Creating Audio Information Products

I like creating audio products, its easy to do, and easy to edit.  I like the free audacity tool for recording.   It took me a while to figure out a few things and I don’t know what I don’t know, but it produces good results. Just Google for Audacity.  You might want to search for a quick start guide, although I figured it out without directions…eventually

There are full featured products in the $200 range that will permit you some additional capabilities, but I see no reason not to start with Audacity.

I record, edit and export as an MP3 that can be downloaded and listened to anywhere.  It’s a great way to reach people who listen to  information while jogging, or driving or relaxing.  As such it’s a podcast that reaches the aural audience.

Audio recording are also a great tool for writing a blog post, report or major book.  Once you create your outline, you speak your copy.  You can edit as needed and even rearrange sections.  Once done, you can get it transcribed. It tends to be much quicker than writing.   This approach may allow more of your personality to show in the work and that is usually a good thing.

Just in passing, I should note that I got some useful direction on audio from Doug Champigny when I took his Powerstart 2010 course.  Doug really did a good job with that one.

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How to be an “Expert”

One of the biggest obstacles for many people, that keeps them from creating their own information products to give away or sell online is the feeling that they are not “expert” enough to share information.

This is a misunderstanding, but common, so in the video below, I describe how one might go about creating an eBook from scratch in a brand new niche that you know nothing about and then spend a little time clarifying what an expert is.

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Boost Seminar – Take Aways

Last weekend I attended Jeff Mills Boost Seminar in St Paul, Mn. which is so close to my home in South Minneapolis, I almost felt obligated to go.

The event was three days and on each of the days there were four presenters who shared with the gathered crowd about 90 minutes each. I found several of the presenters more personally useful than others, you may have found others more significant than I, depending on your particular interests and level of experience online.

My intention of to share some of the takeaways I got from the event over the next week or so, intermixed with my ongoing series on Product Creation. Otherwise I risk losing too much of the material.

As it is I will just be hitting some of the key points I learned, it would be too much work to redo all my notes and probably not fair to those who paid to attend the event and the speakers.

On the first day, the presenter who most impressed me with his willingness to share useful information was Greg Cesar.

Greg Cesar and Earl Netwal

His presentation was called, “How to Identify H0t Profitable Markets and Use PPC Advertising Like a Pro.”

Now I dip into and out of Pay Per Click from time to time, but it is not my main focus.

In today’s post I just want to focus on one key point that Greg hit home, that applies in many ways to many markets, media and circumstances, and that is what he called “Mind Set Questions.”

He is of course talking about prospects who might be clicking on a Pay Per Click ad, be it Google or some other.  The question is where is that person, about to do the search in terms of their mindset. Are they just beginning a search for information, or are they about to make a buying decision.

I discuss this concept in another way on my blog on Top Public Speaking Tips as well.  Whenever, you are selling or promoting an idea you need to not only know your product, but your audience.

You want to know who they are, what they are looking for, where they are going to get it, why they want it and when do they need it.

This of course is easier to say than to do. But in terms of Pay Per Click advertising a person searching for the keyword, “Digital Camera’s” is far more likely to be in the early information gathering stage than the person who is searching for: “Nikon Colorpix 4600”

Thus it makes sense to be creating keywords that are aimed at the prospect who is about to make that buying decision, doesn’t it?

Well let’s add one more for today:  some keywords can get pretty expensive for pay per click advertising. But if you are willing to be creative you can come up with alternative words by thinking out of the box.

Here’s two ideas to get you started.

Rather than searching for keywords to substitute for Golf or Golfing, consider setting up local searches for the names of local golf courses to find your local niche interested in golf.  Many will have few if any competitors and you should be able to find lots of local traffic that will be open to your golf related offer.

Another idea, I have implemented was to search on Amazon for book titles that were relevant to a particular topic. By looking for the top two or three book titles I choose one in one of my niches that was being searched for by word of mouth, and found that the only other advertiser for the title was amazon itself. My alternative product is now being seen and getting clicked on for much less than many of the long tail keywords I had previously been using.

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Write Your Own Information Product

Of the seven approaches the creating an information product the first and most obvious is to write your own, the old fashioned way.  As I mention in the video below, you do not need to be an English major to write a good and useful information product.

