Don’t Want to Do It Yourself? Easy Internet Marketing

Now I am a do it your-selfer. That’s my strength and weakness.

That said, I have to admit that the package put together by New Zealand based internet millionaire Mark Ling is an exceptional “done for you” ticket to success online.

One caveat, you will still need to learn how to drive traffic to these beautiful sites he has prepared for you, but you won’t need to worry about finding a niche, preparing a web site, creating an eBook (Actually you will get three per niche for a total of 15 to sell or giveaway) and even graphics are well done with many variations so your products look unique.

And he does much more than that. The hardest task from my point of view is the creating of followup emails.  With this package you get a ton of those as well and instructions on when to send them. Best yet, he has included a nice complement of “Hard Sell” follow-up emails which when combined with the rest of the quality sequence is sure to convert well.

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Is Google Broken? Get the Perpetual Traffic Report

One of the first eBooks I wrote from scratch was my Main Street Rises to the Top of the  Search Engines.  I’ve distributed almost 2000 copies of it over the past 16 months.  During the research phase I gathered information from many different authors, membership sites and more.

During that process, I was able to form judgments on people and their comments. Some were into black hat techniques to fool or beat Google at their own game.  Others were more interested in doing “natural” SEO tactics designed to promote their sites but not to “Game” the system.  These guys often sounded a little defensive pleading the case to do it right and not suffer the potential negatives of Black Hat techniques because despite the fact that the techniques work, they and or their sites will eventually be found out by Google and they will need to start from scratch.

Well, maybe its my temperament, but I have firmly joined the White Hat guys and encourage you to do so as well.

Now the truth is that there are a lot of people teaching and doing SEO the right way. But the other thing I found out when doing my research is that there are several major disagreement as to what is the right way.

One of the best new pieces of information I have seen on doing SEO the right way has just been released by Ryan Deiss.

He has issued several new reports as part of a new launch he is doing tomorrow.  Frankly, I wish I had taken the time to read his emails a bit earlier as I am getting on the bandwagon late.

I did however really enjoy his new take on the current status of SEO considerations in the current Google environment.

The new Caffeine rollout by Google appears to return to the key basics that underlined the approach I taught 16 months ago.

There are three major components according to Ryan, Page set up which includes all the meta tags, keyword placements on the page, etc. as one component.

Effective backlinks is the second part of the triad, and here is where Ryan adds some new free tools to the equation.  If you sign up for the free eBook in the link below, you will probably be able to get them as well, depending on how long Ryan leaves them up. (Word to the wise – These often come down once a launch goes live or shortly after so don’t dawdle. )

Finally, the third element in the equation is evidence of human activity.  I like this. I see so many people selling web site with gobblie gook articles, RSS feed only content all on automatic pilot, all designed so no one really bothers to read the articles, but may click on an adsense ad or affiliate ad.

The presence of human activity, blog posts, comments etc as well as content that people go to an actually read, is now being rewarded. And it should be.

These three things, page set up, backlinks and human activity are the foundation now of Google’s Ranking algorithm.  This third element is not fully discussed my me eBook, but the other two are and most if not all of what I have written there is still current and valid. Particularly the on page factors.

At any rate, I encourage you to sign-up and download Ryan’s Perpetual Traffic Report. It will give you a solid history of the Google changes to its ranking approach and will show you where you need to focus your attention today.

Perpetual Traffic Report

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Well I did the interview…

I enjoyed my interview with Henry Gold last Tuesday.  I hope you had a chance to listen in.

I will admit to wishing for a bit of a do over.  Not sure I was fully prepared for the line of questioning.  It might have been a good idea for me to schedule my interview for a later date. That would have allowed me to listen in on some of the others.

You will be getting regular emails from Henry about each of the upcoming interviews. There are at least 35 of them. Catch as many as you can.  You really will learn more from eavesdropping on these interviews than you will in most eBooks or even some membership sites.

As to the interview I don’t think I had a defined enough of a message for the opportunity. But I did have a chance to ask Henry a Question that I had, and he hit me with a 2X4.

Now I’m not going into the advice he gave me, because it was just that advice for me. But I will tell you, it scrapped the right scab on my business plan.

