So what is this Money Word Matrix?

The money word matrix is the tidbit that caught my attention when I was first exposed to Niche Profit Classroom. The idea is actually quite simple, but elusive.

I probably can’t explain it any simpler than Adam and Alen do on their video which you can access by signing up at this link:

They will show you how to do it yourself without buying anything. I did it that way for a couple of days, and then grabbed my membership the last day before they closed their $1 dollar offer the last time they made it some months ago.

In it’s simplist form, the money word matrix identifies niche relevant keywords which people actually search on for which there is relatively little competition.

By relatively little, I mean less than 20,000 competing sites for keywords which have at least a thousasand monthly searches, and less than 10,000 competitors for sites with less than 1000 monthly searches.

To the uninitiated this may not seem like a big deal. But in internet terms less than 20,000 competitors is almost nothing.  And while 1000 searchers isn’t exactly a tidal wave in internet terms, it is a nice steady flow averaging at one an hour or thereabouts.

Now the real secret is in how these money matrix keywords are put to use. Because in almost any niche, especially popular ones, you can generally find a half dozen or more of these searched for but under serviced keywords.

A lot of other people who use these terms are probably not optimizing their sites for them. They are more likely people who have lists of thousands of keywords, who are optimizing for terms that get tens of thousands of searches a month.

The money matrix philosophy is different. You pick a handful of these lower demand keywords and optimize pages on your blog or website for these specific terms.

The net result is that you will tend to be able to rank high on each of them, particularly if you follow the niche profit classroom training on how to do so.

When your site starts to rank high for first one and then another of these money matrix keywords, you start getting additional Google Juice, because you site starts getting recognized by google as being an authority site for these lesser searched for keywords.

Once you are established at this level, you can then start introducing more competitive keywords and actually sneak up on the marker leaders from underneath.

That turns out not to be necesary, as you start ranking for a half dozen keywords drawing a thousand visitors a month and frankly it adds up quickly.

Its a powerful approach but only a small piece of the Niche Profit Classroom.

Do yourself a favor and check it out now. And grab the $1 free offer.

Get 7 Day Trial for $1.00 Niche Profit Classroom

The upgraded site is live and the special is on. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to find success online to check this one out.

These guys really and truly over deliver and you will get a sense of that as you watch the free video series they have prepared. It’s powerful stuff that you just do not want to miss.

I joined 1000 members ago, and am still singing its praises, as are everyone else I know who has joined this high powered success team.

Do yourself a favor and click on the link below.

Niche Profit Classroom About to Upgrade

Great news! Niche Profits Classroom is about to roll out a new version of itself. I can’t wait.

Now I’ve written about Niche Profit Classroom before. I used their system to create several niche blogs, and will be doing more.

Describing what it is however is a little more difficult, mostly because it is a lot.

What first grabbed my attention was their Money Matrix Keywords.  A powerful concept, that you can use and do manually to find keywords in high demand areas that are underutilized.

This secret can help a newbie sneak up and gain on established players in highly competitive niches. They gave away the essence of this secret in their promotional emails.  It caught my attention, and since I joined I find myself using it frequently whenever I do keyword research.

I particularly like it for my article marketing efforts.  It helps me find keywords that are relevant but less frequently used. Sometimes that alone is enough for an article idea.

But as powerful as I think the keyword matrix is, it is just one tiny part of what the classroom is.  They have over 40 hours of videos that walk you through almost every aspect of internet marketing step by step.

Each video is short and focused, so you don’t need to watch for an hour and then go back and try to remember dozens of steps.

When I set up my first site using their system I used their blog option.  I used their videos to walk through the process step by step. Now there were a lot of steps, many of which could have been game enders for me in another setting. But by going back and forth, I was able to figure things out and ended up with a very solid platform for my new niche. The second time through it went much faster.

When I did run into a technical problem I was able to get quick help from their forum.  They have ten people who monitor the forum to help with issues.  A lot better than a help desk where you need to wait a day or more to get an answer to an issue.

But what may be the best aspect of their program is there twice a month seminars. Now seminars are a dime a dozen on the web. But these guys do it right.  First they cover really valuable stuff. And they do it well.

One I particularly valued was one on copy writing called Chunk Copy.  It was an A-Z how to write a Sales Page, chunk by chunk.  But since I have joined I have learned a lot from many others. They record the sessions so that you can listen in later if you can’t make the call.  But you really want to be on them if you can.

One reason is that they have “Hot Seat” sessions as part of each call. Adam and Alen solicit members to put their web sites up for suggestions.  They will spend time looking at your site, identifying whats right and wrong about it and help you make improvements.  While I haven’t had my own sites up on the Hot Seat, I’ve changed mine as a result of listening to the critiques of other people’s sites.

