Killer Content Can Catapult Your Success

The newly released Killer Content program designed by Socrates Socratous has been released today to the general public.  It has caught my attention and is well worth a serious look by anyone looking for an effective strategy to make money online.

It’s called Killer Content, and it merits that attention in two ways.  First there is a huge amount of content, but the fact that it is organized into 980 different niches is outstanding.  It makes it possible for new or established marketers to readily assemble useful killer content that will meet their needs in any of these niches.

Well over one hundred and fifty thousand articles are indexed into easy to access content you can use to create articles, blog posts and even entire final products. Better yet, it is easily searchable by keyword which greatly expands its value to the niche marketer.

While the content is powerful and makes it possible for anyone to quickly assemble useful material in hundreds of profitable niches, the built in automation features of the program make it a real, “Wow!”

It includes a state of the art search engine, built in custom spinner, automatic push button ebook creator, Multi-site timed autoblogging, dummy-proof web 2.0 dashboard, training, copyscape integration, and more.  Of note they are planning on adding new content on an ongoing basis and have a dedicated 6 person support team to help even the newest internet marketer learn how to maximize the potential of this power game plan.

If you are looking for a solid game plan that you can ride to financial success you owe it to yourself to give this a serious look.

To learn more go here now: Killer Content

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Are you graphically challenged?

Are you graphically challenged?
You’re not alone. Many people have difficulty when it comes to creating quality graphics for their web sites and other online properties.
That’s why I recommend people invest in a solid package of pre-built graphics they can use as needed, when needed.
Here’s a good one you can start with that’s really inexpensive and will get you off to a good start.
Grab it now, so you will have it when you need it.
I’ve used various packages myself in the past.  This one is about as cheap as they come.  As such this is great for those who prefer not to pay $100 and hour or so for a graphics artist to design their pages.
Now if you have a high priced product or a high profile site you want to knock the socks off visitors, you should really consider hiring professional artists. But for most run of the mill projects a set of graphic tools like this is more than adequate to the task.

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Making Money With Facebook

Question:   Can you really make a lot of money online with Facebook fan pages?  In just 17 minutes per day?

Well, Austin Walsh has helped celebrities such as Mark Victor Hansen, Gary Goldstein and Stephen Pierce boost their monthly incomes by showing them how to quickly get thousands of Facebook fans.

I found his 17 minutes on facebook hard to believe when I first encountered Austin about a year ago, but found that it was possible to keep myself active on Facebook and more important not wasting a ton of time on it, when I followed Austin’s advice.

Being three times as old as he is, that was a bit of a pill for me, but the kids got his act together, and I’ve learned not to discount him just because of his youth.

Now it may be your turn. Take a look for yourself – I’m told Austin’s Facebook Fans System is only going to be available for a few days at that insanely low
price. So do it now.

You can get a look at it here:

Many people say the bonuses alone are worth the price of the course… especially the video of Austin’s talk he gave at a $1997 seminar. Be sure to check them out.

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Learning about HTML – HTML Tutorial for Beginners

In high school some multiple decades ago, I learned a bit of Spanish, I was even president of my High School Spanish Club. Now what I retain today is just a smattering of words, enough to get me by looking for the bathrooms etc. So when traveling, my best bet remains to carry a Spanish English dictionary.

The same is kind of true with my internet experience and my lack of familiarity with the basic HTML. As time has passed, I’ve mastered most of the basics that I need to set up and make changes to web sites, and related HTML documents. But in the beginning, I found myself constantly googling for help every time I needed to remember some code to insert an email or create a bulleted list.  It was a hunt and peck way of learning about html.

Now Google is great, but it sometimes took me two or three listings to actually find what I needed. Then a few weeks later, I would need to search it all over again as I lost my short term memory some time ago.

Eventually, I came across a useful summary of the main basics of HTML that focused on the essentials. That was many years ago now, but I still from time to time find myself digging out my copy which I keep near my computer.

For me, it is easier to find something from a printed manual, and that’s what I did. I bought the report and then printed out the back portion of it because I am too cheap to print the whole thing. This has been a lifesaver for me for years now and I have since shared this same volume with hundreds of people.  The book by Terry Jett is called HTML in Simple Terms.

I don’t know that this is the best volume on the topic, but it has been everything I have needed and may be all you need as well.

I think it is a solid html tutorial for beginners. If you have found yourself searching for some HTML “how to”  information you may well want to grab a copy for yourself.  You can get your own copy and begin learning html basics in no time by going to

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Internet Marketing: The Basics – Where to Start

I am preparing a new email sequence for a list that will include many new aspirants to internet marketing. In doing so, I am thinking about the essential truths I can share with them, as an older brother or uncle might.

Many who are exploring internet marketing are doing so from a position of need, meaning that they have little in excess resources to apply to the game. The good news is that it is possible to learn virtually all you need for free if you set your mind to it. There are some inescapable expenses which include computer/internet access, web hosting and an auto-responder.

The critical first step, the crossing of the Rubicon for many emerging marketers – passing from thinking about it to doing it – is the acquisition of an auto-responder service. This monthly cost represents a financial commitment that is purely business oriented. It is potentially a very powerful and lucrative tool, if you put it to good use. As you will never stop hearing, the money is in the list. And the list is on the auto-responder or it’s not worth having.

The hardest part of any list is the first several hundred list members. It’s often slow going at first, which is all the more reason why you want to start building your list as soon as possible.

As your list grows, your ability to grow your list does as well. Joint venture opportunities begin to present themselves. One big break through for me occurred when I learned about Ad Swapping. I was able to multiply my list from 1500 to nearly 7500 in less than a year.

Even now I participate in a swap group at Ultra Swaps. Once you have a list of 500 or so, you should focus on doing swaps.  But I digress.

The real message I want to share is, you are probably not in business until you get that autoresponder set up.  Once you do, you will need to learn how to maintain it and make it work for you.  You could wait till you got that all figured out, or you can take a plunge get the service and learn as you go.

I am a strong believer in taking the plunge. You ain’t never gunna know it all.

Get your auto responder, start paying a monthly bill and make it justify its cost.  Yes you will need to learn and do a lot of other things to make it work.  But you need to do that anyway, if you are going to be in business online. This just gets you off the dime and on your way.

Now I actually have two different auto-responders, which isn’t necessary.  Of the two, I would recommend you go with Aweber. If you are already with one of the other big names, don’t worry, most of them do a great job as well.

Once you start with an auto-responder company you are pretty much signing on for life, so it’s good to go with a quality service.  It can be hard to migrate lists at a later date.

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