Spinning Articles? I Recommend The Best Spinner

There is some debate online about the way Google treats “duplicate content.”  The dominant view is that it matters and matters a great deal. I’m not completely sold, but nonetheless I do use a spinner on many of the articles I post in multiple locations. Just to be safe.

When I first encountered spinners, I was turned off.  The quality of the results was so poor I would have been embarrassed  to have my name associated with the results.  That has changed.  I actually use two different systems to do spinning, one of which is inside a link building machine called EZArticleLinkwhich I have  shared with you to some extent last month and the other is called appropriately, the Best Spinner.

The newest version, the 3.0 version has just been released, and at a reduced price of just $47 a year. A real bargain for such a powerful tool.


There are a lot of other software systems out there that use The Best Spinner as a part of their internal operations. The biggest and baddest of which is SENukeX, which allows me to magnify the reach of my link building by helping automate the process of sending out spun copy to the world with ease.

I mention SENukeX, because it is the top of the line system and could have paired up with any other spinner it wanted to, but choose The Best Spinner, simply because it is the best spinner.

If you understand the power of spinning articles, and are willing to learn how to do it the quickest and easiest way, I encourage you to get your own copy of The Best Spinner.

Your alternative is to go to Fiverr, and get someone to spin your articles for you for five bucks each. Most of them, use the Best Spinner although I can’t claim to know that they all do.

So if you like to do your own thing, or expect to need more than 10 articles spun a year, the best bet is the Best Spinner.

I use it, inside SENukeXand on its own.

I also use the EZ Articles service as well, but it’s coding is different making it harder to use outside EZArticleLink.  That’s why I suggest you get the Best Spinner, unless you already are a member of EZArticleLink, and even then if you are going to upgrade to the power of SENukeX at anytime in the coming year.

Good Tools are essential to long term success online. The Best Spinner is one of the best tools.

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