It’s one thing to talk theory, it’s another to put it into action. And when you see someone else’s site being scrutinized, you begine to better apprecaite what was meant in some of the theory.

I have a number of friends who are also Niche Profit Classroom members. Everyone of them shares my enthusiasm for the site.  The reason is simple. Adam and Alen have bought into the concept of over delivering, and actually do.

For them it’s a business plan.  And I for one, can tell you it is one that works.

The new version is scheduled to open on July 28. You can be assured I will be notifying everyone on my mailing list about it.

As a heads up, they will be offering a 7 day access to the classroom for $1.

I recommend that you plan on taking them up on the offer. Use the 7 days to explore the site. Check out as many of the videos as you can. Explore the five different software tools they include. And above all, pay attention to what you can learn from the promo videos they will be offering.

You will see that they really do know how to over deliver.

Now there’s no where for me to send you today. So check back tomorrow, for when the doors open you really want to be there.

Should I use online article marketing for my locally based business?

Online Article Marketing

Online Article Marketing is a highly effective tool used to sell both hard goods and information products to national and international audiences.  But does it make sense for a small locally based business to use it as well. In a word, Yes!

Businesses use online article marketing to establish themselves as experts, to drive traffic to a sales page and to build back links.

While the first two are important, they are less valuable to the local business person, after all most readers will not be from your market place.  Nonetheless some will be, but that’s gravy.

The real advantage of online article marketing for a local business is to out rank their competitors on the search engines. And that does make a real difference for many.

Each time an article is listed on an article directory or published in an ezine or blog, a new back link is created which the author of the article can direct to wherever they choose.

These back links from multiple sites factor into how some search engines like Google rank your site. A site that has links coming to it from a wide variety of sources is more likely to be seen as highly relevant.

While there are many factors that apply to search engine optimization, in general, the web site that has a lot of  back links tends to be ranked higher than a comparable web site that has only a few. Online article marketing is one of the best ways to get a ton of such back links for free.

The key to your success is to identify a keyword that people search for, relevant to your specific business or a product you sell. Write the article about that keyword. Include the keyword in your title. And then use it in the resource box you prepare to go with each article you write.

In the resource box you will tell the reader who you are and invite them to come to your web site. You are usually allowed two hyper links by most article directories. You want to use your keyword in the resource box, and hyper link it to the URL of your web site.  Ideally you want it to go to a page on your site dealing directly with the product you are selling.

Such hyper linked keywords are called anchor text.  The search bots that roam the internet pay attention to them. By using the keyword, you are letting them know that the landing page you are sending them to is related to the keyword.

Thus when someone in your local market searches for “Primer Paints in Baltimore”, the odds are a little better that your shop’s web site will appear higher than your competitors. And that’s what you want.

Getting good back links is like naming your business AAAPaints in the old days when people used to use the yellow pages.  Now they use computer search to find almost everything. And that’s why you should be using online article marketing to build your search engine ranking, even if no one in your market place ever reads them.

For more information on Online Article Marketing go to my blog on Article Marketing.

Your Auto Repsonder: The Heart of your Business.

Do you have an auto responder yet?

If not, why not?

The most basic requirement for success online beyond the prerequisite decision to start an online business, is to acquire a professional auto responder service.  This is the second of my series of break through posts. Getting an auto responder set up is a critical break through step in building a successful internet marketing campaign.

You can’t spend much time online without coming across one of the basic mantras of online success, the “money is in the list.”  While there can be exceptions, it is for all practical purposes a truism.

The surest prescription for long term success online is to build a list of customers and prospective customers. This is true whether you are marketing from a brick and mortar setting or exclusively online.

I farted around for some time before I finally caved in and agreed to spend $20 a month with my auto responder company . While I learned stuff during that interim period, I squandered a lot of opportunity.

If you are just starting out, and are serious about building business online but have not yet acquired an auto responder service let me advise you to do it today.

There are hundreds of things you need to learn before you will be truly successful online. You can’t afford to wait until you know everything to take the preliminary steps essential for success.

There is nothing as fundamental to your success as having a tool to house and manage your business list. You can get by without a web site or blog better than you can get by without an auto responder.  It won’t be the only thing you need but it is so basic, you cannot afford to let time slip by.

Once you have signed up you will need to learn how it works. That will take some time. I taught myself with the tutorials on the site. And that was fine for then. However, I discovered a lot more about the advanced features of my particular service when I took a formal course offered by Bob the Teacher  some time later.