Now that means that I’ve got a bit of a sore I need to address.  That is the magic of Henry Gold. He identifies the things you need to work on, to be successful.

Now I haven’t revamped everything overnight, but I am acting on the advice I got.

Listen in, perhaps all the other interviews will be different than mine. What I do know though is that at least one person learned something from my interview and that was me.

Listen in to the interviews for free. The final product that gets assembled as a result probably won’t be free. Listen in live for best effect and because you can ask your own questions as well. Register for Destroy Gurus Now:  Click on the Banner.

The Micro Business Specialist On the Hot Seat

Well I admit it.  I’m a little nervous about an interview I am doing next Tuesday at 1PM EDT with Henry Gold.

I am one of 35 internet marketers Henry is interrogating as part of his “Destroy Gurus” program.  I’m hoping you will listen in to give me some moral support.

I’m not sure I like this “Destroy” idea. He’s talking about ripping into us with tough but fair questions. Kind of disconcerting.

Henry’s ultimate goal is positive however.  His hope is that this series of interviews will help new and established marketers pick up some useful tips.

As many of you know, I believe in this concept of learning from others. That’s why I did my Blog Talk Radio series I called Yearlings.  If you listened in to any of them, you know that such interviews can be packed with actionable information.

I expect to have the 7 interviews I did packaged into a product by the end of this month, although I am having to learn some new skills in the process of creating it. I encourage you to keep an eye out for my product, but in the meantime please listen in to the Henry’s Destroy Gurus series.

You need to sign up for it, but don’t worry its free.  Just go to

Doing interviews like this is just one of 7 ways I know of to create information products.  And in many ways it’s the easiest.  I describe all seven in one of the modules of my 8 part Internet Marketing Intensive series.

As part of Henry’s Destroy Guru’s program I am offering the module on Information Product Creation as a free gift. So if for no other reason sign up so you can grab this for yourself.

Now finally, the selfish reason I have for asking you to attend my interview is that Henry’s got a contest going for the 35 of us involved.  People who listen to the interviews will be asked to vote on the value of the content we provide. I’m hoping you will not only listen, but give me your vote.

I will do my best in return to offer useful material based on my experience to date.

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Advance Notice for AffilioJetPack

I’ve had a chance to review a new product that will be coming out at the end of the month.  It’s not available yet, as they are in pre-launch mode.

At first glance, it’s hard to know who Mark Ling is aiming his new AffiloJetpack product at.

Mark is widely respected in the internet marketing industry for his direct, no-hype approach to teaching affiliate marketing. His previous products have been the highly-praised step-by-step AffiloBlueprint course (aimed squarely at beginner affiliates), while his Affilorama Premium product continues to draw more advanced subscribers to its monthly tools/tips/hosting package.

But I’m confused about AffiloJetpack.

On one hand it looks to be targeted at complete newcomers to affiliate marketing, but on the other hand it seems to be pressing hot-buttons for more experienced affiliates.

For people who are completely new to internet marketing, Mark has identified a number of hurdles that stand between the average Joe Newbie and affiliate riches, and he seems intent on smashing every one of them.

The first hurdle that he says trips people up is in choosing a niche to target. I can’t disagree with that. I’ve seen affiliates spend weeks and months deliberating over a niche. So for AffiloJetpack to come along with TEN niches hand-picked by Mark Ling himself and PROVEN to be winners… well, that’s certainly going to help some newbies out.

(And maybe even some more experienced affiliates who are looking for a niche to go into next.)

The second hurdle Mark identifies is in the actual building of a website, so he’s put together his very own WordPress theme designed to make it easy for even the most inexperienced web designer to tweak the layout and design of their site. It includes some other nifty functionality that only someone experienced in building affiliate sites would think of, such as a squeeze page generator that lets you use Mark’s most successful squeeze page layouts in your own promotions. Nice!

The theme also reflects Mark’s extensive background in tutoring inexperienced affiliates… he’s added things like image uploaders so that users don’t have to master an FTP program to get their header or background images online.

I have to say, this theme is PERFECT for web novices. And with AffiloJetpack, Mark has also thrown in free hosting with what they’ve called “Incubator Hosting”. I know from experience that it can take quite a few steps to install WordPress and a great theme on a hosting provider. Each step is something that can go wrong. So I really think a lot of newbies are going to appreciate this one-click setup.

