Making Money on Amazon: Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course

If you got anything out of the Ryan Deiss videos I was promoting here a week or so ago, or are at all aware of how Amazon has soared from wall street joke to Goliath you should appreciate this.  Amazon is one of the partners you want to line up with for the long haul.

I just started a new relationship by moving my newest eBook to the Kindle platform, but there is a lot more to Amazon of course beyond books, CD’s etc.  They sell everything. They do it well, and better yet, they ship for you.

As you may know, I started out as an eBayer. One of the best of the best trainers in that arena was Jim Cockrum. As you will see, he is the guiding light behind this new course, I think you should consider taking.  I promise you, he is solid, knows his stuff and a great mentor.

This could be just the game plan you have been looking for and its a lot simpler than most of this internet stuff.

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WP Social Pipes – Powerful New Plug In Gains Top Google Rankings

This new plug in is selling like crazy as a WSO Special and for good reason. It simplifies the effective use of significant social media sites to drive powerful backlinks to your web posts automatically, once you have it installed and set up on your wordpress blog.

WP Social Pipes

Listen to the developer’s description below and then get your copy today.

I think this one is a winner. The developer has several more videos showing how this whole thing works on the WSO sales page. Take a few minutes to watch them all and I am pretty sure you will be impressed. I was.

WP Social Pipes

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Google Plus One – Viral Plus One Plugin

Google +1 is already blowing its way to the top of the heap and it’s not even officially launched yet. I am convinced it will eventually eclipse Facebook and is some respect already has.

For one thing the circles that are central to +1 will give those of us with many faceted lives the opportunity to control our output and direct it to only those people we wish to communicate with, rather than the entire free world who we have happened to friend along the way.

As a marketer, I have multiple niches, not to mention family, friends and associations via my political and other social interactions. In the facebook world, all would get the same messages. In the Google +1 world, I can send messages to my body building niche to just my body building niche and not also to my home staging niche or any of my other associations.

Now the new +1 system is not fully released and changes are continuing to be made. What is clear is that one new aspect that will be related to this new system is the idea of +1 ing posts, web sites etc. These votes will be similar to “likes” on facebook, but may have more significance as time goes on and have a material bearing on rankings in the Google search engine.

The exact impact of this all is not clear at this point, but it is pretty sure bet that the more +1’s a site can get the better.

As a result I bought a new WordPress Plugin that will help me generate more of these soon to be valuable +1 ‘s by putting a +1 logo at the top and/or bottom of each blog post automatically.

I can also configure it to post within posts, and even have flyovers at scheduled times to encourage people to give me +1s.

Now many people will wait till it’s obvious that such a thing is needed. I think I am ahead of the game on this one, and that I will benefit by being an early adapter.

Google’s struck out in the past in its social networking efforts, but I think it’s finally got its act together on this one. This was a cheap purchase, and represents my first step to really getting a handle on +1. But I feel strong enough about it to recommend you consider adding the plug in to your blogs.

It’s Called Viral Plus One

Word Press Sniper Review Theme Is Live…

If you do any review blogging at all you probably know how difficult it can be to find a blog theme to match your niche.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to find one theme that suits all niches, cuts down your workload,and increases your conversion rates as well.

But not anymore!

In A Hurry? Click Here:

Now you can grab this ONE brand new blog theme and use it on ALL your review blogs, regardless of what niche you’re in…

This custom-coded, ready-to-go, plug ‘n play, fully customizable review theme is exactly what you’ve been looking for:

The Sniper Review Theme:

* Includes the ability to add your own header image or simply use tags to create a title.
* Has a built-in custom WordPress menu
* Includes 5 different color schemes
* Is iPhone compatible!
* And More…

Just go see for yourself and grab your copy now:


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Now ON Kindle: How To Get ON Google Maps

I am pleased to announce that my newest eBook, How to Get On Google Maps has been accepted for sale as a Kindle eBook by Amazon.

I am thrilled to have Amazon as a marketing partner. In addition to my work being available there for use by Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, PC, and Mac users.

In addition you can buy and download a pdf copy directly from How to Get On Google Maps.

Product Description
Every Business Needs New Customers.

This Kindle book describes the easiest and most effective way to get new customers for main street businesses serving a local area or region. The tools and insights provided are applicable to single establishments and chains with multiple locations.

In this book you will learn how to get your business “Found” by prospective customers by ranking high on the Google Places Pages, which are today’s answer to the now obsolete yellow pages of the last century.

Not only will you learn how to claim and set up your Google Places pages properly, you will gain insights into some of the best online marketing tactics of the day.

You will learn how to do effective keyword search using free tools. Tools that will not only allow you to better understand your own customer demands, but also to spy on your competitors and discover their secrets.

You will understand the three main ways to get of top of the search results on Google.

The specific step by step instructions to make sure your Google Places Information is complete, and what is important and what isn’t so that you show up on the favored 7 pack that Google Displays on its Map.

You will discover why you need to and how to create videos and learn about a free service you can use to create animated videos with special effects that will wow your viewers.

You will discover which other directories in addition to Google Places you want to get listed in, including Bing and Yahoo and nine others.

You will also learn of an inexpensive short cut you can take to minimize the time and effort required to complete these listings and gain valuable “citation” support for your listing.

As importantly, you will learn what not to buy.

You will also learn about a free Google service you can use to monitor your own reputation and to keep an eye on your competitors so you know what they are up to.

And finally, you will get a quick glimpse at the significant change that will render many of your competitors web pages obsolete. This same change will work to your advantage when you apply the lessons of this powerful “how to” book.

The End of the Web (As We Know It) Free Ebook

Based on alarming new data, Ryan Deiss is predicting the World Wide Web as we know it, as independent direct marketers, will be dead in 18 to 24 months.

Ryan’s outlined his findings in a shocking new report he’s calling: The “End of The Web?” Report

You can get a complimentary copy right now by clicking the link below:

Inside the report Ryan will reveal…

* The 3 giant companies who are KILLING online “mom and pops”
(like YOU!) using an old Walmart strategy…and how you can PARTNER
with them. (Yep, if you can’t beat ’em it’s best just to join ’em…)

* Why cheap, easy traffic (i.e. Google AdWords) has all but dried up, and the “Brute Force” traffic strategy that is more reliable and less expensive than Google…

* The “5 Phases of Technology” and why the transition from Phase 4 to Phase 5 will render most online businesses impotent over the next 12 – 18 months…

* The $200,000 “bet” I make every 30 days, and how you can follow my lead and cash-in on the largest wealth transfer the web has ever known…

* How the most common gadget in the world is killing traditional eCommerce, and why tactics like upsells and continuity may be gone forever. (There is a solution to this mess, but you have to read the report to see what it is…)

and much, much more…

Claim your free copy of his 24 page report NOW before he’s forced to remove it from the web.

Click the link below to claim your free copy now:

Ryan realizes that he’s making some very bold statements that could come back to haunt him, but he’s willing to risk his reputation to make sure that you don’t get blindsided by these massive shifts in the marketplace.

That alone just move this report to the top of my reading list!

Listen, I know this must sound like a very doom and gloom message, but Ryan assures me there is a rainbow, if you know where to look, and pot of gold too.

He believes that he’s figured out a way for few of us to profit from the coming changes. The report outlines the entire process, along with Ryan’s research data and proof points to inside the report.

Go grab your complimentary copy now Click Here =>

I’m sure that some people will say that Ryan’s being over dramatic or that he’s gotten too emotionally attached to his ideas, but I think that you’ll see: the facts back him up 100%.

Grab a copy of the End of the Web report now for FREE:


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