While everything I learned in the course I could have learned in the tutorials on the site, the discipline of taking the course forced me to actually do so step by step. And so I do recommend it, although it’s not necessary if you do your homework on the site.  I used to recommend Bob’s individual courses. The autoresponder course for example was $67  but it’s now cheaper to join Bob’s Internet Marketing Success Library even if just for a few months to take advantage of the auto responder course and the many others he teaches.

Now understand that having an auto responder doesn’t get you to your destination. It’s just one of the essentials.  You will still need to learn how to drive people to your auto responder, entice them to sign up and then learn how to effectively communicate with your list members.

Anyone who told you internet marketing would be easy lied to you.  But it is possible, and it is worth it, but you must make the decision that you are going to go for it, and then prove that step to yourself and the world by seting up your autoresponder and putting it to work.

We will discuss additional steps in future posts.

Breaking Barriers Starting with Basic HTML

Learning how to use the internet is not easy.

Despite the claims of all the eBook peddlers selling their alchemists stones, the reality is that there are many barriers to success online.

There is much to learn.  And it appears to never end. At least I still have a variety of hurdles yet to overcome.  I have made some progress though, and will in the next several posts here discuss how I made it over some of the hurdles that may still be holding you back.

These will be pretty basic for some of you, and for others hopefully just what you are looking for.

The first discussion is HTML.  The code that sits behind much of the web.

I am not a programmer, and have no desire to become one. But as I got serious about establishing a presence online it soon became clear to me that I needed to learn at least some basics.

You can get by not knowing HTML by using various WYSIWYG services to design, highlight, bold etc you text and even insert images. But as time goes on, you will eventually come to the place where you will want to learn how to create anchor text, insert photos, create ordered lists, etc. by the use of HTML.

If you are depending on “your computer guy” to make tweaks to your pages, a lot of tweaks end up not getting made, or get made wrong as a result of the time lag and communication barriers. When you can do it yourself, you are freer to make changes, and then change things back. And that ability to tweak a page is critical to your success in the long run.

I found myself looking things up on Google, which worked well. But my retention of information wasn’t very good.  And it seemed that there were actually too many places to get free help. All arranged differently, all with a different level of assumed prior knowledge.

In my case, I did not really break through until I came across the chance to acquire rights to a short ebook called HTML in Simple Terms. I originally got it for my own use. Over past few years I have given it away and or sold it to almost a thousand different people.

I printed a copy of it out, and keep it by my computer, and use it as a quick reference. As time went on, I learned the bulk of the material by doing it over and over again.

I may be old style yet. But I have found it easier to look up items on paper.  It seems easier to find my place again, when I am going back to double check things.

HTML in Simple Terms will walk you through the steps needed to create your own web page. It explains basic tags, how to add links, work with images, using tables, setting up meta tags, using fonts and colors.

I still don’t know it all. But I know I can find it when I need it, as my copy is always handy. That’s what I like best about having my own copy. I know where it is when I want it.

I am selling copies of this useful text at HTML Guide

Publish Your Blog On Amazon’s Kindle

I used to be an active seller of Amazon’s Kindle until I ran afoul of the Big “A’ policies on use of the term “Kindle” in my pay per click ads.  While Amazon doesn’t provide sales figures for its Kindle, I thinks it’s fair to assume it’s not insignificant. I know I sold a fair number and I was a very small player.

If you haven’t bought one yet, you can now, by going here.  Kindle: Amazon’s 6″ Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)

I bring it up because Amazon has just opened the Kindle Doors to Bloggers. If you blog regularly, it’s now possible to sign up and upon approval by Amazon get a subscription to your blog listed for sale on their Kindle.

I did as soon as I heard about this, about 30 minutes ago. So I don’t know for sure that my blog will be accepted, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be.  From what I read, I don’t expect to make a lot of money from Amazon in the near term.  They set the price, not you, and it appears that initially the going rate is 99 cents a month. Amazon will keep 70% of that, so don’t order than new car just yet.

You need to make $50 before you will see your first payment. So unless you have a good way of promoting your blog to Kindle users it’s likely to take a while to get your first check.

That said, your blog will appear in their Kindle Blog Directory and if you have a good title, description and content, you will attract readers you may not have otherwise found. And that’s why you should seriously consider adding this venue to your marketing program.

It took me less than 15 minutes to log in at and get my first blog (this one) set up.

One thing about the kindle that makes it a bit different. They will publish images as well as the full text.