On top of all this comes the content: Twenty articles of very high quality that you can either just plug into the site as-is, or re-word to get full SEO benefit.

So that’s pretty much a kitset website: Everything you need to build an affiliate site in a very short space of time. It’s a great start for newcomers to affiliate marketing who just want to get something up on the web quickly, without the long learning curve.

But here’s where it gets more advanced.

Whereas I would have considered all this content and functionality to be an OK product on it’s own… Mark says this is just the beginning. In other words, this isn’t even the main show.

The main show is what comes next: A 80-part autoresponder series that you can plug into a service like Aweber and use to start collecting email addresses and building a relationship with people who sign up.

Mark says that the thing that disappoints him the most is when affiliates don’t add an autoresponder series to their websites, because this is the thing that will earn them the most money.

And I admit… I’ve been guilty of that myself. Sometimes you just want to see a site making money before you invest even MORE money in building a follow-up series. Or sometimes you’re just so exhausted by the time you finish putting your site together that this goes on the back burner.  Or sometimes you do get a series of emails going, but they can become a hodge podge of different promotions rather than a thought out series designed to inform, build relationships and ultimately convert.

An autoresponder seems more like “extra credit” for an affiliate site, but Mark is adamant that it should be the main focus. To the extent that you might not even promote affiliate products on your website at all!

So this autoresponder series comes with about 65 “informational” emails, and about another 15 “hard sell” emails written by Mark himself. He also tells you WHEN you should be sending these out to get the best response from your list, since just emailing someone once a week in the first month or two isn’t really going to cut it.

I was quite surprised at the quality of these emails… they’re far beyond PLR quality. You could even put these on your website if you wanted an extra 60+ articles! They’re the kind of thing that’s going to get people on your list trusting your opinion… at which point you can promote products to them and watch the commissions roll in.

One other aspect that made me think that this maybe isn’t purely aimed at newbies is Mark’s view that while SEO is low-risk, the bigger risk that newbies face is that they’re not going to see results quickly enough, and they’ll give up.

Because of that, as part of AffiloJetpack he’s also offering training on a variety of other traffic generation methods. You can still do SEO… but he’s saying that if you want to see fast results (and faster cash) you should look at these other methods.

The final verdict? AffiloJetpack is great for newbies who can’t get past the nitty gritty of building a site. It really makes the whole process laughably easy compared to the weeks or months it might take a newbie to put together a site on their own.

More experienced affiliates are probably going to see the real benefit in the huge amount of high-quality content that Mark has put together. Even to put together ONE newsletter series of this quality is going to cost you at least double the cost of this entire product. And with AffiloJetpack you get FIVE of these niches and newsletter series‘, so to my budget-conscious ears, thats ridiculously good value.

Whatever way you look at it, and whatever level of experience you have, this product is a winner. Even if you don’t want to follow Mark’s strategies… do yourself a favor and grab it just for the content.

Very highly recommended.

As I mentioned this hasn’t opened to the public yet, but click the link below and sign up for advance notice and a free report that will help you get a better sense of what you can expect when you grab your own affiliojetpack.

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Squidoo eBook Gets Some Backing

Some time ago I got interested in Squidoo as an inexpensive way to create a web presence.  It was relatively easy and free.  It wasn’t until later that I learned how valuable a site it could be for generating backlinks to other web properties.

Now knowing something and doing something with that knowledge don’t always follow. At least in my case.  It turns out I know how to do a lot of things that frankly I don’t always do. How about you?

I published a Squidoo eBook called Squidoo Basics and get a few sales every now and again, but haven’t actually promoted it in the past. I had a stray sale the other day that reminded me of its nearly orphan status, and I decided to give it a promotional push.

I’ve also been experimenting with Market Samurai a keyword research tool plus more and selected a series of keywords to focus on. The best in my estimation was the phrase Squidoo eBook.

So I went to my one page sales letter and added my new keywords, title and descriptions as I teach others to get the page itself set up properly for the search engines.

