to my sites.

Since the articles are closely associated with the long tail keyword I initially seached with, they are highly targeted and the people who find then via Google or direct access through the site are just the people I want to see my affiliate offers or send to my blogs or other internet properties.

All of this is done in minutes once you learn the ropes. Yesterday, I create nearly a dozen projects, each of which resulted in 180 high ranking backlinks and will eventually send hundreds if not thousands of visitors to my targeted sites over time.

Paul is strongly hinting that he will be taking this site down shortly, and is scheduling training classes to help people learn how to utilize the software more effectively.

I am used to people saying things are in short supply, but in this case it may be true. I urge you to take a quick look. I bought in a flash once I saw it’s potential and think you should as well.


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