Your Business Can Climb to the Top of the Search Engines

You Can Climb to the Top of the Search Engines

  • Without Paying Thousands of Dollars to Pricey Consultants
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  • Get the Know How now in This Meaty Report
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  • Learn about the hidden factors on your web site that matter and what to do about them.
  • Learn about the visible factors on your web site that you may need to change to get top ranking in the search engines.
  • Discover the role of Anchor Text
  • Learn Why the Mantra of SEO is Back Links, Back Links, Back Links and how to get them
  • Learn how you can take advantage of FREE Web 2.0 Sites to Get “Link Juice.”
  • Discover how to Pour Link Juice from one site to another and
  • How to Avoid Ruining All Your Efforts with One Easy to Make Mistake.
  • And Much More…

Only $17.00

I Guarantee It

Buy with confidence. If you are not happy with the report for any reasons, just email me at (My eMail Address is also on every page in the report.) I will refund your full price with no questions for up to 60 days after your purchase.

37 Pages

My advisers have praised this 37 page report, but advised me that I need to refocus it away from Ma and Pa businesses.  “They will never buy,” they tell me. “They would rather hire somebody to do the work, than learn to do it themselves.”

Are They Right?

They may be right. So I will rewrite it over the fourth of July weekend.  The content won’t change much. All the concepts and insights will remain the same, I will just redirect the wording to the internet consultant community.  I may add some suggestions about how they can charge you hundreds of dollars for some of this, and I may be able to edit out some of the more basic “how to” stuff to keep it from getting too long.

How About You?

It’s up to you. Do you want to pay me $17.00 and learn how to do this yourself, or pay someone else hundreds or thousands of dollars?

I’m Not New To This

I’ve been working this beat for some time now. Trying to help micro businesses learn how to do this stuff themselves. That’s because so many of them are not doing it right.  All the professional internet marketers know it. It’s just not been worth their while to step in and give advice.  My first eBook on the topic was called, “Why Most Small Business Web Sites StinK!

Most of them STINK!

It compares a business web site to the functions of a typical trade show, like a home improvement show.  It compares aspects of the crowd at trade show to the traffic you get online. It compares three different aspects of a trade show booth with a basic web page layout. It also talks about the promotions at a trade show and the booth staff and what happens after a trade show is over. Each function is compared to the similar functions your web site should performing for your business.

Too Much Flash And Bang That No One Ever Sees

This comparison with something everybody can understand, gives the reader a clearer idea of what they want their web site to do. Too many businesses have nothing more than electronic Yellow Page ad for their web site. Others, have gone overboard in the other direction with way too much Flash and Bang that unfortunately no ever sees.

You Will Have A Better Page and People Will Be Able To Find YOU

Together these two eBooks will give you a strong handle on what your web site should do and how to get people to find it. That’s why I am going to give you this first eBook absolutely FREE to anyone who buys from this link before I take it down.

You Also Get this Bonus Ebook

Even if you decide to let someone else do it for you

There, I’ve made this as powerful a package as I can. Two ebooks for the price of one. Two eBooks that I have put a lot of thought and effort in.  I know that they will give you a far better handle on what your web site could and should be all about even if you do decide to let someone else do the work for you.

But Hurry

As soon as I get the revisions done, this page will come down. And let me warn you, it won’t take long. And don’t forget, I am offering you a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisified for any reason, email me and I will refund your money in full. No questions asked. So you see you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Best Wishes,

Earl Netwal

The Micro Business Specialist

Top Dogs Talk Traffic Tips

Thursday July 2, 2009, 9PM EDT two of the top dogs online are hosting a tele-seminar you do not want to miss.  Sign up now, it’s  for pre-registered guests only.  I want you to be my guest, because you will learn a ton from it.

Top Traffic Tips Seminar

Doug Champigny and Willie Crawford, two long time 6 figure internet marketers cover the waterfront on how to generate traffic. This event is free, if you sign up now on the above link, but the recording of this event will become a hot product for resale when the event is over.

Willie Crawford will cover Article Marketing, Video marketing, Podcasts, Pres releases, Forum marketing, Blog Talk Radio and JV’s and Affiliates.

Doug Champigny will cover Blog Marketing, Web 2.0, Twitter, Giveaways, Ezine Swaps, Tele-seminars, and Viral eBooks.

That’s a lot of  ground and you can be sure it will be packed with good ideas. Register now, and mark your calendar. This is one event where you will need a large pad of paper and a spare pen or pencil just to be safe.

Save yourself some cash and get a well rounded lesson in the various traffic techniques from two masters.  This seminar will be released as a for sale product, but you can get in to the live broadcast Free by registering now. Do it.

Top Traffic Tips Seminar

I can’t wait.  It’s going to be good!