QR Codes – They’re Everywhere

You’ve seen them, maybe not even knowing what they are or how they work. Well the good news is that I have found a short, if older, video that will help you out a lot if you are new to QR codes.

QR Codes Everywhere

QR Code, you say? See QR Codes in action, learn how they work, and get a quick explanation of their history with Dan S. Robbins of Creative Search Media.

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Easy PLR – Private Label Rights Article Packs – A Review

Product: Easy PLR

Where You Can Buy It: Easy PLR

Product Description: Private Label Rights Article Packs

This site offers private label rights articles which are sold in packs to web publishers looking for top quality content for their websites or blogs. This site also sells content to offline publishers like local parenting magazines and coffee table book publishers.

Who This Product is Intended For: The customers at EasyPLR are website or blog owners who are interested in adding quality content to their website or blog to give added value for their readers. These people are usually in the market for unique, quality content, but cannot afford to pay ghostwriters higher prices. Their solution is to purchase quality PLR and edit it to become unique and their own.

Uses: Use the PLR articles from EasyPLR for blog posts, articles in your newsletter, or to create e-courses for your auto-responder. Pull the articles together in a document, add graphics, and turn it into a pdf. Then, offer that pdf as a freebie to your list. Create an information product, put your name on it and sell it. The uses are only limited by your imagination.

Pros: EasyPLR offers affordable articles. They always have many different topics to choose from. The articles are top quality, written by a paid writer, and then also edited by a second writer.

The articles can be personalized to better fit your site and you can claim them as your own. The people at EasyPLR only sell a limited amount of articles in each topic so you aren’t regurgitating the same stuff everyone else is. The other benefit of choosing Easy PLR is that there is no membership required. You can shop just for what you need – and get what you need without loading up on miscellaneous content.

The folks at EasyPLR also include suggested affiliate programs to monetize the PLR that you purchase.

Cons: The content will not be original to you. However, unlike most PLR sites, the packs are sold in very limited quantities.

The only other negative for this site is that I can’t always find content on the topic that I’m looking for. However, the quality more than makes up for that when I can find the topic I’m looking for. One way to get around this, although you will have to wait a bit longer, is to send an email and request a certain topic. Usually, they will have an article pack written up at customer requests.

Personal Opinion: EasyPLR.com allows me to provide my readers with quality information while saving me time (it’s available when I need it) and money (no ghostwriters or PLR memberships)

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First Link Priority – Are You Shooting Yourself In the Foot?

Here is an SEO tip I picked up from my Market Samurai friends. It concerns something called the First Link Priority, which can hurt your ranking chances without your being fully aware of it.

They suggest some options in the video.  Perhaps the simplest is to not link your images on some pages. But there are other approaches as discussed.

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How To Decide Which Clickbank Product to Promote.

As affiliate marketers we often rely on Clickbank for inventory to sell.  It offers products to sell in a lot of different niches.  Quite a few in many of the more lucrative fields.  Some pay to promote, others may not perform.

Deciding is a complex mix of knowing your competition, the quality of the site, its products, gravity, and trend lines, etc.  Some pay more,  some have residuals.  We can analyze all the above or rely on pure guess work.

Now in the past, I looked and ultimately kind of grabbed a product and ran with it, if only to get the experience.

But as you get more systematic and start following a plan of consistent action for massive results, you want to focus on the best products, which when coupled with your best efforts yields maximum profit.

But you can’t be wasting your time researching the sales page of junky Clickbank products that won’t sell. Your time is too valuable.  Instead spend your time focused on the best options and use the ones that best fit your particular niche and approach. Your results will be better, for the same amount of effort.

There is an easy way to discover the best performers.

Brad Callen introduced a free plug in for Firefox, that highlights the best performers from among all the products listed on Clickbank.

It’s easy to install.  I have, and it works great.

The plug in color codes each product offering on Clickbank, and reports critical information on its marketability.  Those colored green, met a set of standards for marketability that is proprietary to the product. The red ones didn’t and are to be avoided.

You will succeed faster by focusing on those products with stronger prospects.

The one rub is that it’s kind of a black box.  We don’t really know the full contents of the equation they use to decide who gets green and red and why.  But we can get a pretty good idea by listening to their introductory video. Enough to make a decision on.


Do you think it makes sense to try it for a while? Would it help you find better products to promote?

The basic version is free so you can test drive it for years if you want.

Once it’s working for you, upgrade to the paid version, but no need to do that now. Unless you want to.., of course.

Whether you are working facebook, twitter, blogs, email marketing, moble or more, Clickbank is a huge resource – no matter what your niches.

Your objective is to promote the cream of the crop, not the poor performers.

This free tool will eliminate 80% of the clutter, so you can focus on the 20% of solid offers that will pay you for your efforts.



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Free Gift for Clickbank Users

If you are doing affiliate marketing and use clickbank as one of your primary resources for product to sell, you will want to grab this free plug in created by Brad Callen for Firefox users.


One of the most important steps in promoting an affiliate product is in picking just which products you want to promote.  This new FREE tool will let you see a lot more information than you can get from Clickbank itself.

Most people I know, rely on gravity scores to make their decisions. While gravity is a useful aid, it can be very misleading, and most importantly, its an incomplete means of judging.

If you are going to the trouble of setting up a full fledged marketing campaign you want to start off with a quality product with some upside. This new firefox plugin will help you do that.

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SENuke – A Big Boy Tool – Big Girls too!

One of the challenges for new people to internet marketing is the need to not only know what to do, but to do it on a massive scale. The beauty is that you can, IF you have the correct tools.

You can try to get by with free tools and hand me down tools to learn the ropes, and most people probably should do it that way. But once you understand the role that building backlinks represents to your websites or those of your clients, you must investigate systems you can employ to make it an easier, and more powerful part of your operations.

The massive action available to you from powerful tools makes it possible for you to develop much more effective sites with much less time and effort. The downside is that you need to pay for advanced tools to do this. Sorry, the professional tools don’t get given away like the starter tools and ebooks you may be used to.

The good news is that you can often get a free trial, to help you see if the tools is right for you. Why wouldn’t it be? Well, maybe you are not ready for the power of some of them. Or perhaps you don’t understand how to take advantage of them yet. It make little sense to buy a professional tool like SENuke unless you are ready to put it to work for you.

There is just one exception to that, and that is when you know you are committed to learning what you need to know and can get a great deal by acting quickly. That may be the case here, and during the launch of the powerfully enhanced SENUKE they are offering a one time lifetime access that is a dead simple decision for long time user like me. I will let them explain the special for you inside.

Now if your not a big kid yet on the internet marketing circuit, you probably shouldn’t be buying this today. But you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at its capabilities if only to know what is possible. It might also show you a bit about why your occasional article to the article directories is not flooding your account with new sales.

Success takes massive action as I said above, take some time to check out the spanking new version of SENUKE and if you are a big girl or big boy online, take the plunge.

Once you do, you will be able to blow away your competition in thousands of different niches and actually start making some real money online.

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