Traffic Getting and List Building Some New Ideas

Getting traffic and list building are the heart of internet marketing. Traffic equals new faces seeing your offer, a list is the tangible remainder of a lot of traffic.

Traffic is like the drip drip drip of water seeping down from the roof of a cave, the resulting list is the stalactite or stalagmite that remains after time. A visible tangible result of lots of traffic over time.

Not to stretch the metaphor too far, the richer the content the faster the pillars of your list grow.  But getting that initial drip going is the key to long term success.

So far in my career online, I have used a number of techniques to get my list to grow. I’ve used pay per click, blogging, giveaways and ad swaps. Each of the approaches have worked, even though I haven’t always optimized my approaches to the tactics.

This past weekend I discovered that I have been missing out on a whole series of other approaches to generating traffic and ultimately list building that I just didn’t know about, or if I did know about them, was not taking seriously enough.

Upon making the discovery, I decided not to kick myself in the pants, but rather to start taking advantage of the new ideas. But first, I felt obliged to share. Now the fact that there is an affiliate commission in it for me is only part of my motivation.  I genuinely think most of my readers will discover a lot of new ideas in this package.  Frankly, I’ve only made if though the first 3 and a half modules of twenty and I am already blown away.

In fact the very first module called eBook syndication got me so excited, I almost stopped right then and there in and urge to dive right in. It’s so easy, and I already have tons of material I can use to make it work.  My guess is that you do as well, if you have been active online for any period of time. What’s even better is that this can be used by rank newbies starting out.

Now I can’t give a full review, cause as I said, I’ve only started to scratch the surface, but there was so much gold lying on the ground, I didn’t need to do an extensive dig to discover enough value to justify my recommending this to you.

Click on the offer below. Get the freebie, but do more than that. Watch her video and imagine what you would do if you were able to grow your list at the rate of 3000 a month.

Frankly, despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to come close to that. With what I have learned so far, that no longer seems like an unreasonable goal. Not without effort, mind you, but not unrealistic either.

The program is called the Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach. At first glance those of you familiar with my friend Marlon Sanders will see a distinct similarity in look. These tactics may be as old as Marlon as well, but they are new to me, and I think they will be new to most of you as well.

If you end up discovering that you knew them all already, you can ask for a refund, but I don’t think you will. If you are like me, you will be too busy building new traffic resources for your business.

Click on the link above and watch the video. Then do yourself a favor and grab your copy. Don’t worry, the price is extremely reasonable.

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Facebook Training & Make A Wish Benefit

The secret to getting the traffic you need to your web site in clearly shifting to the Facebook side of the equation.  And while I use facebook, and have promoted various programs dealing with it, I am far from and expert.

That’s why I am taking part in this Friday’s Black Friday Bootcamp, that been put together by Ryan Deiss.

It costs $7, with the $7 going to the Make a Wish Foundation to help kids with terminal illnesses get a last wish. A great cause, and one I could easily get behind but frankly, I’m interested in the opportunity to hear from Ryan, and the panel he has assembled.

It includes, in addition to Ryan who is no slouch when it comes to Facebook, Kate Buck, Shane Stearns, Laura Betterly and Julian Farley. They will cover, Facebook Ads, Fan Pages, Contests, Mobile and SEO all from a Facebook perspective.

The content will be totally awesome, worth well more than the charitable contribution they are asking. In fact, they intend to sell the recording afterward for in excess of $100.

It starts at 10:00AM CST on Friday. When everyone is out spending up a storm, you could be listening in on one of the most powerful seminars online. A seminar that will help set you up for a far more profitable 2011 because you took the time to get a handle on the new strategies you need to make Facebook your ally, and not just a time waster.

It will be replayed Friday night at 7PM for those unable to participate in the morning and/or want to listen in again.

If that wasn’t enough, Ryan is throwing in his $197 Facebook Adpower Training for free to everyone who signs up for this special event.

Ryan just advised me that they have already raised over $16,000 for the Make a Wish foundation so far. At $7 a head that’s at least 2,285 people who have signed up. So you can see this isn’t just another internet marketing promotion.

Join me and Ryan and the rest of his panel this Friday, learn some powerful new information that we can all bank in the coming year and help the Make a Wish Foundation in the meanwhile.  If you ask me, that’s a great way to spend a portion of your Thanksgiving weekend.

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Want a Big Affiliate Paycheck?

Glen Hopkins has been teaching internet marketers list building for years.  I think he did his first eBook on the subject 7 years ago. For the past several years, I have been promoting his Net Success Formula. With some success for myself and those who have been wise enough to take him up on his offer.
Glen Hopkins has recently announced that he is launching Lucrative List Secrets 2.0 on November 29th!

He has asked me to recruit potential JV partners to assist in getting the word out.  I’ve mailed my lists, but want to make sure that all my blog readers hae a chance to get in on this launch as well.

This is your chance to make BIG $1,000 commissions and even BIGGER prizes including a cars, motorcycle and more! In fact, EVERYONE wins a prize :)

Get signed up right away and mark your calendar.

Once you sign up you will find that Glen’s provided a quick list of things you can do to promote even if you do not have a sizable list yet.
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Am I Doing It All Wrong?

I’ve been posting to a number of different blogs over the past several years.  But I can’t claim that I have made a great deal of money from my blogs.  Oh I get some opt ins, and send people to an affiliate offer from time to time.  I also enjoy pontificating on topics, and teaching others.  But money making hasn’t been the main motivation, because had it been, I would have stopped long ago.

And maybe I should stop now.

I just watched a short video by David Walker.  He’s a UK based marketer who I interviewed as part of my Messages from the Battle Front series I produced earlier in the year.

In it he reveals what he calls the $100,000 blogging secret. And while I’m not sure I’d value the secret he shares at $100,000 I will say it got me thinking.

I owe it to him to keep mum on the secret, although I am using it right now as I pen this post to you.  Can you guess what it is?

Now he isn’t charging a dime for this secret so there is no reason for you to not check it out. When you do, I’d love to have you tell me what you think. Just come back here and comment on this blog post.

I set the link to open in a new window, so you should be able to get back here without any difficulty.

Looking forward to hearing what you think.

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Google 7 Pack: How to Get Listed on the Google Places 7 Pack Map

There are now three ways for a local business to get high visibility on Google Searches. You can buy pay per click advertising. You can get highly ranked for organic search. And you can get listed in Google Places, formerly Google Map.

Minneapolis Plumbers Google Map
Minneapolis Plumbers Google Map

I have just completed a short report that discusses how to get listed in Google Places. Now some businesses have been automatically included by Google, which is good…but you need to claim that listing as the owner of the company, and then finish filling out the listing form.

If you are not listed on Google Places, you want to be. All it takes is filling out a form. In my report I identify some tips you want to take into account when you fill it out.

Google wants these to be fully filled out, it helps build their data base after all. The more complete the listing form, the more likely your business will get selected to be one of the 7 businesses highlighted in the “7 Pack”

The Google Places listing trumps many businesses who managed to get to the first page of Google using SEO techniques. Usually the top two organic search results still appear above the “Map,” so organic search still is well worth fighting for, but there is a new element to the equation.

Once you have filled in their form, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of getting listed in the 7 pack. I discuss these in the report.

Now I can’t guarantee you will make it to the top 7, but I do guarantee my report. It’s only $9.97 and if you don’t like it for any reason, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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