I then started writing. First a I did an article on my Home Staging Business Tips blog on Squidoo, making sure to create a Squidoo eBook  anchor text backlink to my sales page.

I then took the guts of that article and posted it on Active Rain, which is a real estate authority blog site that many homestagers also use.  I again used the same anchor text.

From there I went on to create a quick Blogger blog who’s one post is on Squidoo and yes with the same anchor text.  Then on to Hub Pages, and then Knol, and now back here to Micro Business Specialist.  You can fully expect to see a link in the coming paragraphs.

I intend to follow this up with a series of articles that I will post to the article directories.  With any luck the combination eventually gain me a first page listing on Google.

Anyone who searches Google for the phrase Squidoo ebook should be a pretty good prospect for an eBook Called Squidoo Basics, don’t you think?

Now, I’ve heard varying theories on how best to do this, so I am open for your comments. But my goal here was to create a circle of backlinks from a variety of high ranking web sites and some less so to start driving my single page sales page higher in the Google Search engines.

In the past, I have advocated linking first from one source to another and then to another to flow the accumulated Google Juice to one spot.  In what I did today, I did not link from one to another, but just to the sales page.

While I like to pretend I know everything, I’d be interested in readers comments on this.  I can always go back to each of these and create some cross links.  I do know that I do not want to have links going from a to b and b to c and c back to a.  That creates a circle and apparently negates the value of the back links. Same with a to b and b to a.

The topic of Squidoo is certainly large enough that I could easily go to any of these sites and add more content which will give me ample time to promote my Squidoo eBook.  I am also likely to go back to Squidoo and create some additional lens on the topic, rather than add to the existing one. That way I will have another backlink, rather than just a backlink from a longer Squidoo Lens.

If you are new to Squidoo I invite you to click on my link and join  Squidoo for FREE!

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Learning How to “Make My Own Product”

Most internet marketers start out by promoting other peoples products, which is fine but almost everyone who is a success online recognizes that ultimately you need to make your own products.

However, for most people, creating content such as writing E-books, designing E-covers or writing sales letters is a nightmare.

There is a way around the problem.  You can always hire someone else to do the work.  Now this is a real option for many, but if you are pursuing internet marketing because of a cash deficiency in the rest of your life, this option becomes less real.  You still need to develop your own products, but rather than create your own or hire a ghost writer to do it for you, you are going to invest a much smaller fee and acquire private label rights material.

It’s the same as buying a ghost writers work after they have finished rather than before.  The best part is that because the ghost writer is sharing the finished work with a number of people they can sell a license to use it to you and a small group of other people at a fraction of what it would cost to do it solely for you.

Once you have the rights to the ghost writer’s manuscript, audio file or video, you are free to edit the content any way you want.  That allows you to do as little or as much as you wish to personalize the product.  In either case, you can put your name on the product as the author.

If I have pretty much left the product as is, I tend to use the term, “Presented By:” rather than claiming authorship, although I could.

As a general rule, its a good idea to change the front page graphics, but again there is no law that says you must.  Typically, I spend a fair amount of time re-editing the manuscripts to make the flow of words more similar to my natural voice. But again this is not required.  It helps a lot though if the ghost written content is of good quality to start with.

Unfortunately, not all PLR is created equal. You have to identify and follow one or more trusted resources who won’t sell you junk.  Thankfully there are quite a few quality resources out there.

One of the “Good Guys” that I recommend is Khai Ng’s PLR.   One thing I like about Khai is that he focuses on lucrative, money generating niches like self improvement and personal development.  These are evergreen niches.  The products you create using his PLR will last you for years.

Khai’s products are written in good American English and are in demand by big names such as David Cavanagh, Jeremy Gislason, Simon Hodgkinson, Edmund Loh, Ian Del Carmen, John Delavera and many more.

He is currently running a huge promotion in which you can pick up a raft of highly desirable titles for a fraction of the normal cost.

Go here for more information on Khai’s offer:  Khai Ng PLR

In future posts, I will mention a few other “better” PLR resources.   I recommend you try Khai and a few others over the coming few months.

Eventually you will identify a small cadre of PLR providers you can trust and count on.  Once you do, it will be a simple matter to focus on the mechanics of bring the product to market rather than sweating over grammar and punctuation.

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