The Evolution of Google Search in 6 Minutes

Google published a short video I found worthwhile, outlining the history of search and showing an insight into its future. Search is what made Google the giant it is, because its focus from the start has been on the needs of the person doing the search.

My goal as a marketer is to put my products on the internet in such a way that they will be found by the people who are looking for them. Google is a key player in this process.  So while some people think of SEO work from a black hat perspective, trying to game the system, I tend to look at it from the white hat perspective of helping Google find the right content, my content, when that is what they are looking for.  Anyway, here is there video.

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Need Help Writing Niche Articles? Article Marketing Just Got Easier With Jiffy Articles.

If you are doing niche marketing online one of the key strategies for success remains article marketing.  There are services out there where you can buy articles, but if you are into doing it yourself there is a new free service you want to check out.  It’s called Jiffy Articles.

Jiffy Articles is the cure for writer’s block.  It’s a MASSIVE database of over 2,000 article templates combined with a web-based interface that walks you step-by-step through creating niche content using any of the templates you choose.

Dozens of categories are covered so far, and more will be added soon once user feedback comes in. I expect the number to grow rapidly as this is a service that makes it a lot easier for do it your selfers to focus and create worthwhile articles.

Here’s the kicker: while we’re beta testing Jiffy Articles, accounts are completely free.  At least for now. Check it out now while it is in Beta testing. If it pans out as I expect it to, you will want to be on board before the price tag gets put on it.


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