In fact, you may be better off with fewer big words and literary allusions, and stick to the facts with simple clear sentences.

Once created you want to protect your intellectual property by converting your file to a PDF document.  Personally, I use the free Open Office Word Program which allows me to export the file as a PDF with a simple click of a button.

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7 Ways to Create Information Product Content

I’ve identified seven different basic approaches to information product content creation.  These I group into three categories as explained in the brief video below.  The next series of posts will discuss each of these information product content creation strategies in more detail, one by one.

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Product Creation Criteria Part 2 of 2

In the last post in this series on product creation I share the first three of six product creation criteria. They were Demand, Price and Title. In today’s video I discuss the remaining three criteria, content, format and affiliate links.

In out next video we will begin discussing 7 different ways to create content. As you will see, you won’t necessarily need to be an accomplished writer nor do you need to be an expert in your niche – at least not yet. And you will still be able to generate a quality product that will make you customers happy.

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Product Creation Criteria

There are six key criteria that you need to keep in mind when contemplating creating a product for sale on the internet.  These are Demand, price, title, contents, format and affiliate links. I explain the first three of the six in the video below.

In the next video in this series I will discuss content, format and affiliate links. This series is based on the material in the Product Creation module of my 8 module program called Internet Marketing Intensive. To learn more about it click on the advert at the top right of this page under the blue Twitter Bird.

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Do You Want A Job or a Business?

In this third session on product creation, I want to drive home a very simple point.  I do so, because I am guilty of doing this wrong in the past.  When I started my first significant home based business I took my hobby which was a version of stamp collecting and created a job out of it as an eBay marketer.

I thought I had a business, but all I really had was an online tread mill, where I was working long hours getting product scanned, described and listed every day and then packaged and shipped.  Frankly it took the joy out of my hobby and did not lead me where I wanted to be financially.

Thus in today’s video, I want to stress just one point.  You need to be thinking about creating a business online an not a job.

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Affiliate Marketers, You Need to Change

The easiest way to start making money on line for most people is via affiliate marketing. But, if you really want to make significant money you  need to give serious thought to creating your own information product.

In this second video in my Information Product Creation Series I explain some of the reasons why.

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Information Product Creation – an Introduction

I am starting a new series today on Information Product Creation. I intend to do the bulk of this via short videos recorded with my Flip Camera.  The first is below.

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Need Help Getting Your Online Marketing Booming?

Do you need help getting your online marketing off the ground?

If you do, I would like to help, but first things first, I need to get a better handle on where you are currently in terms of your existing computer skills and also in terms of your existing marketing plan.

If you haven’t mastered some of the basics, I may want to send you to a program Marlon Sanders has put together called, How to Make Your Computer Do What You Want It To — The Ultimate Beginners Guide.”

It is designed to help computer beginners or relative novices get the basics down fast. It’s a paid program but well worth the investment if you are not “up to speed” in basic computer skills like

How To Download exe’s, pictures, programs, PDF’s and MP3 files:

How to use Email, attached files, and understand email terms:

How to use Windows Explorer:

How to cut, copy and paste, drag and drop, open multiple windows and use your program files:

How to use FTP Programs to put up your own web site:

How to take the mystery and frustration out of using Windows: Your Windows Desktop — Windows System Tray — The Taskbar —

How to correctly save files.

And more…

The above are prerequisites for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of their computer. Many programs will assume you know all of these things.  If you don’t you will not be able to take advantage of the training I or anyone else has to offer you.

Now don’t feel bad if you are less than certain in any of these area’s. You would be surprised at how many people are in the same boat.  But it is time that you do something about it.  This is the first baby step.

The next basic level is the second baby step. You will need to learn about web hosting, cpanel and setting up auto responders.  I will discuss these and some possible resources in my next posting here.

In the meanwhile, if you are less than 100% on any of the above topics be sure to invest some time and effort in learning them.  Marlon’s program, How to Make Your Computer Do What You Want It To — The Ultimate Beginners Guide.” will give you the essential solid foundation you need.

In the meanwhile, I welcome emails to on any other questions you may have of a beginner or advanced nature.

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